Minotes #3: Whiddershin’s Adventures in the Sea of Shadows

October 28, 2017 Review 6

While my reading dramatically decreases when I have exams, it doesn’t stop completely. So I did manage to read four books over the last few months. And for the sake of posting some sort of content, I’d thought it would be a good idea to do some mini reviews for them. Albeit crappy reviews because guess who didn’t take any notes while reading.


Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

Genre: YA, fantasy
Series: Age of Legends #1
Rating: 4


  • Sisters hell yeah! Wish they could have interacted more
  • Politics is getting intriguing
  • Animal companions!!!!!!!
  • I really liked both girls a lot
  • Plus Kelley Armstrong is one of my favourite authors and she’s delving into my favourite genre
  • Super easy to read and keep pages turning, though minimal world building (this didn’t surprise me considering Armstrong’s books are usually very fast paced)
  • Cannot wait to read the rest and learn more about the world and characters

Read this fast paced fantasy yourself: Book DepositoryBooktopia BookWorld


Whiddershins Adventures series by Ari Marmell

Genre: YA, fantasy
Rating: 4 stars


  • Actually reread the first book to refresh then read the rest one after the other
  • Hilarious!
  • Remind me of NEVERNIGHT a little in terms of Olgun’s sassyness being a bit like Mister Friendly and the whole god companion thing (it’s much less violent and more PG though)
  • Some of my favourite characters died in book two and it DESTROYED me
  • No romance (mostly because Whiddershins is totally oblivious)
  • Anticlimatic ending
  • Some of the creepiest villains I have ever read. Iruroch made my skin crawl more than any character ever has before
  • A tonne of fun
  • I want more in this world!
  • Mostly I want more Evrard because I have so many questions about him

Join Whiddershins and Olgun on their adventures: Book DepositoryBooktopia | BookWorld


Have you read any fun fantasy novels recently?

6 Responses to “Minotes #3: Whiddershin’s Adventures in the Sea of Shadows”

    • Bec

      It didn’t get all too much hype when it was released. All I know was Alise didn’t like it that much haha. I hope you enjoy it like I did though!

  1. Tyler H Jolley

    No shame in a short review! One of my other blogger friends does “coffee pot reviews,” on a occasion. She spends the amount of time on the review as it takes for her coffee to brew, and they’re always awesome. I’m impressed your reading at all during vet school. I legit took a 4 year reading break during ortho/perio school.

    • Bec

      That’s an excellent idea! Especially when so many people are super busy most days.

      Reading some is better than not reading at all haha. It’s what kept me sane.

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