5 Things About Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact

March 12, 2017 Review 4 ★★★★

5 Things About Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact
Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact by Alison Goodman
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Publisher: HarperCollins Australia
Source: Purchased
Pages: 464
Release Date: January 1st, 2017
Series: Lady Helen #2
Summer, 1812

After the scandalous events at her presentation ball in London, Lady Helen has taken refuge at the fashionable seaside resort of Brighton, where she is training to be a Reclaimer with the covert Dark Days Club.

As she struggles to put aside her genteel upbringing and take up the weapons of a warrior, Helen realizes that her mentor, Lord Carlston, is fighting his own inner battle. Has the foul Deceiver energy poisoned his soul, or is something else driving him towards violent bouts of madness? Either way, Helen is desperate to help the man with whom she shares a deep but forbidden connection.

When Mr Pike, the hard bureaucratic heart of the Dark Days Club, arrives in Brighton, no one is prepared for the ordinary evil he brings in his wake. He has a secret task for Helen and Mr Hammond, and the authority of the Prince Regent. They have no choice but to do as he orders, knowing that the mission will betray everyone around them and possibly bring about Lord Carlston's annihilation.

Brilliant atmosphere

Alison Goodman puts an insane amount of research into this series and it really pays off. The world building is amazing and creates a brilliant atmosphere. The description makes everything so vivid.

More fights scenes and action

Lady Helen is finally out of her parents house and free to begin Reclaimer training. Which means more action, and more fight scenes. She also gets a bit more freedom thanks to adopting a male disguise at times, and it was so good to see her getting out and freely investigating things and then kicking Deceivers arses!

fuck yeah

Side characters are more involved!

I loved Helen and Carlston in book one but THE DARK DAYS PACT grew my love for them even more, and also made me really love some of the secondary characters!! Darby, Margaret, Hammond, and Selburn along with other marginal characters got a lot more page time in this book (Lord Carlston also got a lot more!!) and were quite involved in the story all the way through, which led to some great development.


Selburn needs to piss off and let Helen and Carlston be together so they stop hurting me. They’re just so beautiful and need to be happy together and give me happy feels instead of tearing me apart with all these tortured feelings. I CANNOT DEAL WITH ALL THESE FEELINGS LET MY PRECIOUS OTP BE HAPPY FOREVER PLEASE


Oh boy, that ending was intense

The last 50-100 pages I could not put down! Things were developing at a break neck speed, I was terrified for all the character, and everyone was fighting. It was so intense and I had no idea how it was going to end. Cannot wait to see how these developments influence events in book three (WHY SO FAR AWAY)


LADY HELEN AND THE DARK DAYS PACT was a phenomenal sequel. Not only did it have the detailed world building I loved in the first book, but we got to know the characters better, read more intense fight scenes, and cry over incredibly overwhelming feels. I am desperate to get my hands on the next book in this series. 


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Rating Report
Overall: 4.4

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