5 Things About The Rose And The Dagger by Renee Ahdieh

January 27, 2017 Review 30 ★★★★★

5 Things About The Rose And The Dagger by Renee Ahdieh
The Rose and the Dagger by Renée Ahdieh
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Narrator: Ariana Delawari
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Source: Borrowed
Length: 11 hrs, 43 min
Release Date: April 26th 2016
Series: The Wrath and the Dawn #2
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Young Adult
The darker the sky, the brighter the stars.

In a land on the brink of war, Shahrzad is forced from the arms of her beloved husband, the Caliph of Khorasan. She once thought Khalid a monster—a merciless killer of wives, responsible for immeasurable heartache and pain—but as she unraveled his secrets, she found instead an extraordinary man and a love she could not deny. Still, a curse threatens to keep Shazi and Khalid apart forever.

Now she’s reunited with her family, who have found refuge in the desert, where a deadly force is gathering against Khalid—a force set on destroying his empire and commanded by Shazi’s spurned childhood sweetheart. Trapped between loyalties to those she loves, the only thing Shazi can do is act. Using the burgeoning magic within her as a guide, she strikes out on her own to end both this terrible curse and the brewing war once and for all. But to do it, she must evade enemies of her own to stay alive.

The saga that began with The Wrath and the Dawn takes its final turn as Shahrzad risks everything to find her way back to her one true love again.

Feelings intensify

THIS BOOK MADE ME FEEL SO MANY THINGS!! From squealing because A+ romance, to terror and suspense, and incredible sadness because of character deaths and things. Seriously, I was struggling to hold back tears while driving. I couldn’t deal (in the best way possible).


Connections with more characters

This increased connection to characters is the reason for the previously mentioned increase in feels. Not only did I have a deeper emotional connection to Shazi and Khalid from the first book, but I grew to love previously minor characters, such as Rahim and Tariq, a lot more. Not to mention how much I loved getting to know Artan and Isra!

Plot intensifies

There was a lot more focus on political scenarios and war in THE ROSE AND THE DAGGER. It was incredibly suspenseful. I was terrified for the characters and the world at times, I had no idea where it would go. There were so many twists and turns that surprised me. I loved it.


I kind of wanted a tad more magic

After teasing magic in THE WRATH AND THE DAWN, I expected there to be a lot more in THE ROSE AND THE DAGGER than there was. I mean, there was a hint of it now and then but I really figured Shazi would learn more than she did. It was a tad disappointing honestly.

Beautiful, emotional ending

Even if I wanted more magic than we got, the ending of this duology was still bloody fantastic! Emotions, twists and turns, good romance, and suspense. We had epic siege scenes and beautiful writing, and omg that adorable epilogue. I don’t think I could have had it wrapped up any better (maybe if a character or two had stayed alive and not torn my heart out)



THE ROSE AND THE DAGGER was the perfect ending to a fantastic duology. I loved the romances, the characters, the shocking twists and turns that hurt me deeply. It was everything I ever wish for in a fantasy novel. The only thing that would have made it better was a bit more magic and more time with the characters (the epilogue was adorable and I NEED MORE)

Rating Report
Overall: 4.8

30 Responses to “5 Things About The Rose And The Dagger by Renee Ahdieh”

  1. Tasya

    Glad you enjoyed this one! Personally I was kinda dissapointed because this book introduces so many new characters and it’s distracting from the main plot. I also want more magic! Like her magic and the curse thingy don’t really play any important part in the end. I’m not complaining about Artan though! xD
    Tasya recently posted…Ruler of Books Tag

    • Bec

      There are a tonne of new characters and not enough magic. I definitely thought the curse would have had a bigger part to play but apparently not.

      Hahaha Artan was a classic

    • Bec

      Yeah the curse solving went very quickly. It could have definitely had a bigger part to play in the end game.

      Oh man the character deaths tore me to pieces.

    • Bec

      Get on it, Emily! It’s so good. Hopefully you’ll en dup loving this one beyond your expectations too

  2. Zoe @ Stories on Stage

    I’ve heard so many great things about this sequel, but for some reason I still haven’t picked it up. Your review definitely reminded me why I need to read it though! It sounds fantastic. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous review! <3
    Zoe @ Stories on Stage recently posted…Carve the Mark

  3. Puput @ Sparkling Letters

    Yayyyy I’m glad you loved this book because I did too! :D I agree that the romance is A+++ my ship has sailed hahaha I really like the magical elements though, but I was kind of disappointed with the plot because other characters, especially Shazi’s dad, sort of took away the focus of the plot :’) however I also really love the ending and THAT EPILOGUE <3
    Puput @ Sparkling Letters recently posted…For Some of Us, Libraries Might NOT Exist

    • Bec

      The other random characters was certainly jarring at times. There were a fair few new POVs.


  4. Kat

    I am ashamed to say that I have NOT read this series yet *hides self in shame* I know, I know, I know! I really need to get on it. Your review definitely makes me want to pick them up –and soon! Brilliant review, Bec :)
    Kat recently posted…12 Common Blogging Blunders

  5. Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity

    It’s so awesome that you loved this one so much, Bec! It’s such a good feeling to get to the end of a series and love it. I hate it when the last book isn’t what you wanted it to be!

    This series is on my TBR for this year, along with some others, because I want to know what everyone is talking about :D I think I will like it because it looks like it has a lot of things I love (like political intrigue!), and it’s a retelling, too!

    Lovely review, Bec ^.^
    Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity recently posted…Some LGBTQIA+ Retelling Recs

    • Bec

      It’s so disappointing when the last book is meh. I much prefer when each book in a series is better than the last.

      I hope you get to read it soon! It’s so good.

    • Bec

      It was almost everything I wanted haha. If you do end up reading it I hope you enjoy it more than the first. If not, then I hope you read some other fantastic books!

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