Bloggers Commenting Back

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Basically, this is a group of people who make it a common routine to reply to comments on their own blog and go the extra mile to visit that commenter’s blog and comment on one of their posts in return. One-sided conversation is no fun! It is a way to get more comments, meet new people, and actually have bookish conversations, which was the reason a lot of us started blogging in the first place!

If you are entering your blog, please make sure you try your best to do both:

-Replying to comments on your own blog

-Visiting and commenting back on blogs that have commented on yours

(If your blog has been deleted or inactive since 2014 with no hiatus message, it may be removed from the list in order to keep it up to date. If at any time you wish to remove your name from the list, please email me.)

If you are taking the pledge to do both, you can (NOT mandatory) add the button somewhere on your site and enter your blog in the linky list below so others can find you!

Bloggers Commenting Back