Blog Tour (Review) Barbie Girl

February 20, 2013 Blog Tour, Review 14 ★★★

Blog Tour (Review) Barbie Girl
Barbie Girl by Heidi Acosta
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Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Source: Blog Tour
Pages: 266
Release Date: July 9th 2013
Series: Baby Doll #1
Genres: Love & Romance, Young Adult
Barbie is the bad girl at school. She does not have any friends, names like, slut, druggie, skank don't even faze her anymore. Sure they hurt, but she knows how to numb that pain. Besides she has big plans to take her little brother and run as soon as she graduates. That is until she is told that she is failing math and will not graduate if she does not pass. Her small hope at a normal life for her and her brother dwindling she will need to get a tutor and the best option is Dylan. The boy she has known since elementary school, but has not spoken to in years. Even if he agrees to tutor her she has no way to pay him. Any money she does get her mom manages to blow on drugs or booze. So she makes a deal that Dylan cannot refuse. She will get Dylan the girl of his dreams in return for a passing grade. At first it's just a deal that is made but suddenly both Barbie and Dylan are fighting off whirlwind feelings... and there is more to be exposed than just feelings. Dylan has been in love with Katie from the moment he seen her. If only she knew that he existed. He could not pass up the opportunity to finally get her to notice him. Barbie's unpredictable behaviors will ether destroy the little social life he has or boost him in to popularity. But is that what he really wants? Barbie has him questioning his feelings? But how can you fight something that you crave? Can Dylan see past what he believes Barbie to be? Can Barbie risk losing more than just her heart? A heartwarming tale of romance, friendship and the meaning of true love.

I received this book for free from the source listed above in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I definitely had mixed feelings about BARBIE GIRL. At first, I was confused and didn’t really connect to Barbie, she seemed way too nonchalant about the rumors spread about her-she fueled them every chance she got. We are told why, which isn’t really an explanation, but it made me like Barbie more.

A lot of people were commenting on the spelling and grammar issues. I am usually very crazy about these things, but Barbie Girl did not bother me in this aspect. I think this was because the character’s voices were so strong.

On to the strong points, this is emotionally similar to PUSHING THE LIMITS, except with more.. emotion. Barbie’s brother is autistic, and all she wants to do is protect him from her self-destructive mother-get him away from all of it.

This is a classic story about learning not to judge people, because you really do not know what they are going through. Unfortunately, I will admit, I judged Barbie at first. But when we uncovered the reasons and motivations for her actions, I thought she was an amazing person for doing all of that for her brother.

The ending is insane, so you will want the next book in the series right away! I’ll be anxiously awaiting the second novel in this series!

Rating Report
Overall: 3

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  1. rivie bleu

    I hadn’t heard about this book, but I like the idea of it, not judging people. I like books that talk about real problems and try to make us see the good and bad things. This sounds like a good one, I’ll add it to my TBR

  2. Annette

    Something about the Barbie in the title turns me off — makes me feel like a little girl. But I do like the cover and the premise. Thanks!

  3. @HarleyBearBooks

    This one wasn’t even on my radar so thanks for sharing your thoughts. Are the spelling and grammar issues on purpose or something? I loved PTL and it’s emotional qualities so I might just have to read this one. Great review!


    Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. Your blog is super cute, I can’t wait to read more! You can find me at


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