5 Things About Outcast by Adrienne Kress

April 4, 2018 Review 6 ★★★★

5 Things About Outcast by Adrienne Kress
Outcast by Adrienne Kress
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Publisher: Diversion Books
Source: Netgalley
Pages: 322
Release Date: June 4th, 2013
Genres: Love & Romance, Paranormal, Young Adult
After six years of “angels” coming out of the sky and taking people from her town, 16-year-old Riley Carver has just about had it living with the constant fear. When one decides to terrorize her in her own backyard, it’s the final straw. She takes her mother’s shotgun and shoots the thing. So it’s dead. Or … not? In place of the creature she shot, is a guy. A really hot guy. A really hot alive and breathing guy. Oh, and he’s totally naked.

Not sure what to do, she drags his unconscious body to the tool shed and ties him up. After all, he’s an angel and they have tricks. When he regains consciousness she’s all set to interrogate him about why the angels come to her town, and how to get back her best friend (and almost boyfriend) Chris, who was taken the year before. But it turns out the naked guy in her shed is just as confused about everything as she is.

He thinks it’s 1956.

Set in the deep south, OUTCAST is a story of love, trust, and coming of age. It’s also a story about the supernatural, a girl with a strange sense of humor who’s got wicked aim, a greaser from the 50’s, and an army of misfits coming together for one purpose: To kick some serious angel ass.

I received this book for free from the source listed above in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I’ve been meaning to read it for years

OUTCAST is one of the novels I was approved of on Netgally years ago but never got around too. I had no good reason for its neglect, Adrienne Kress is an author I really enjoy (please more people read THE FRIDAY SOCIETY). I was just never in the mood for now, and I kind of regret not reading it earlier because it’s good!

Not your typical angel book

Remember back in 2009 how there were all those angel paranormal books coming out post-Twilight? (UNEARTHLY, FALLEN, and HUSH, HUSH anyone?) OUTCAST isn’t one of those. What starts as a book with some typical high school vibes quickly dives into a paranormal mystery. These angels aren’t friendly, no one why they abduct people, and there’s some weird stuff going on involving people who worship the angels. While we do get some answers, I would have loved a bit more of an exploration of the hierarchy of angels, View Spoiler »

Such an easy page turner

I haven’t read much by Adrienne Kress, but I’ve found each of her books thoroughly enjoyable. The characters are interesting and layered, and the writing always keeps a nice pace. It’s not constant edge of your seat suspense, but it’s steady and easy to stay interested.

I saw a lot of myself in Riley

Riley is someone that I think we’re all going to relate to. Well,  most of us. She has self confidence issues, she’s introverted, she floats around groups at high school. She doesn’t care for high school politics and social standards of the town. What I related to most was the way her thoughts just started to babble and run when she’d get anxious (writing it in such a way could have gotten annoying, but because I liked Riley and her thoughts were usually sensible, I didn’t mind too much.


Bittersweet ending

I am so, so conflicted over the ending of OUTCAST. While it certainly fit the story, I really wish it had ended differently so everyone could be happy. As it was I cried, it hurt my feels, but I appreciated it. I’m frustrated because of spoilery reasons View Spoiler »


OUTCAST was a novel I neglected for too long. An angel book with an intriguing paranormal mystery, everything in this novel is deeper than it first appears. I really enjoyed it and wish we’d had more of an opportunity to explore some of the angel lore.

Rating Report
Overall: 4

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  1. Joy // Joyousreads

    Ohh I should go and dig deep into my Kindle for Net Galley books. I’m sure the pubs would appreciate the review.

    Great to see you ended up enjoying this one!

    • Bec

      It made me feel so many things!

      There were so many a few years ago (around 2008-2010). Many of them didn’t go super hyped though

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