5 Books I Desperately Want to be Video Games

November 14, 2017 Discussion, Recommendations 14

This year my sister bought a PS4 and my game consumption has increased immensely. As a result, I’ve gained a new appreciation for this visual mode for story telling. It’s made me start thinking of all the stories I’ve read that I’d love to play through just to immerse myself in the world and story more!


The Nevernight Chronicles

The first time I started playing Dishonored, I got strong NEVERNIGHT vibes, especially once we met the Outside and got our powers. It’s so easy to picture playing a Nevernight game with a similar vibe, especially with her shadow powers (I don’t want it to play in first person though because I suck at aiming in that view). Mia’s quest for vengeance and assassin training is a popular game theme (heyyyy Assassin’s Creed) and it’s so action packed with plenty of fight scenes. Imagine all the weapons you could choose!

Follow Mia’s quest for vengeance:
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Stalking Jack the Ripper

This come from my desire for more mystery adventure games done in the point & click style of Nancy Drew! I don’t want any of that hidden object crap, but a proper sleuthing game. Interview suspects, explore lots of locations, solving puzzles. The historical period and Jack the Ripper element only increase the draw!

Solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper with Audrey Rose:
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Guys, open world RPG. Elemental magic. Do I need to say more? You could create your own character with their own elemental magic and explore the world fighting the insane monsters, or we could follow the story and pick one of the MCs (or play as all). But really, it’s the magic and the world and those epic action scenes that make me want to visualise this in a game.

Explore the Witchlands:
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Vengeance Road

Yet another vengeance story that would be great to play, this time in a historical Western setting. Red Dead Redemption has a lot of hype around it (I need to play it!), why not play into that excitement?! Kate is hot headed, a sharp shooter, and her story so exciting. Throw in gangs and gold and it’s going to be a fun ride.

Join Kate on her wild ride for revenge:
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There are so many ways this could be played as a game. The trials where superheroes are selected to join the Renegade program would be a fun way to battle your friends/ other online players, but the story has a lot of appeal too! It could have Anarchist and Renegade lines with different options and endings (maybe at the start you could choose to play as Nightmare or the Sentinel and follow their story line through). It would be a challenge, learning how to use your powers against a range of enemies, completing missions to fulfil your group’s agenda.

Learn more about the heroes and villains of Gatlon city:
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What books would you like to see become video games?

14 Responses to “5 Books I Desperately Want to be Video Games”

  1. Sara L.

    Actually, if you flip that question around to “Which video games do you wish were books?”, I have an answer for that: SKYRIM. :D Well, OK, the Elder Scrolls series, I guess. But I love the music soundtrack and was really impressed with what I saw from watching my younger brother play Skyrim. (I’m not a gamer, tbh. *lol*) If those games were a book series, I would totally read them.

    Oh, and Myst, a strategy / adventure computer game series that began in the 1990s. I would read books set in that world as well. :)
    Sara L. recently posted…Weekly Writer Wisdom: November 14, 2017

    • Bec

      I’d be too scared that they’d be horrendous adapted novels! Like the Assassin’s Creed novel adaptations. If a good writer could just utilise the world then maybe they’d be better.

      I haven’t heard of Myst before!

    • Bec

      Thanks :D I highly recommend you give the Nancy Drew computer games a go then! They’re point and click adventure/ puzzle/ mystery games I’ve been playing since I was 10.

  2. Louise ✨

    I haven’t read Stalking Jack the Ripper but it sounds like it would definitely make a good mystery game. Have you played L.A. Noire? Because that’s almost exactly like what you described where you interview people, solve some puzzles, and go after bad guys in a historical setting.

    • Bec

      After I read your comment, I’ve been seeing ads for the remastered LA Noire EVERYWHERE. It’s not the usual historical era I go for, but I might still give it a go!

  3. Cait @ Paper Fury

    So the most video game I’ve ever played is Sims. So I should probably shut up. But like in another life I think I would’ve been REALLY into them!?? I think Nevernight is awesome and as much as I didn’t adore Truthwitch, I think it could totally be an epic game for sure!!

    • Bec

      I often play Sims for about a week every few years haha. I need my video games to have a structured story to fully engage me.

      But look, if I had the chance to do nothing in a game if it let me explore a fictional world I loved, I’d jump at the chance.

    • Bec

      I’d have to play a Renegades game through twice just so I could play on both sides! It would be fascinating to see the differences in the story and outcomes, abilities and tasks, etc.

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