5 of my Favourite Historical Eras

April 27, 2017 Discussion 20

While fantasy will always be my favourite genre, historical fiction is a pretty close second (especially when it has steampunk, historical, or fantasy elements). Like fantasy, I love exploring the world of the past. It’s fascinating to see how they dealt with life, especially with all those diseases and social conflicts. I’d never want to go and live in the past though. I like my rights and health care possibilities.

Anyway, there are some eras of history I love to read about more than others so I thought I’d write a post about it (with lots of photos as another attempt to pretend we’re still posting real content here while struggling with busy lives).


Vengeance Road

Wild Wild West

This is a genre I only discovered I absolutely loved when Vengeance Road came out! All the grit and revenge and horses, it’s perfect for me. The only other western I’ve read is Walk on Earth a Strange (also amazing! Cannot wait to read Like a River Glorious). I have Under the Painted Sky on my TBR but I NEED MORE.

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A Madness So Discreet

Victorian Era

All of my favourite mysteries have been set within the Victorian era (also some of my favourite romances). Some of my favourites from the past year include A Madness so Discreet, Stalking Jack the Ripperand These Shallow Graves.

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The Diviners

Roaring Twenties

The 20’s are a tonne of fun about because the era was just so quirky! All that slang is strange and hilarious, plus they really loved to party. The Diviners is the only book I clearly remember being set in that era but I love it so much. Definitely need to check out more.

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Lotus War

Feudal Japan

This is a bit of a cheat. The Lotus War is based on Feudal japan but is actually a steampunk/fantasy novel. I haven’t read any books based in ancient Japan yet, but there is a fantastic manga called Sengoku Stays which gave me a desperate need to read more stuff set there.

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His Fair Assassin

Any other era I haven’t mentioned that is pre-1900s

Basically the moral of this post is that if it’s set before the 1900’s, I want to read it. Middle ages, ancient China, the pirate age, regency Europe, I don’t care GIVE IT TO ME! I want to learn more about all the past eras!

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Do you have a favourite historical era?
Any historical recs for me?

20 Responses to “5 of my Favourite Historical Eras”

  1. Jordann @ thebookbloglife

    I adore Historical Fiction books – my favourite era is WWII, preferably Russian.

    I have to check out about 100% of the books on this list, some of them I already have on my TBR but just haven’t gotten to!

    Brill post!

    • Bec

      WWII books always break me. They’re so sad. I can’t think of one that I got through without crying.

      I hope you get to read them soon!

  2. Tasya

    I love historical fiction, even though it’s not a genre much explored in YA. Sadly, wild wild west and 1920’s usually doesn’t work for me, I think the Great Gatsby ruined the latter for me xD I do like anything victorian and pre 1990 era though, they are fascinating!
    Tasya recently posted…Book Cover Doppelgänger

    • Bec

      It’s slowly getting a bigger niche in YA! It’s a shame it’s not bigger because there are some AMAZING YA historicals out there.

      I haven’t read The Great Gatsby yet but I hope it doesn’t ruin it for me!

  3. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Oooh, I love these too!! I really like the wild west for some reason ahah (VENGEANCE ROAD THO) and I also really like 19th century Australian historical fiction. It’s so interesting. Aaaand can’t deny the middle ages are awesome. AND OH OH the renaissance period!! I really like epic fantasy but like when they’ve just started to get pistols (like Six of Crows!) or pianos and things.
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…10 Things #BookBloggers Should Absolutely Not Feel Guilty About

    • Bec

      I think it’s all the action and revenge stories. Plus most of the ones I’ve read features the “girl disguised as boy” trope which I LOVE A LOT.

      I don’t think I’ve read anything set in 1800s Australia. It would be fascinating!

      Yesss seeing all the inventions start to appear and be used is so much fun.

  4. Alexandria

    I love the 20s and the Victorian era! I’m actually not a fan at all of the Wild West (I don’t know why, it just doesn’t appeal to me). Regency Europe and the pirate age are AMAZING though, I could read so many more books with those settings. I’m currently reading my first book set in Ancient China! It’s cool so far. My favourite historical settings would have to be Ancient Greece and Rome.
    Alexandria recently posted…10 Things That Make Me Avoid a Book Like the Plague

    • Bec

      Not every setting will be right for everyone.

      HELL YEAH PIRATES!! I can always do with more pirates.

      The only book I’ve read about China is technically a Chinese inspired fantasy called Eon. I really want to read more of those settings you listed!

  5. Greg

    Fantasy is my favorite too but a good historical fiction (or better historical fiction w/ fantasy) is always good. I like the Victorian era too (and Regency) especially for mysteries or if the paranormal is involved. Speaking of, have you read The School for Unusual Girls series by Kathleen Baldwin? Good stuff and set during the Napoleonic era.

    I’d love to read more pirate stuff, and I don’t think I’ve read anything set in feudal Japan. That would be a great era to explore as well.
    Greg recently posted…Dead Girls Society

    • Bec

      Historical fantasy is so fantastic! We get the best of both worlds.

      I haven’t read that series but I’m going to look into it! It sounds really fun.

      Fuedal Japan is great! I need more of it.

    • Bec

      WWII books always make me cry! It’s a fantastic setting (one of the post 1900s settings I do enjoy) but they’re always so sad :'(

    • Bec

      WWII is an era I associate with sadness now. Every book I’ve read in that setting has hurt me so much (in the good way haha)

  6. Sara Letourneau

    If you like the Roaring Twenties, you might like A Criminal Magic by Lee Kelly. It’s not YA, though the main characters are 19 and early 20s, but it’s a fun spin on the Prohibition Era where magic is outlawed instead of alcohol.

    I don’t know if I have a *favorite* historical era. I just simply enjoy reading about time periods and places that are different from mine. But the historical era I’ve read the most about has been Europe during World War II.
    Sara Letourneau recently posted…Thursday Thoughtfulness: April 27, 2017

    • Bec

      HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS??? That’s such an interesting premise! I need it stat.

      I feel the same. I love so many different eras and they’re all great. We can learn so much about the past through fiction.

    • Bec

      I haven’t delved that much into French and American history too much (aside from the Wild West). I definitely want to get into more French stuff I think

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