5 Amazing Australian Women Writers

January 12, 2018 Discussion 14

When I was contacted in late 2018 about being an advocate for the Stella Sparks I jumped at the chance! It’s the perfect opportunity to not only scream more recommendations about authors I love, but draw attention to the brilliant talent we have in our Australian women writers.

To give a bit of background on this campaign, it all revolves around a literary prize. The Stella Prize, a literary award that celebrates Australian women’s writing. This year is the third year the campaign has been run, and my first year celebrating my favourite Aussie authors as part of it.

Instead of sharing just one of my favourite 2017 #loveozya reads by a female author I’m going to share five. Because I can. And most things written on this post by me come in fives haha.



Kate Forsyth

Kate Forsyth is 100% the reason I am the giant fantasy nerd I am today. It started with the Starthorn Tree, then Rhiannon’s Ride, then Witches of Eileanan all the way back in 2008, when I first learnt how wonderful an escape books could be. This year I made an effort to return to Eileanan and reread all nine books set there. They’re just as good as I remembered.


Amie Kaufman

Amie Kaufman’s name is becoming synonymous with good sci-fi! GEMINA was my first five star read in 2017, and I wish I could have rated it higher! Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to read her 2017 release, UNEARTHED, but I’m excited for this new space adventure.


Trudi Canavan

Last year I got absorbed in Canavan’s Black Magician trilogy audiobooks this year. The final book was one of my top reads of the year. I’m really looking forward to jumping into more fantasy worlds created by her.


Alison Goodman

I was introduced to Alison Goodman’s writing years ago with EON and I loved it, but never got around to reading more. Then she released LADY HELEN AND THE DARK DAYS CLUB and gave me a new favourite series. In 2017 I reread DARK DAYS CLUB and then binged (and was destroyed by) THE DARK DAYS PACT. I’m so excited and terrified for the final book in the trilogy.


Melina Marchetta

I was first introduced to Melina Marchetta with LOOKING FOR ALIBRANDI, the book we read in Enlgish class back in year 10. I never for the life of me realised she could write such a brilliant fantasy until 2014 or so when I was surprised by The Lumatere Chronicles, the best part of which were the characters. Last year the brilliant characters were again what made me love ON THE JELLICOE ROAD. I can’t wait to eventually get through more Marchetta books.


Honourable mentions of authors I enjoyed but didn’t get to read this year, or debuts/ authors who I haven’t read much of yet

  • Juliet Marillier – I’ve reread Heart’s Blood and Daughter of the Forest more times than I can count
  • Vikki Wakefield – Author of BALLAD FOR A MAD GIRL, a brilliant contemporary with a side of mystery and mental health discussion
  • Megan Jacobsen – Author of YELLOW, a book that was a great surprise for me! I related to the main character a lot.
  • Nikki McWatters – Author of HEXENHAUS, a novel that follows three women from three different times. I loved the historical aspects a lot

Who are your favourite female Australian Writers?

Tell me about them, and then go shout about them on social media with the hashtag #StellaSpark so we can give these amazing talents the proper recognition they deserve!

14 Responses to “5 Amazing Australian Women Writers”

    • Bec

      Get on them! Kaufman’s sci fi’s are great.

      She is! I need to reread Eon soon and actually get around to Eona. I hope you love The Dark Days Club as much as I do!

  1. Sara L.

    I think the only Australian author I read last year was Garth Nix, and, well, he’s obviously not female. XD Otherwise, I’ve read one book apiece by Alison Goodman (Eon) and Juliette Marillier (Daughter of the Forest) and have been meaning to read more by both ever since. I’d also like to check out Melina Marchetta’s books – and I had no idea she was Australian!
    Sara L. recently posted…Reflections on 2017, and What Matters More than Having the “Best Year Ever”

      • Bec

        Kate Forsyth seems to write either middle grade or adult fantasy. Honestly I don’t think any are a better place to start, just have a look and see what you feel like! Witches of Eileanan was her debut series.

        I started with the MG fantasy The Starthorn Tree. It started slow, but showed me how marvellous a fantasy with a slow build can be.

    • Bec

      I need to read more of Garth Nix’s stuff.

      Melina Marchetta is probably one of the biggest Australian authors overseas. I’ve seen a lot of international bloggers reading her books.

    • Bec

      Jump into Dark Days Club! It’s a tonne of fun if you’re a historical paranormal/ fantasy fan.

      We have good talent down here.

  2. Ana (MarkingDaPage)

    So many great authors on your list! I love Amie Kaufman and These Broken Stars is one of my favorite books! I’ve never heard of Kate Forsyth’s books but I’m definitely going to look them up! I am also dying to read Finnikin of the Rock and try my hand at a Trudi Canavan book!

    • Bec

      THE LUMATERE CHRONICLES ARE SO GOOD!!! I’m kicking myself for not having read them years before I did.

      I hope you get to read some of their stuff soon.

    • Bec

      I’m really looking forward to reading Amie’s solo books because so far I’ve only known her writing with other people.

      The Book Depository recently started stocking more Australian sourced novels so you might be able to get your hands on them through them!

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