5 Things About Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

May 15, 2016 Review 28 ★★★★

5 Things About Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
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Narrator: Stephen Fry
Publisher: Pottermore
Source: Borrowed
Length: 21 hours, 31 minutes
Release Date: November 20th, 2015
Series: Harry Potter #4
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Young Adult
The Triwizard Tournament is to be held at Hogwarts. Only wizards who are over seventeen are allowed to enter - but that doesn't stop Harry dreaming that he will win the competition. Then at Hallowe'en, when the Goblet of Fire makes its selection, Harry is amazed to find his name is one of those that the magical cup picks out. He will face death-defying tasks, dragons and Dark wizards, but with the help of his best friends, Ron and Hermione, he might just make it through - alive!

Look at the precious growing up

The gang have started to enter their teenage years. They’re growing up, maturing, and entering YA territory. It’s hilarious watching them go through awkward stages, and puberty, and developing little crushes. But they’re also starting to learn more about the world around them and struggle with more complicated ethical concepts (an example is Hermione and the welfare house elves). It is these challenging concepts and times that I really like to read about. Another great thing about this was Harry getting smarter and using his brain in the tournament! I was so proud of him.

The plot is becoming more complex

As the characters grow up and the books get longer. the plot also becomes more complex and I love it! There are more plot lines being juggled, more struggles for the characters to face and overcome, higher stakes and character deaths, and many more feels. There are no longer easy, simple solutions to small problems. It makes reading a lot more interesting and the book harder to put down.

my body is ready

Magic is awesome

The magical world is so cool. I really love losing myself in it. So many strange magical creatures and gadgets and spells. The creatures add a thrilling, suspenseful element to the story, especially with things like dragons in the tournament. And the magical gadgets I really just want in my life honestly. A TARDIS tent that is bigger on the inside would be so handy, not to mention a time turner for study or a chest that opens into multiple compartments in different dimensions.

Hello old Voldy

The dark lord has finally graced us with his full presence in a novel! I have been waiting four books for this moment. Voldemort is such an interesting and terrifying villain, it’s exciting to have his plans finally start to take fruition and watch him struggle against Harry. And with the return of Voldemort and the death eaters things are finally getting much, much darker and deadly. I’m so ready for more.


It actually shocked me

Despite having seen the movie before reading the book, I was still completely taken by surprise by a twist I should have known was coming View Spoiler ». I was absolutely shocked. What a brilliant turn of events it was. I can only hope such good twists and betrayals continue in the future books because that’s going to start making me feel many emotions.


HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE was the instalment I’ve been waiting for. Things are finally getting incredibly dark and Voldemort is becoming more involved. I cannot wait to continue this story further and see where THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX takes me next.


Rating Report
Overall: 4.1

28 Responses to “5 Things About Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”

    • Bec

      I would love to go back and read these in physical form one day to pick up on all the foreshadowing. I mean, it’s interesting knowing most of the plot because I’ve heard so many things over the years, but I’m still being surprised by a lot.

    • Bec

      I really want to go back one day and reread all of them in physical form! It would be so interesting to see all the foreshadowing and plotting from the beginning again.

  1. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    I know I’ve said it before Bec, but I’m going to say it again: I am LOVING reading about your journey reading this series for the first time. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to reading it for the first time myself I suppose :) I’d watched the 1st and 2nd movies before reading the books so I know what you mean: some elements still surprise you in the books! If you’re digging the darkness here, I can’t wait to see what you’ll think of the next three books :D Awesome review^^
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: The Raven King

    • Bec

      I’ve had so many people say this to me haha! It’s gotten so dark now! (I’m about to start reading the last book). Loving it so much :D

  2. Megan

    How do you hide spoilers in your post? I haven’t read this far in the series but still loved your review

  3. Sarah J.

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire remains to be my favorite HP novel. I think the crafting of it is absolutely brilliant, particularly when you look at the book within the whole of the series. I definitely agree about the whole Barty Crouch aspect. Personally I wish the movies had stuck to the uncovering of it because it was such brilliant writing. Great review! I’m glad you are enjoying the series!
    Sarah J. recently posted…Movies I’ve Recently Watched

    • Bec

      I think it might be my favourite so far too! Though Half Blood Prince is giving it a run for its money.

      Thanks :D

    • Bec

      It’s my favourite so far too! Though I’m on the last book now so that could still change

  4. Pippa

    I won’t give anything away, but bring a box of tissues for the end of Order of the Phoenix.

      • Pippa

        Actually… I’m amending that statement. Just keep tissues with you until the end of the series, and then for a while after, too. Just while you reread/rewatch/relive. I’m not overly emotional, but tears dripped into my Junior Mints during that last book.

  5. Preethi @ The Lone Reader

    Aaaah I love that you’re reading the HP series – it’s always so much fun watching someone experience these books for the first time since we can’t experience it like that again! I’m so glad you’re surprised by these books despite watching the films. I’ve been doing a re-read and just have the last book to go (I’m not ready for it despite how many times I’ve read this series). I can’t wait to hear what you think of The Order Of The Phoenix!
    Preethi @ The Lone Reader recently posted…Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: I Cried Like A Baby

    • Bec

      A lot of people are really loving my reviews haha. It’s been fun finally discovering what all the fuss is about.

    • Bec

      The angst is some of the stuff I’m not really enjoying all that much -_- Other than that I really enjoy the books

  6. Sushmita

    I love your review! It’s nice to see another perspective on a book I love so much. There is so much more for you to read and I am super excited for you! :D I wonder after you are done which book in the series will be your favorite.
    This is my favorite book in the series because Voldemort shows up in his physical form. I find that it makes the book more interesting. Also, the turn of the tone of the book was so flawlessly done, it still floors me!

    • Bec

      Thanks! I can’t wait to follow the story to the conclusion. The stakes are building!

      YASSS I love seeing Voldy properly.

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