April 2017 Wrap Up

April 30, 2017 Meme 20

Can you believe we just had a month of consistent, regular posting?! What a miracle that is! It passed faster than I realised and now we’re running out of posts again… I don’t know if our next month will be as successful as this one.


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Back to uni and it’s busy busy busy! I didn’t read as much as I should have over Easter because I may or may not have fallen down an Assassin’s Creed rabbit hole… I’m reading a lot now though!

I also convinced my parents to get Netflix, which is fantastic! I’ve been watching a lot of true crime shows, and also 13 Reasons Why. I’m slowly getting into the other stuff.

The only other semi interesting thing I did was go and see Ghost in the Shell! I loved it because I like cyberpunk a lot. I mean, the white washing of the MC really wasn’t necessary (the movie did give a reason for it at least), but I was surprised how many Japanese speaking and diverse actors had a role as part of Major’s team. The visuals were also AMAZING.


  • Ballad of a Mad Girl by Vikki Wakefield (Thanks Text Publishing)
  • Still Life with Tornado by A.S. King (thanks to Text Publishing)
  • Hunted by Megan Spooner (as a reward for reading 20 books)
  • Unicorns of Balinor 1-8 by Mary Stanton (I justify this purchase as NOSTALGIA OKAY!)


Did you read any good books this month?

20 Responses to “April 2017 Wrap Up”

  1. Joy @ Thoughts By J

    Omg it’s May tomorrow…dying a little inside blergh! On a happier note though, I’m one month closer to my holiday yay! So glad that you had a great blogging month – I had a better blogging month than usual as well, but still not as consistent as I want it to be.

    Yaaas for Netflix, it’s kinda like a deep hole that you need to crawl out of once you start a new series. Hope you enjoy 13 Reasons Why! Despite some issues, I really enjoyed it :)
    Joy @ Thoughts By J recently posted…Book Review: Half-Blood (Covenant #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

    • Bec

      Yay for holidays! I hope yours is great and this next month passes quickly for you :D

      13 Reasons Why was very well done I think. Yeah there were some issues, but all the changes of the books I mostly appreciated (especially when it came to further development of some of the side characters)

  2. Sinead @ Less Reality More Books

    Where did April go? This month absolutely flew! You seemed to have a great blogging month guys, well done :) And ahh, you’ve fallen down the rabbit role known as Netflix, now you can never escape!! Try Stranger Things, it’s so amazing!!
    Sinead @ Less Reality More Books recently posted…April 2017 Wrap Up

    • Bec

      It flew by so fast!

      I LOVED STRANGER THINGS! Cannot wait to see season 2 when it comes out.

    • Bec

      Thank you!!!

      Hahaha the TBR is a total lie. A figment of imagination. It doesn’t really exist :P

  3. Sara L.

    Is it really May? Really?? That’s just scary.

    Great job with your posts as always. As for good books, my favorite read of April was Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. Not YA (I’m actually having an off year with YA fantasy so far…), but it’s incredibly well-written and thought-provoking. Plus, the post-epidemic world that’s explored during the story feels so real, as if it could actually happen. So that made it frightening at times, too.
    Sara L. recently posted…A Double Dose of New DIY MFA Articles, Including One on the Iceland Writers Retreat

    • Bec

      That’s what the calendar says but I don’t know if I believe it.

      Thanks! I have actually heard of Station Eleven before! I’m all up for post-epidemic stories.

    • Bec

      It’s been such a long time since we’ve blogged decently for a month!

      I haven’t heard of Bang before but the other two are on my TBR!

  4. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    Good for you guys! I hope your regular posting trend rubs off on my LOL! Enjoy Netflix, and by that I mean enjoy binging series and then being devastated when they end haha – but at least you can always start something else that’s just as addictive so the cycle goes on for INFINITY! Good luck with Uni and happy May to both of you ♥
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Fandom Mashup #106

    • Bec

      I’ll guilt you into posting more :P

      I’m trying to stay away from proper TV series atm because I have study to do. So I’ve been watching gloriously horrible true crime documentaries/ shows haha.

      Thank you!

  5. Joy // Joyousreads

    It’s quite a feat nowadays to blog consistently for a month (at least, in my case). So go, you! :D

    I hope you’ll have a fantastic May as well.

    • Bec

      It’s a massive feat between full time uni/ work! Here’s hoping I can keep it up for a little while longer. It’s so much nicer to be consistent.

    • Bec

      Thank you! I haven’t seen Good Witch pop up on my Netflix but I’ll have to look into it. Fingers crossed it’s available on Australian Netflix.

      Thank you!

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