5 Reasons Why I Procrastinate Series Finales

July 5, 2017 Discussion 32

Right now, the number of series finales I have sitting on my TBR is embarassing. So many final books have been sitting on my shelf for years. And I do mean years. Some of them are books I bought in 2010 and still haven’t read for one reason or another. Well, mostly 5 reasons actually.


I’m saving it for binge reading

I like to believe this is the #1 reason for my terrible ability to finish series. It’s become sort of a tradition of mine to bing reread all the books in the series at once when the last book comes out. It heightens the emotional ride and connection to the characters. The only thing is I need at least a few days to read most series, sometimes more, and time is a rare thing at the moment.


I’m scared of the feels

As an anxious person, I am fantastic at avoidance behaviour. This applies to social situations and books. I know some series are going to rip me to shreds, so I’m leaving them until I can convince myself I’m more emotionally prepared (I won’t be read, but I’ll happily lie to myself).

ACOTAR series


I’m scared I’ve lost interest

This is a big one when it comes to all the books I bought in high school, especially early high school. My reading tastes have changed so much since then, as have the quality and types of novels published. I still want to read the last books to complete those series from my early reading life, but I’m absolutely terrified I’m going to be annoyed by them.


I’ve forgotten a lot of the details

Unless I read a book twice, my memory of  all the fine plot and character details is dismal. This is one of the reasons why I try to reread my favourite series every time a new instalment comes out. If I had a better memory, I’d be more prepared to just pick up that final book that’s waiting for me instead of trying to find time to reread and refresh my memory.



It got lost in my TBR

There are so many books sitting on my shelf, that 50% of them are buried. All these books I forget about as an option because I can’t see them. And the longer I leave them, the less appealing they initially seem when I do find them.


Do you procrastinate series finales like I do?


32 Responses to “5 Reasons Why I Procrastinate Series Finales”

    • Bec

      Usually by the time I get near the end, if it’s really good I’m so caught up I can’t stop! Sometimes I think drawing it out may be better

    • Bec

      The wait can be massive! And reading so many books in between, we’re bound to forget events.

  1. Sophie

    Don’t worry Bec I sometimes procrastinate or even never read the last one. Mostly it’s because of the time laps between the books. I get to forget the details, the feelings hence my motivation…

  2. Ethan

    I’ve had P.D. Jame’s final novel in the Adam Dalgliesh mystery series languishing on my shelf for year. To be fair, I haven’t read the entire series. I started picking up some of the more recent ones during college and read them chronologically. At first I was hesitant to read the latest and ultimately last novel because I didn’t want the series to end. Reviews at the time of its publication stated that it worked as an ending to the series. James passed away in 2014, so this book is the definitive end to her series. I’ve since acquired some of the older novels, so I’ll probably read those before ending it for good.
    Ethan recently posted…Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

    • Bec

      There are a few authors books I’ve owned most of the books of, but haven’t read yet. We’ll get there one day

  3. ShootingStarsMag

    I’m bad with series in general – it doesn’t necessarily have to be just one left, it can be more than that. I just need to find more time to read them, especially since they aren’t usually review books and I tend to prioritize those. I wish I had time to reread all the books before a final one, but no time for that! I just recently read The Raven King (finally!!) and I have Winter to read soon too.
    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Currently July 2017: Accomplishing, Reading, etc.

    • Bec

      I feel that! Review books take precedence, so I’m putting off so many of the series I bought myself. There can be up to four or so books in one series waiting for me to get to them.

      I hope you love Winter!

  4. Rabiah

    I definitely agree with so much of this! I barely get to finish series because I either start them and the rest of the books haven’t come out yet, or it’s been sitting there on my shelf for ages. Shadow and Bone, The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, Eragon, Fallen…so many series that I really should get to, and I’m hoping that I will this summer. Great post! :D
    Rabiah recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday – Week 189

    • Bec

      The Infernal Devices is one you should bump up to the top of your TBR! It’s my favourite of all the shadowhunter books.

  5. Faith @ Cozy Sweater Reads

    Same same same same and SAME. I’ve definitely waited too long to read sequels (I’m talking YEARS) and I have all five of these problems. I also simultaneously hate not finishing series (even if I hated book one) so I feel a pressure to read a book that I think I won’t like because I didn’t like book one and it’s an endless, torturous, cycle xD
    Lovely post <3
    Faith @ Cozy Sweater Reads recently posted…Bookcitement // July (FINALLY THERE’S TIME TO READ) New Releases

    • Bec

      Once you put it off for a few months, it makes it easier to leave the books sitting there for years longer. Our need to finish every book and series will get to us eventually… if we overcome the pressure

  6. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    I’m guilty of a few of these as well! Mostly memory loss! And the fear my feels will have changed for the series as I’ve read more and more over the years. There are a few I am quite fearful to read. And memory loss can play a factor into my not liking it as much either. And having to go back and re-read two or more books doesn’t sound so pleasant when I could be reading 2 or more new books from my TBR pile! It’s a conundrum for sure!
    Jessica @ a GREAT read recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday

    • Bec

      When you only read a book once it’s so easy to forget, especially when we read so many other books between sequels.

      Sometimes I like rereading the other books in the series, but it’s harder if I feel meh about the series.

  7. Ashtyn @ Wonderland's Reader

    Ohhh yeah, I totally relate to this post. There’s so many books that I avoid reading for these reasons. I still haven’t finished the Angelfall series because I’m afraid I’ve lost interest and I have yet to finish The Raven Boys series because I’ve forgotten a bunch of little details.

    Hopefully we can eventually find the time/courage to finish these series!

    Ashtyn @ Wonderland’s Reader!
    Ashtyn @ Wonderland’s Reader recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday #108

    • Bec

      Angelfall I had a tonne of fun reading, but I’ve forgotten so many little details and haven’t had time to reread. The Raven Cycle is a series that you do need to remember the details for, there is so much foreshadowing and stuff in them.

    • Bec

      I became terrible once I came to uni and lost time! I also started book blogging around then and so started added more books to my TBR hahaha

      You’ll get to them one day!

  8. stacee @ adventures of a book junkie

    I should procrastinate more, but I don’t have the patience for it. I’m so greedy for the next book in a series that I love that I’ll dive right in, regardless of how much I remember from the previous book. Binging a a series sounds delightful…I should really try that.

    Honestly, I can relate to all of these reasons!!
    stacee @ adventures of a book junkie recently posted…The time it was about The Disappearances

    • Bec

      I wish I had that level of impatience sometimes!! I do love binging the series, but sometimes it would be nice to just be able to jump in and enjoy the finale.

  9. Kelly

    I mean, given that I am, at this moment, currently, I am not reading Our Dark Duet because I’m super concerned that it will either crush my soul, or that I won’t like it, I guess this post probably applies to me a bit? I picked it up from the library, and now it sits on the shelf and stares at me.
    Kelly recently posted…Review: Ash and Quill

    • Bec

      The crushing of the soul is a very legitimate fear! At least the library deadline might force you to get to it soon haha

  10. Kyra Morris

    NEVER HAVE I RELATED TO SOMETHING MORE. I have so many finale books on my shelf it’s actually ridiculous. I put off reading them because a) I just don’t want the series to be over (hence why I STILL haven’t read the last Harry Potter book) and b) I can’t remember anything about the previous books and I don’t have time to reread! I need to start reading them though haha! XD
    Kyra Morris recently posted…June Wrap Up and July TBR Pile!

    • Bec

      YOU STILL HAVEN’T READ THE LAST HARRY POTTER BOOK??? That’s a new record. I only started the series this year, but even I have finished it haha. If you need to reread fast, I can recommend listening to the audiobooks before you sleep as a good idea ;) Also the movies, while different, might be enough to refresh your memory enough

    • Bec

      Long series are the best! Though some can go on much too long and develop a mediocre plot line. It’s a hard balance to meet sometimes.

  11. Sam

    I have actually addressed this once upon a time, and for me it is one of three things: I am afraid to leave the world I love so much, I may be disappointed in the ending, or I just don’t have the book. But now that you mention it, some details may be fuzzy with those series that I started when they were published and I had to wait a year between each book. That really solidifies the case for only starting completed series, but then you have to deal with the FOMO and spoiler leaks. The struggle.
    Sam recently posted…Stuffed Animal Saturday: A Short History of a Girl Next Door – Jared Reck

    • Bec

      Not having the book itself is a massive roadblock hahaha.

      Spoiler leaks is a massive fear for me, even though I’ve become good at dodging them, the risk is still terrifying.

  12. Linda Ortiz

    I definitely procrastinate reading final books or in a series. I feel like if I read it now it will be the end of the series, which is not true in some books I read. Plus, I forget about them because like you I have a long TBR list. The struggle is real!!

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