August 2016 Wrap Up

September 2, 2016 Meme 24

Don’t know about you guys, but August hasn’t been the best month. So many things happening for both Alise and I, particularly outside the blog. With any luck, September will be a lot better.



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becAugust started terribly with me failing a practical exam. I had a panic attack during the exam and yeah, it wasn’t great. Really through me for a couple of days because I hate failure. I’m really disappointed in myself for it, but I’m one of many who struggled with this exam. I really have terrible luck in prac exams. I’ve also had one stressful midsemester exam which I think went okay (I had to cram learning 33 hours worth of lectures into 4 days).

On a better note, I downloaded Pokemon Uranium when it was still available and am having a tonne of fun with it! I also got some pretty cool books.


  • Crimson Bound
    by Rosamund Hodge
  • Stealing Snow by Danielle Page (via Netgalley)
  • Holding up the universe by Jennifer Niven (via Netgalley)
  • Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson (I won a giveaway!)
  • The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Sky (Mum owed me a book)
  • Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
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  • I’m back in school for my last semester at college! …Or I went the first week. This week I had to stay home because I’m extremely ill. I’ll spare you the details but it’s been hard. On a positive note, I changed up the blog a little and got some awesome new books!

An important note about the new look: If you visit this blog through Bloglovin’ WITH the Bloglovin’ frame enabled, it will not let you comment. Until I figure out what the deal is if you guys could either close the Bloglovin’ frame or visit the site directly, that would be great.

  • A Mortal Song by Megan Crewe
  • The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson
  • The Fault in our Stars by John Green (finally have my own copy!)
  • My Boyfriend’s Dogs by Dandi Daley Mackall
  • A Torch Against the Night by Sabaa Tahir
  • Nevernight by Jay Kristoff
  • For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund
  • .
  • a torch against the night
  • Did you have a good August?
    What books did you get?
    Excited for any September releases?

24 Responses to “August 2016 Wrap Up”

  1. Emma

    Loving the new design ladies! I swear every time I come by its different, refreshing even! Bec you need to read Since You’ve a been Gone it’s amazing! And I need to read the new Jennifer Niven book, really am desparate for that! Alise, hope you get better good luck with school too.

    • Alise

      Thank you! It probably does xD I like it to change it up a lot for design practice and I already have a new idea, haha. Had some theme issues with the last one which is probably why it changed again so suddenly. Good to know! Thank you :)

  2. Greg

    Hopefully the goodies you got will make up for the rough patches. :) And here’s to a better September! Looks like you had a good blog month too- I like the design.

  3. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    Bec, I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad time with the exam, I hope you don’t beat yourself over it and that you can find an outlet (like Pokemon or blogging or reading)! Looking forward to seeing you next week, though. THAT VERSION OF NEVERNIGHT IS SO PRETTY.

    Alise, I love the new blog layout! It looks totally gorgeous! I got A Torch Against the Night too which i’m excited about reading.

    Take care girls and have a great month ahead!

  4. Joy // Joyousreads

    It looks great in here, ladies! Both your month has been awesome – blogging and reading wise. Though, sorry to hear about you being sick, Alise and failing your practical exam, Bec. I hope you’ll feel better soon, and I’m sure that you’ll do great the next time, Bec.

    I was wondering why the spammer box was not appearing whenever I visit. I thought for sure it was because when I visit, I’m usually using my PC at work.

    Have a great week!

    • Alise

      Thank you so much!

      Nope, no worries, it was on this end. It’s been pretty frustrating so I’m trying to find another new theme or at least one I can edit.

  5. Kyra Morris

    Aw Bec, I’m so sorry about your exam! I’m a perfectionist when it comes to school and I always feel so disappointed in myself if I don’t get the grade I want. If you have other exams, I hope they go better! <3

    I hope you feel better soon, Alise! Being sick is awful! <3

    You got some lovely books though! I really want to read A Torch Against the Night as I loved the first book! :)

  6. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    Awww, I’m so sorry that August was rough for you both! Sending all my love to you ♥ August wasn’t very productive for me either – it was really humid and my body doesn’t respond well to severe humidity so I felt rather crappy. Hopefully September will improve!! Enjoy all the lovely books girls! xx

    • Alise

      Thank youuuu Micheline <3 Aw, I hope you feel better soon! It’s been more of a dry heat here but I’m sure we will get that humidity when monsoon season kicks it. Hope you have a nice September too!

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