5 Bookish Pet Peeves

June 5, 2017 Discussion 48

I like to think that overall, I’m a pretty tolerant reader. I push through a lot of books that many others DNF for various reasons (sometimes I kick myself for it). But there are still things that frustrate me when it comes to novels, both physically and story wise.



Sappy romance that takes over the plot

This is one of the things in a book that irritates me A LOT, especially if I can’t get behind the couple. Romance is not the only thing that matters, especially if it’s not a book with a romance focus. YA paranormal can be one of the biggest offenders. Characters are doing things, saving the world and being cool then lo and behold they decide their relationship is more important and get sappy and annoying. If it’s combined with instalove, it’s even more irritating.



Changing sizes of books mid series

It’s hard enough trying to get my books to fit in my shelves, but I am a Tetris master and can fit a lot of books onto a shelf… for the most part. Changing the size of the books makes it even harder! I have to split up the series to I can squeeze more books in and it makes me sad. Just keep things consistent for the love of the book blogs.


Open book

Info Dumping & Excessive Telling

When it comes to reasons for DNFing a book, infodump and boredom are some of the most common. I’m not an idiot, I can put things together and don’t need to be spoon fed everything. Show me the world building through interesting descriptions and character actions. I’ll love it more.


Iron fey

Cliffhangers that end mid scene

There are two types of cliffhangers:

  • Cliffhangers that turn the world on it’s head after wrapping most things up (a.k.a. the good ones that complete enough of the story but has a nice twist that leaves you screaming)
  • Cliffhangers that suddenly end mid scene

The second type is the one that is frustrating, though there are one or two books I enjoyed that did this (they’re rare though). These cliffhangers leave you confused and unfulfilled. There’s so many questions, so many plot lines left completely open that you own’t get answers to for a very long time.


Soul Screamers

Cover changes just before the final book release

WE’RE SO CLOSE TO THE END. THERE IS ONE BOOK LEFT. WHY CHANGE THE COVER LAST MINUTE AND RUIN THE SET??? I understand changing the cover for marketing purposes but can’t it wait until after the first printing of the last book in a series?!


What are some of your bookish pet peeves?

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  1. Julie Wright

    The book sizing and the changing of the cover is very frustrating, as I like to have my books in height order of my shelves and if the middle one is larger / smaller it wrecks the aesthetics of my shelves!
    Also the cover begining different from the paperback to the hardover, I like to collect hardbacks and sometimes they are not as nice as the paperback.
    I agree with the over writing, sometimes when you are reading, it feels that youi have turned alot of pages , but actually not achieved anything in the story.

    Great post as always
    Julie Wright recently posted…June is audiobook month!

  2. Sophie

    Hi Bec great post! I wrote some of mine months ago: the heroine is a doormat or complains all the time; love triangle; cheating; many editing errors and inconsistancies….among others

    • Bec


      Ugh, complaining heroes is always annoying. Cheating is another one that frustrates me to no end.

  3. Joy // Joyousreads

    Oh I hate the size changes and the cover changes. I mean, seriously. Don’t publishers know we’re anal when it comes to the way our shelves look?! Lol.

    • Bec

      Not even just how they look, but ease of organisation! It’s so much easier to fit more books on a shelf when they’re all the same size

  4. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    Cover changes AND size changes are big ones for me! That drives me up the wall, I can’t stand it. Then if your prefer the old covers/old size, you’re stuck longing for what could have been LOL! But it never will be D: Sappy romances taking over the plot are a pain in the butt, especially if you aren’t feeling the romance! Even if you are though, if it takes over the plot, it’s annoying. Info-dumps are an easy way to get me bored with a book, it just makes everything drag and it’s painful to read.
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Harry Potter Moment #194

    • Bec

      Sometimes you can get lucky and snag an old cover online, but you’re gambling with the size a lot more of the time when buying online.

      So many things can go wrong when reading a book and turn you off.

  5. Lenna @ Sugar Dusted Pages

    I HAATE when they change the cover, especially when it was once pretty and is now ugly. I also hate instalove and sappy romance. That’s the main reason I don’t read paranormal, actually, because I’ve never actually heard of one that doesn’t have those aspects. Infodumping is the worst, especially when after it all you STILL don’t feel like you really understand the world.
    Lenna @ Sugar Dusted Pages recently posted…Blood Rose Rebellion by Rosalyn Eves

  6. Kyra Lennon

    I have been a HUGE offender for changing my covers for my first series. Thankfully, I learned my lesson to make sure I am absolutely 100% certain about my covers before I start something new! :D
    Kyra Lennon recently posted…Miles of Smiles

    • Bec

      Changing covers is okay, just don’t do it for the LAST BOOK AHFSSKJH I think it’s best to have the first run out, and then change it for new editions/ reprints.

  7. Julie @ Happily Ever Chapter

    Yes, yes, yes to almost all of these! I do have to admit tho, that I am a huge dork and love the sappy romances. lol! But other than that, I agree with all the others you mentioned. It really bothers me when the sizes for books change. Why?! I’m a bit of an OCD person, so not having them line up nicely really bothers me. I REALLY hate info-dumping and cliffhangers right in the middle of a big event. They both drive me nuts. Great post!
    Julie @ Happily Ever Chapter recently posted…Review: On Point by Annabeth Albert

    • Bec

      Sometimes sappy romances are okay! If I’m in the mood for romance and they’re well written I can enjoy them, but if it’s too much or I’m not in a romance reading mood then I struggle.

      Thanks :D

  8. kris @ lemon-notes

    Yeah, you pretty much nailed the majority of my pet peeves! I REALLY hate infodumps. Like please stop telling my how the world works. I would like to SEE how the world works, thank you very much. When I read, I like to pretend I have a movie going on in my head. If you tell me what everything looks like, the imagined cinematography of that brain-movie is rather crappy then :P

    INSTALOVE IS SO ANNOYING IN GENERAL. But, when I’ve got an awesome fantasy and it’s about like dragons or something but then it turns into “this boy is too pretty i love him i’ve known him for 2.4534 seconds,” I’m just like, really???? I THOUGHT THIS WAS ABOUT DRAGONS.

    Cover changes and size changes make me sad. Change both in one go?? I’m mourning and my bookshelf is very sad.
    kris @ lemon-notes recently posted…May Notes | AWFUL TIME-RELATED PUNS AND WAY TOO MANY BOOKS

    • Bec

      Little bits of info delivered in sensible chunks are okay, but don’t overload us please!! Seeing how things work definitely is more enjoyable (it’s actually one of the things I LOVED about the new King Arthur movie). I’m a movie-imagining reader too! Good descriptions and showing does enhance that experience.

      UGH YES!! Fantasy can either be amazing with side plot romances or have instalove that takes over everything. There is rarely in between.

  9. ShootingStarsMag

    Yea, if they’re going to change the covers, I think it should be RIGHT after the first book (so you only invested in one book) or after the series is completely over. Then people can choose the old covers or the new ones!

    I’m also annoyed by the romance that takes over certain books when it’s not billed as a romance.

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Review: On Point by Annabeth Albert

    • Bec

      These rules need to be circulated more! Special edition changes are also okay for a single book, but there better be matching special editions for the sequels please.

  10. Alexandria

    Yes! I agree with all of these. Especially when romances take over the plot and when the books in a series change size. I have this problem with my Cassandra Clare books.
    Alexandria recently posted…May Wrap Up

    • Bec

      My Shadowhunter books aren’t too bad with size changes because I bought all mine when they were first released. The only two small ones I have that don’t match are City of Bones and City of Ashes (they’re mass market paperback size that comes out after a few years)

  11. Emily @ theBookishLounge

    Yes to all these peeves! It really annoys me when the first book is awesome and then the sequel is overwhelmed with the romance and the tone of the first book is lost. Changing books sizes or the “theme” of the covers always annoys me. Great post Bec :D
    Emily @ theBookishLounge recently posted…May 2017 recap // Wrap Ups

    • Bec

      Second Book Syndrome is a horrendous and frustrating thing indeed. Slow burn romances are great, don’t let the angst ruin the sequel.

  12. Tasya

    The first one is totally my biggest pet peeves. The characters were so cool and then they become so in luuurve with each other than they don’t care anymore about what happened around them. I mean, when you guys are done saving the world, you’ll have all the time in the world to be in love, so focus on saving the world first!
    Tasya recently posted…YA Jane Austen Book // Duels and Deception by Cindy Anstey

    • Bec

      It’s so frustrating. I can’t deal with it when they forget literally everything except the romance

  13. Arwen @ I Love A Good Book

    #2 (and #5 which kinda goes with it) is a big problem for me. Also I wish they would just come out with the TPB size right away instead of making you wait a year. I think its easier to lay down, and snuggle in with a TPB than a hardback.
    Arwen @ I Love A Good Book recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #28

    • Bec

      Romance complicates things and makes it frustrating. Sometimes it’s done well and those books are FANTASTIC, but there are too many that just take over the plot.

  14. Kat

    Waiting ages for the next book in a series, or next book an author writes, paperbacks and hardbacks should come out at same time then people can choose, but I know it’s a money thing.

    • Bec

      It would be fantastic if they released paperbacks and hardcovers at the same time. It would be interesting to see what effect it had on sales.

    • Bec

      If the information is needed for the plot then I don’t mind as much, but there are so many better ways to deliver content than just dumping it all at once.

  15. melissasbookworld

    – the changing of book sizes and/or covers mid series is definitely something I can be really frustrated about (I’ve wrote an article about this a while back as well, lol) because my babies need to match and be perfect together haha.
    – I can’t stand cliffhangers very well either, especially the ones that end in the middle of a scene, yikes! And often I’m not able to read the sequel because it isn’t released yet and it’s killing me then to wait.. grr..

    I think those are the two things I’m the most often irritated about, but a story with enormous potential which only seems to focus on the romance part, is really bugging as well. I love romance, and need it in most books too but not if it’s at the expense of the story.
    melissasbookworld recently posted…| UNBOXING | Owlcrate: June 2017

    • Bec

      It’s so frustrating because they no longer fit nicely in my shelves and I want to keep series together if at all possible!!

      I don’t mind a good, well written cliffhanger that turns the plot on its head, but mid scene with everything unresolved is NOT OKAY.

      Romance focus when there is an amazing plot waiting in the sidelines is the most disappointing thing.

    • Bec

      A lot of the TV/ movie adaptation covers aren’t great :/ Some actually aren’t bad, but most are disappointing.

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