Bec’s December Series Reading Binge

December 6, 2017 Discussion 25

When I read sequels to books I love, I like to binge them. Ideally this happens after a reread of the previous books to refresh the details. My hectic schedule during uni doesn’t allow much binge reading time so usually these all get pushed to the end of the year.

That time is NOW.

I’m excited. There are so many series I need to catch up in. I will no longer have to live in fear of spoilers!

Of course, this is counting on me actually reading. I have been distracted by video games a lot recently (once I finish the main game it’s less addicting) and do have some real world commitments. Hopefully I can get most of these in. Otherwise I’m in trouble with my Goodreads reading goal!

I’m behind in a fair few big series, but there are four that I really do want to catch up on (mostly because I’m afraid that I won’t be able to successfully avoid spoilers for much longer)


Vengeance Road & Retribution Rails

These are going to be the easiest to binge I reckon! VENGEANCE ROAD was incredibly fast paced. I can’t wait to reread the action and then see what’s next with RETRIBUTION RAILS. With any luck the plot will be just as fast and engaging as the first book.


Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom

I’m a bit terrified of this one. I know the feels are going to hit me hard. SIX OF CROWS had me so attached to the characters, and it’s only going to intensify on reread. I’m rereading to remember all the small details of the plot before jumping head first into CROOKED KINGDOM.


Empire of Storms & Tower of Dawn

I briefly toyed with the idea of rereading the entire Throne of Glass series before reading TOWER OF DAWN (it’s what I usually do with each new book) but I unfortunately don’t have the time. So a lone EMPIRE OF STORMS reread to remind me of all the emotional turmoil I experience it shall be, before further destroying my feeling sin TOWER OF DAWN.



Yeah, I’m surprised I’m behind on the Maas novels, being the SJM trash that I am. But I just had to binge them and I’m incredibly scared. I don’t want my precious characters to be hurt. As much as I loved ACOTAR, I decided not to add a reread of the first book into the mix because a) time and b) why go back to the original Spring Court (before Plot Things happened and changed Tamlin) when you can spend 80% of the book with Rhys?


Honourable Mentions

Other possibilities depending on time and such:

  • Truthwitch and Windwitch
  • Walk on Earth a Stranger and Like a River Glorious
  • Nevernight and Godsgrave


Wish me luck!

I feel like if I was more organised this could easily be turned into some sort of readathon. But I am not that forward thinking ha. If you wish to join me in this month long binge session (or whenever you’re free), please feel free! Let me know all about your reading progress on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Are you a series binger?

25 Responses to “Bec’s December Series Reading Binge”

    • Bec

      Finding the time is hard, but it’s so rewarding! It really heightens the connection to the characters and I love having all the little details fresh in my mind.

    • Bec

      I don’t think I’m going to be ready to reread CK for a while. So many emotions. One day I will because it’s a great duology, but the pain is still too fresh haha

  1. Wattle

    I find I come to series pretty late, so there’s at least two books before I pick up the first one (and if it’s not finished, regret my decision when I’m caught up!) but there’s one series I started reading, I’m not sure how many books we’re at now, maybe 10? I’m up to 6 and I am STUCK. Not for any particular reason, I am just done for the time being.

    I couldn’t ever re-read though. Not unless it was an entire series re-read (like Harry Potter). I prefer to read the series as it goes (if I can’t remember things, I skim the previous books last few chapters), and then re-read when it’s complete.
    Wattle recently posted…Top 5 Wednesday #1

    • Bec

      I have a few series like that. Hopefully soon you get back in the mood for it. Sometimes a break from it can be good though.

      That’s an interesting approach. I always end up getting too absorbed in the story haha

  2. Sara L.

    I’m a series binger only if a) the series is already finished (in other words, the last book has been published), and b) if I’ve already read the first book. So if I enjoy the first book, then I’ll wait to finish the series until I have ALL of the following books and then binge-finish the series. I did that with the Daughter of Smoke & Bone series last year and the Song of the Lioness Quartet this year. Next year, I have two series I’m planning to binge-finish: Rae Carson’s Fire & Thorns Trilogy and Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy. And I’m already giddy with excitement about both of them!

    Btw I hope you enjoy Crooked Kingdom! I actually enjoyed it more than Six of Crows. :)
    Sara L. recently posted…New DIY MFA Article on Identity as a Theme in YA Literature

    • Bec

      I don’t have the patience for that haha!

      I need to read Robin Hobb’s books and Fire and Thorns series.

      Crooked Kingdom was so good!!

  3. Sophie Alex (@bookslikewolves)

    You’re going to have a TON of fun this month! ACOMAF is in my Top 3 favorite books of all time, and all of your other picks are fantastic too. I can’t wait to read Tower of Dawn!
    Nevernight is SUCH a fabulous book too. The characters are so dark and twisted!!! I’d really like to binge-read Cassandra Clare’s series and the last two books of Harry Potter for #Harryxmastoyou. Good luck, I really hope you are able to complete all of these! <3
    Sophie Alex (@bookslikewolves) recently posted…Blogmas Day 6: Down the TBR Hole

    • Bec

      It was great!! Tower fo Dawn is great and I hope you love it!! I can’t wait to reread Nevernight.

      I hope you get to binge read all the books on your list soon :D

  4. Ethan

    Now is the perfect time to play catch up! I have a few series set to work on this season as well. There’s nothing better than curling up by the fire and reading all day long lol.

  5. Sarah J.

    Good luck, girl! I’m sure you will love all these series you are tackling. I flew through ACOWAR, so you may also speed through it. I really want to binge Six of Crows, but I have yet to pick it up. I have no clue why I’m taking so long to get it together.
    Sarah J. recently posted…Fall Semester Reading Wrap-Up

    • Bec

      Thanks! They’re all great :D I sped through ALL of the books.

      I hope you manage to read Six of Crows soon :D They’re so good

  6. ShootingStarsMag

    If I’m going to binge a series, it’s usually something that I’ve never read before and all the books (or most of the books) are now out. I don’t usually have time to re-read, so that tends to suck if I’ve read the first in a series and want to continue on after a period of time. Sigh. Best of luck with these though! I do want to finish up some series though, like finally reading Winter and the last Diviners novel by Libba Bray. I just recently read the first two!

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…December Currently + Fall Bucket List Update

    • Bec

      I wish life allowed more time for rereads :/

      I have to finish the Diviners series! I’ve loved those books since they first came out.

  7. K. Elizabeth

    I love reading book series. You get to really get to know the characters and establish a stronger emotional connection with them. I finished up the ACOTAR series over the summer and now I just have to read Tower of Dawn and I’ll be caught up with Throne of Glass.
    K. Elizabeth recently posted…Friday Five Currently | Week 4

    • Bec

      Yesss series are the best. Tower of Dawn added to the series so much more than I expected! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  8. Queen Celine

    I’m currently reading Vengeance Road for the first time and I really like it so far! I hope it’s an enjoyable re-read and that the sequel is the same kind of fast paced adventure.

  9. Danielle

    I’m totally with you on these – I love to do a reread before diving into the newest. Over the holidays, I want to do Vengeance Road/Retribution Rails too! And I haven’t read Tower of Dawn yet (I want to, but I’m soooooooo nervous), and I think I’ll just read Empire of Storms too. I hope you enjoy Crooked Kingdom and A Court of Wings and Ruin!!!

    • Bec

      Tower of Dawn hurt the feels (Chaol has so much emotional problems to work through) but was SO GOOD. It added so much more to the series than I expected (some of the twists are insane!!)

      I loved all the books I read :D

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