You Know You’re a Book Blogger When You…

July 12, 2013 Discussion 42


This kind of goes along with the “readers live a thousand lives” quote but it’s so true. You can really almost travel anywhere though the words of a book. I remember reading a book about old Greek cities or something and the next day it was the Double or Nothing question on Cash Cab. So, yeah. I’m a Cash Cab winner because of reading. Kinda.

I have so much random miscallaneous knowledge now thanks to reading. (Also thanks to Nancy Drew computer games but those fantastic things have no place in today’s post…) Reading has also allowed me to experience so many things that I wouldn’t normally because I am a socially awkward and anxious teenager who stresses over interaction. Having a family that can never afford to go to fancy places is another reason I read. I can experience the worlds of so many cultures and people so easily because of novels. I think it’s made me a more empathetic, understanding person willing to try and imagine life in another’s shoes.


I do this all the time now! I always ask people “what would you rate this between one and five stars?” And of course, they wouldn’t be allowed to pick halves because you can’t do that on Goodreads! *evil laughter*

Whenever people ask me what I thought about something my reply is “x stars.” Real descriptive, Bec. Real descriptive and helpful. Yet it is the way I think now. Imagine me as a vet. “How bad do you think the pain will be for poor little Susie the furball?” “Well I say three, maybe for out of five.”


“It will be fun,” they said. “It will be a hobby, they said.” Just. No. IT’S MY ENTIRE LIFE NOW.

Alise really hit the nail on the head with that gif and sentence(s). I started blogging for fun. Then I joined Alise here. So I’m blogging on TWO blogs. While studying a massive course at uni full time. I barely have enough time to read a book a week, let alone live what most average people would call a life. When (if) I get a job it’s going to be worse… Blogging, I love you, but why must you take so much work?


If my pile was actual matter and it fell over, it would crush me. And about five other people.

My tbr pile is on a bookshelf so its chances of killing me or my sisters is lower than Alise’s. However it is running out of space very very quickly. I can’t stop buying books. It really hurts my bank account and I kind of wish I could stop and read them all, but it’s impossible. Every day I blog I discover something new I decide I wouldn’t mind having on my shelf and eventually I’m going to live in a cave of books that will fall and crush me. I am 90% certain that’s what a crystal ball would show me.


“Hey have you read SHADOW AND BONE?”
“356 pages, published by Henry Holt on June 5th, 2012 in hardcover?”

One of my organisational OCD bloggy things is writing down all the stats I wouldn’t really look at. I tend to know all the variations of covers, the author, the release date, publisher, and all those random stats we put at the top of the reviews. It’s quite unnecessary but I think I might just like gloating to my friends a little about my superior knowledge



It is all I can do when I’m in Barnes & Noble and I see a woman obviously torn between books not to say something. I just want to tell everyone what to read, okay?

It’s so hard to restrain myself from commenting when I overhear people talking. I am incredibly shy though so my voice tends to stop working, but you can bet that I have a commentary running in my head about the books people pick up.


And they probably will be better friends than humans. Just don’t go too far and talk to them in public like they actually exist. Then we have a problem.

Sometimes even talking to your actual real life friends (the few we bookworms have) can cause problems. Apparently my old friends didn’t like hearing about all these awesome things my favourite people did.


“What is today? Oh, that’s right-it’s Waiting on Wednesday?”

Thinking in memes is so much easier too. I can barely remember the day it is normally. But memes? Memes are no problem!

Tell us how you know you are a book blogger, or if you find yourself doing any of these!



42 Responses to “You Know You’re a Book Blogger When You…”

  1. Goldie

    Oh this is amusing! I can totally relate to being everywhere — in Paris, New York, London. Heck, I even frequently travel to Victorian England and know that the Prince Regent was quite portly at that time.

    And a TBR file that’s infinite. Yes. I have two shelves filled with books to be read, and I can’t seem to stop from adding more and more and more…

    And I so know what you mean in the bookstores. Sometimes I see people pick up this book or wonder if this is any good, and I just want to say, “Yeah, you should read this one! Or, no, that’s not a very good book” but I restrain myself, because they might ask the store to kick me out…
    Goldie recently posted…Review: The Dark Discovery of Jack Dandy [The Steampunk Chronicles book 2.5]

    • Bec

      My tbr pile is 6 little shelves, books sideways, 2 rows. And that’s just physical boks…

      Bookstores need to employ us book bloggers. We would be perfect for it!

  2. Kezia

    I don’t think I have that superior memory about book stats but I do remember their authors and publishers… It’s funny that I know more about US publishers than the ones in my own country lol.

    Yes. TBR pile. I think all book bloggers have problem with that evil stack, especially with the existance of Goodreads. There are so many books I discover on Goodreads and that site makes me wanna read every single thing (see my to-read shelf, it’s bigger than my read shelf whoops).
    Kezia recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday #7

    • Bec

      Yeah, it’s more that we know more than the average reader :)

      Oh, my list on goodreads is 20x longer than the actual pile which is a monster itself! I kind of wish I was immortal just so I could read all the books!

  3. Fionnuala

    Gosh I can relate to this in every way! When I hear people in a book store talking about a book I’ve read its sooo hard not to go up and say something like’ Um.. excuse me, If you’re thinking of buying that book I would definitely recommend it *smiles sweetly*’ (the umm was ’cause I am shy :D) And book blogging has literally become, not a job but something that fills all my time! My parents even tried taking me away from the computer for two weeks, to give me what they called ‘a break’ haha got blogger on my phone, in the end I got thumb cramps though… :-S anyway great post!!
    Fionnuala recently posted…Refugee Boy – Benjamin Zephaniah

    • Bec

      Bahaha, can’t tear you away from that blog at all! Hope your enthusiasm never runs out.


  4. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    Haha, I loved this and I recognize myself in many things! The endless TBR pile (and still buying books, because it’s an addiction and I love to see them on the shelves), friends with book characters (and crushes), blogging for 24/7 and I travel around the world with flipping a page :D I know a lot of details about books too and I talk about them way too many (according to people who don’t like reading, haha)
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…I’m going to Italy :)!

    • Bec

      I find myself less likely to read if they’re electronic. Physical books just have more appeal, probably cause I can see them. Adds some pressure to me too.

  5. Asti (A Bookish Heart)

    Haha love this list! So many are so true though. I never really thought about the meme thing, but it definitely is easier to know what day of the week it is because of them! Haha.

    Oooh, and Nancy Drew computer games for the win! LOVE those games!
    Asti (A Bookish Heart) recently posted…Bookish Reviews: Scarlet

    • Bec

      Thanks! ND is the best. I have played them all and will continue to until I can no longer see the screen

    • Bec


      I don’t even want to think what my digital tbr pile would do to me if it were physical…

  6. Sunny

    You don’t know how much I love this post! I couldn’t agree more with it :) I sadly had to take a unofficial break from blogging because I started a job with summer school and could not find time to even sit at the computer, let alone read a book! It got bad. And I would love to see your book pile!

    • Bec

      Aww, that makes me so happy to hear it. Ooh, congrats and good luck with the job! One day I might take pics (if I get a decent camera)

  7. Leigh @ Little Book Star

    “Think everyone in a bookstore needs your recommendations” HAHAHA SO TRUE OMG! I always see 14 or 15 y/o at the Young Adults aisle at Target and they were choosing which books to read and I really wanted to tell them what I would recommend that’s on the shelves xD but I didn’t want to creep them or anything so I tried really hard to keep my mouth shut LOL.

    Little Book Star

    • Bec

      Yep, that’s exactly why I keep my mouth shut. And because strangers are scary. If they asked me a question though, that might be a different story.

  8. Sarah J

    This is crazy accurate! I rate everything like I would on GR. Someone asked me what I would rate a type of cake and I was like 4.5 stars. They looked at me all funny. I have almost 2,000 books on my TBR shelf on GR! That is ridiculously crazy. Me and my cousin were talking about a book and she was like let me look up the title and I was like naming the author, title, and publisher. She thought it was weird that I knew that. I randomly walk up to people in bookstores if I hear them talking about a book I read. Usually people are grateful for my help, but there’s a few that think that they know it all even though I’m just trying to help.
    Sarah J recently posted…The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

    • Bec

      TWO THOUSAND??!! I shouldn’t be that shocked. Mine’s probably past 1000… I can’t walk up to them and talk because shyness. But I will innocently eavesdrop :)

  9. Shannelle (The Tracery of Ink)

    Firstly, I love all those little swirls around the text. How did you make it?

    And I totally agree with what you guys listed, especially the blogging 24/7 part. It’s all I think of whenever I get home and open my laptop: I MUST BLOG. It’s like I’m a robot.

    And we book lovers are the laziest people. We go to all these places and be all these people without moving our butt from the same spot.
    Shannelle (The Tracery of Ink) recently posted…Backups Are Your Best Friend

    • Bec

      That is a question for Alise she’s the designer of all the fancy things.

      Ah, yes. Laziness. I’ve spent the last week in bed reading… and not writing reviews XD

  10. Charlotte

    I’ve checked and crossed out my qualities as a book blogger against your criteria. And sadly, I do not qualify. Huhuhuhu!

    Criteria 1- check
    Criteria 2- X
    Criteria 3- X (I’m way too lazy, I only stay awake if I think that my blog needs a major overhaul)
    Criteria 4- X (As much as I like hoarding stuff, my conscience can’t do it it. Those poor poor books spending their lives under heaps and heaps of other books)
    Criteria 5- X (err~ I’m picky with the books that I read)
    Criteria 6- Sometimes but I don’t think that bookstore girls don’t give a damn
    Criteria 7- YES!
    Criteria 8- Not yet since I’ve just started my blog. But I think I’m going into that direction since I’ve realized that I remember most of the memes than my IRL work-to-dos.

    Very funny post!

    Thoughts and Pens
    Charlotte recently posted…Book Review: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

    • Bec

      There’s many different qualities! Not everyone will match every single criteria and there’s probably a heap more we’ve missed.


  11. Angie

    OMG I love this post soooo much! Especially “It will be fun,” they said. “It will be a hobby, they said.” Just. No. IT’S MY ENTIRE LIFE NOW.” This has been me the last few days. I swear I am on here 24/7. No reading done… just blogging. How does that even make sense since I am a BOOK BLOG!!! :)
    Angie recently posted…Have you checked to see if your blog is marked malicious?

    • Bec

      They could be bad habits when put all together… But are we going to change our ways? Of course not.

      Thanks :)

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