5 Things About The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

February 12, 2016 Review 30 ★★★½

5 Things About The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson
The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson
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Narrator: Emily Rankin
Publisher: Listening Library
Source: Borrowed
Length: 13 hours 31 minutes
Release Date: October 7th, 2014
Series: The Remnant Chronicles #1
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Romance, Young Adult
In a society steeped in tradition, Princess Lia’s life follows a preordained course. As First Daughter, she is expected to have the revered gift of sight—but she doesn’t—and she knows her parents are perpetrating a sham when they arrange her marriage to secure an alliance with a neighboring kingdom—to a prince she has never met.

On the morning of her wedding, Lia flees to a distant village. She settles into a new life, hopeful when two mysterious and handsome strangers arrive—and unaware that one is the jilted prince and the other an assassin sent to kill her. Deception abounds, and Lia finds herself on the brink of unlocking perilous secrets—even as she finds herself falling in love.

More romance than I bargained for

The first half of THE KISS OF DECEPTION spends a lot of time developing the romance and love triangle. Not much else really happens beyond the angst. So you can understand why I, a person who has to be in a particular mood for books where romance is the main plot, struggled at times. Especially since there were some incredibly cheesy lines and sappy moments and a love triangle that was meh. (If you want me to enjoy a love triangle, make me love both love interests. If I only like one I don’t care about it at all).



Why the unnecessary secrets?

The two guys who are after Lia, Kaden and Rafe, both hunted her down for different reasons. One is the prince she was supposed to marry, the other is an assassin, but you’re never told outright who. There are chapters from the POV of Kaden and Rafe, but also chapters from the mystery Prince and Assassin. At first I didn’t realise their identity was supposed to be such a big secret so I was really confused for a while and it became annoying not knowing who was who. I imagine it was supposed to add to the suspense and be some kind of big twist, but seriously was it really necessary?


Great friendships!

You don’t realise how few great female friendships exist in YA until you stumble across one. One of my favourite things about THE KISS OF DECEPTION was Lia and Pauline’s friendship. They were both incredibly supportive of each other and either would to do whatever they could to help the other.



I’m expecting the sequel to be more to my tastes

The second half of THE KISS OF DECEPTION had the makings of the fantasy novel I wanted it to be. There’s more action, more suspense, and a prophecy! I love prophecies. Chose One stories with epic quests are one of my favourite things to read. Hopefully it’s these aspects that are more fully fleshed out in the sequel. Though there is the potential for the love triangle to become more complicated/annoying too…


I want to try reading a physical copy

I listened to the audiobook of THE KISS OF DECEPTION and it wasn’t bad, but I think I want to try the physical books one day. Multiple narrators are used to narrate the different POVs, which I really appreciated, but to me they all sounded kind of similar. I mean they were different, but not different enough. Sometimes it was hard to distinguish if the narration at that point was from the mysterious last testament thing or part of the story, or figure out which guy was talking (especially if I zoned out at the start of the chapter). This could just have been me not listening good enough, or maybe it was an effect of me not being that used to American accents. I have discovered I much prefer British narration.


THE KISS OF DECEPTION was a pretty good read, but I had a few issues with it. Mostly I got sick of the romance and love triangle. I really enjoyed the female friendships and characters though. Here’s hoping THE HEART OF BETRAYAL spends more time delving into the world and the plot. 

Rating Report
Overall: 3.4

30 Responses to “5 Things About The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson”

  1. Omobola

    I have never listened to an audiobook before exactly for the reason you stated. I am a sucker for physical books and the little voice in my head being every character. I am not exactly sure how to feel about this book, I want to try it but it seems confusing and like you,I love prophecy stories and I love to see quests unfold. What do you advice?
    Omobola recently posted…Book Review: The Lost Prince (Call of the Forgotten series)

    • Bec

      I’ve recently gotten into audiobooks and if you can find a good narrator they bring more life and emotion to the characters that my head may not have done. It’s a really interesting experience.

      Most of this book was straight forward, despite the random “Assassin”/”Prince”. The world was really interesting and I did like the characters. I guess give it a go, but just keep in mind that the prophecy takes it’s time to appear.

  2. Anissa @ She Reads Too Much

    Yay, this has made me excited to read this now! I was a bit worried, but hellooooo, I love romance and love triangle so sign me up x) I can imagine I might find the triangle a bit annoying but it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve read anything with a love triangle so I’m craving it again haha. Looking forward to finding out what you think about the next one! :D
    Anissa @ She Reads Too Much recently posted…Book Hangover Cure: 8 Tips & Tricks

    • Bec

      Haha hopefully you like this love triangle! It wasn’t the best I’ve read but if you’re looking for one it might hit the spot.

      My review of the sequel should be up in a few weeks :)

  3. Tasya

    Hmm I haven’t read this yet, but I’ve seen people disliked this book because it has a lot of sappy romance, while they want fantasy. And I also don’t listen audio books because I’m an easily distracted person XD I hope you’ll enjoy the next book more!
    Tasya recently posted…The OTP Book Tag

    • Bec

      That was my issue! But there’s still enough fantasy elements to keep me interested.

      I only just started listening to audiobooks for the same reason. I find that speeding it up to 1.5x and listening while driving/ falling asleep/ playing games on my phone is the best way to listen.

  4. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    Fantastic, well balanced review as usual Bec :) The romantic aspect of this one is the reason I haven’t added it to my tbr shelf. The way you described the secretive narrative makes me think I would have been annoyed by that aspect too. You have tempted me though, with your praise of the friendship so I might just reconsider this one – ESPECIALLY if you love the sequel ;)
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: The Scorpio Races

    • Bec

      Thanks! The secretive part seemed unnecessary to me. I knew while it was there but I don’t think it had the intended impact.

      You’ll get to see what I thought of the sequel in a few weeks ;)

  5. Kristin @ Simply Bookish Things

    I’m looking forward to reading this! I must admit I’m one of those people who can never get enough romance in a book, hehe. But at the same time I do hate when you go into a book expecting one thing and get another, it does add a little bit of disappointment to the novel! Lovely review :)
    Kristin @ Simply Bookish Things recently posted…My Life in Books Lately #2

    • Bec

      If it’s a good love triangle which makes me feel for all three characters, and it’s an ACTUAL TRIANGLE with emotions beyond just the rivalry of vying for one person’s attention. This wasn’t really a good triangle.

      Thanks :)

  6. Lola

    That’s too bad it started with such a strong focus on romance, especially when that isn’t obvious from the blurb. I don’t mind love triangles, but like you mentioned I do need to care about both love interests, that makes it more fun and believable.
    Sounds like the attempt at suspense didn’t work out as well and just made things confusing with all the secrets. I like it when I stubmle upon a book that has great friendschips, it sounds like that aspect was done very well in this book. It does sound like a promising first book and I hope you’ll enjoy the second book even more! Great review!
    Lola recently posted…Lola’s Kitchen: Risotto with Soy Sauce and Egg Recipe

    • Bec

      Yeah I went in expecting things that this book wasn’t. I’m glad there was a good friendship and world to make up for the aspects I didn’t like so much.

      Thanks :)

  7. Cait @ Paper Fury

    OMG IT’S SO TRUE THOUGH. The British are far faaaar better at audiobooks. I’m listening to The Raven Cycle on audio and, I mean, I’m getting used to it?? But the whole southern draaaaawl of the Americans is really not doing it for me. -_- Ahem. But anyway. Back to the actual book. XD I do want to try this! I just discovered my library has it (wooo since my library sucks at getting in books!) and so it’s definitely on my list for this year. I mean, along with 98398 books. XD The love triangle sounds tediously awful, but I’m soooo there if there’s an epic female friendship. Actually, I don’t even read much of those???? IT’S NOT GOOD. I WANT MORE.
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Why You Should Be Reading The Mortal Instruments (Plus Series #Giveaway!)

    • Bec

      The British accent is just so pleasant to listen to. You just reminded me I want to try the Raven Cycle audiobooks sometime.

      Yay for library! I was surprised mine had it since I don’t think it’s been picked up by an Aussie publisher.

      There needs to be more friendships!! One great one I just finished reading was in Truthwith by Susan Dennard (my fangirling about it will pop up in a review in the next month or so)

  8. Wattle

    I know what you mean about audiobooks, I find my mind wandering sometimes – though it greatly depends on the narrator. I do not have that problem with books narrated by Stephen Fry, although I do zone out if I suddenly have to concentrate on something else (I’m learning to just turn it off when I need to use my brain). An English accent is just easier to listen to, I think – American accents can be so jarring with all those hard r’s!

    This one sounds like it would drive me crazy with that love triangle, it sounds a bit odd, keeping identities secret too o_O the synopsis does sound pretty good though, annoying things aside!
    Wattle recently posted…The Sunday Post #1

    • Bec

      Stephen Fry is a great narrator!

      Yeah I think the reveal of who was the prince and who was the assassin was supposed to be shocking, but it made those “mysterious” chapters more confusing. It had many other good elements though!

    • Bec

      My review of Heart of Betrayal will be up in a few weeks, but I didn’t LOVE that. I enjoyed it but there was still a lot of romance and stuff.

  9. Brianna @ Fable's Library

    I LOVE THIS BOOK WITH A FIREY BURNING PASSION XD. But I so understand your points. Ok, I get that the Prince and Assassin thing was supposed to shock us, but it was more confusing than anything else. I couldn’t remember who was who and I have no idea who I actually liked and who I didn’t like and I am still confused and I JUST CANT EVEN. I hope you enjoy book 2 more :). Have a great day!

    • Bec

      I’m glad you enjoyed it!

      Yes that was why I didn’t like that mystery element! I enjoyed the other aspects more and I think knowing who was who might have improved my experience overall :/

  10. Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity

    I have seen this book around, and I have never read anything about it XD I love the pretty cover, though.

    UGH @ the romance and love triangle, though. That is almost enough to warn me off this book. I cannot even handle love triangles anymore. They have become one of those things where I just narrow my eyes at the page, and lose a lot of interest.

    BUT good female friendships are such a plus! And also super rare in novels that aren’t contemporary. So that’s a plus.

    I think I’ll leave this one for now, but who knows? I might pick it up one day.

    Lovely review, Bec!
    Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity recently posted…Five Reasons To: Watch Sleepy Hollow

    • Bec

      I remember the hype when it was about to come out, and Alise’s “meh” review, but that’s about all I heard. The cover is gorgeous!

      This isn’t even a great love triangle :( If the romance wasn’t such a big focus I probably wouldn’t have been so annoyed with it.

      Female friendships are starting to pop up more and more in fantasy! I hope this trend continues.

      Thanks :)

  11. Maya @ Suddenly Inundated

    This is actually the next book in my TBR! I feel as though I will have the same results as you though, we seem to have similar interest hehe! The only reason I got this book was because someone said there was a massive plot twist or something like that… if that doesn’t end up happening, things will be bad xD I’m glad you enjoyed it despite the few negatives though!!
    Maya @ Suddenly Inundated recently posted…Wherein I List All The Places I Smash Books Into My Head

    • Bec

      Hmm I don’t remember there being massive plot twists that surprised me. Maybe it’s the “who is the assassin, who is the prince?” thing but I figured that out despite the confusing nature of that plot line.

      I hope you enjoy it!

  12. Helen

    I totally agree with where you said there was unnecessary secrets. It WAS just confusing and annoying! I’m not sure about the love triangle – I just remember that the author was definitely not building up one relationship more than the other. Hmmm. Maybe this is biased since I read the second book already?
    Helen recently posted…Review: Across The Universe

    • Bec

      Really just telling us who was the assassin and who was the prince would have saved much confusion and not affected the story all that much.

      I’ve read the second book now too haha and still think it’s a triangle, despite the fact Lia seems to favour Rafe a lot more

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