Discussion: 3 Pros and 3 Cons of being a Coblogger

July 20, 2013 Discussion 26

In February of this year I was sitting in my room at uni reading blogs when I saw Alise was looking for a coblogger. I was already running my own (very little) blog and decided to apply because why not? Turns out that was a very good decision. Apart from learning that there is a teenager all the way on the opposite side of the world that is almost the same person as me, I am now an expert in coblogging (because 6 months experience has made me incredibly wise) and I decided to talk a little about the pros and cons, while sort of comparing it to the differences of running my own blog. Only 3 of each because I am lazy and may or may not have left this last minute


I have someone to chat about books to!

Alise and I are on Skype a lot. A lot. Almost every free moment we are both awake in our respective timezones we are talking. Whether that be about reviews or scheduling questions, planning posts, fangirling over books, crying that the other person didn’t love our favourite book (*cough* CODE NAME VERITY *cough*) forcing the other to start a new anime/show, complaining about fish, or completing a dual chat review , it’s always fun. Always. ¬†Alise really is the best.


(Yeah, she made me say that. )

Less pressure

I only have to post 2 posts a week. One review and one something out. This isn’t really hard to do at all as long as I read when I can and actually write posts on time. I am also less responsible for things in a sense. No worrying about review requests or coming up with new ideas (I do help brain storm though) and all that jazz. I also don’t have to hassle other people who contribute to the blog because I am not in charge. It’s perfect for my laziness.

I don’t have to focus too much on networking! (Not that I do with my blog anyway…)

As much as I love reading other blog posts and what not, I suck at commenting and tweeting and everything involved about getting your blog name out there. I barely do anything for my own blog, which is probably half the reason it’s tiny but I am okay with that. Networking also scares me. All those strange people, judging what I say and do




I have to write 2 different reviews for every book I read

One review for Readers in Wonderland, one review for my blog. This is not so much as a problem as it is tedious. It takes me a fair while to do one, and then I remember I have to write another one.


I could just copy and past but that would be cheating. Plus the blogs have completely different review styles. And this isn’t so much of a problem because some reviews are fun to write. It’s just really tedious.

What is free time?

Between uni and blogging, free time is minimal. And in it I need study and reading and on Saturdays horse riding/work, then travel to places and jajfhkksaj. This is probably worse than it sounds but I really need to improve my time management skills. Anyway, moral of this point is: You know how much time it takes to run one blog? Multiple that by 2 (well, 1.5 really seeing as I only do half a job here) and add a vet science degree and you’ll get an estimation of my workload.

Worrying about making post quotas

Even though I don’t post that much on here, I stress about making posts on time. Like I said above, I have a lot going on. I only read about 1 book a week while I’m at uni. That’s just enough to write the review a week required of me. Just. I’m really lucky that Alise is understanding and considerate, but I still worry over it because it’s me and I don’t want to be a nuisance for her. I made a commitment to this blog and I must meet requirements.

And there we have it…

Some pros and cons. Are you a coblogger and can relate? Have you experienced any other pros/cons? Or are you in charge of a blog with cobloggers (I think I phrased that weirdly… ARE YOU LIKE WHAT ALISE IS??? is basically what I’m saying). What are some of your experiences with underlings (the cobloggers like me?) Let us know in the comments cause it’ll be interesting to read about your thoughts :)

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  1. Rachel @ Booktastic Reviews

    I don’t think I could ever be a co-blogger! It would be too much pressure for me. Plus, I love blogging myself – I wouldn’t want it any other way! But reading co-blogger blogs is always really fun because all the bloggers usually have different review techniques and stuff – so it’s never really repetitive!

    Great post! :D

    • Bec

      Yeah, having a blog with more than one person offers a range of views and interests and everything.


  2. Sydney

    Sometimes I wish I was just a co-blogger, since it’s stressful to be in charge. I have a love-hate relationship with networking–since I’m a socially awkward penguin online and off–and I hate being the one to put pressure on my co-blogger to get her posts out there or ask her to do things. And being the one in charge, I have even less free time in my life, since I have to worry about everything and do all these things and plan etc. The control is nice though.
    Sydney recently posted…A Little Survey

    • Bec

      I think we might be the same person. Everything you just said is what I think! Great minds obviously.

  3. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    I don’t think I could be a co-blogger. I like the freedom when it comes to blogging: I can post what I want whenever I want. It would be fun to chat with someone else about books though. I can understand that writing the same review twice can be tedious!

    • Bec

      Yeah, that’s one of the great things about your own blog. But I love this too despite all the tediousness.

  4. Leigh @ Little Book Star

    I wish I got your skills Bec! I don’t know if I could handle posting on my blog AND posting on another blog that I co-own. Plus, I prefer working by myself although having a co-blogger sounds fun especially if you both have a lot in common.

    Little Book Star

    • Bec

      I have got no special skills, I just like to talk about books I read a lot. Alise and I have a ridiculous amount of stuff in common. It makes it a lot easier.

  5. Aman

    I would be a really bad co-blogger because I do my post last minute, like tomorrows StS (I guess that’s today) I’m writing up right now. But I’m comfortable that way. It’s great that you can handle it and writing 2 review, kudos to you for that. Good job, Bec :)
    Aman recently posted…Review: MacRieve by Kresley Cole

    • Bec

      I can’t do that. I have to try and do it in advance and schedule it. Posts like StS make it hard though.


  6. Becca

    I’m in a co-blogger situation, but I think ours is a little different at Nawanda Files since we don’t have bloggers contributing to one site and then still running their own blogs on the side. Those are more popular, I believe. So I don’t have the added pressure of re-writing reviews. That would kill me, so I can see how that would be a big con. So far, I haven’t really disliked much about co-blogging. It’s nice to share the pressure and to have someone equally invested in the site as you are. I’d also suggest getting a guest reviewer to anyone who’s feeling like they can’t meet deadlines or don’t have time to read. We did it for Sundays, and it’s been SO helpful.
    Becca recently posted…Sexy Sundays: The Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

    • Bec

      Sharing the responsibility and pressure is nice. That’s a great idea! We might have to consider it if we get any busier with our real life.

  7. Reem @ I Read And Tell

    I don’t have a co blogger, and although I have always thought it was pretty cool, I don’t think can handle that. It sounds like fun and all, but thinking about sharing my blog with someone is kind of tough, you know? Especially since I just started out and I’m always changing my style until I find one that will fit me. But the best thing about having a co-blogger would be the joint reviews (I’ve seen some do it) and having someone to discuss stuff with all the time.Also, it take off the pressure of having to post atleast three posts per week, you know :D
    Reem @ I Read And Tell recently posted…Short Story: The Otherwise

    • Bec

      Yeah I can understand that. Your blog is your baby, Maybe once you settle into your style and want to post more you might change your mind, but there are pros to running it by yourself too.

  8. Charlotte Eve

    I don’t think I will ever get a co-blogger. Sharing a blog is something that requires a lot of patience and organization (with scheduling and stuff) and trust. So it would be very tough for me to actually find a person I would be comfortable with sharing with.That, and I’m too much of a control freak :P I would probably become a tyrant.
    Charlotte Eve recently posted…The Archived by Victoria Schwab: review

    • Bec

      That’s understandable. Alise and I have so much in common, and we talk a lot. I think we’ve basically become best friends now. But the chances of finding someone like that? I don’t know. I think Alise was pretty lucky that I decided to respond to the post :P

  9. Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic

    Very interesting. I love this post. I didn’t know that you had to maintain to blogs. Two posts sound great but writing each one twice doesn’t sound that fun. I’m sure the longer you do it, the more you’ll work out the kinks. Then you’ll have tons more pros than cons.
    Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic recently posted…If Wishes Were Horses

    • Bec

      I don’t have to blog on 2 blogs, but I chose too. And I barely do anything about this one other than writing posts. I go through stages where I can readily write two reviews, and stages where I just really don’t want to. Overall it’s great though :)

  10. Shannelle (The Tracery of Ink)

    Oh, so you have two blogs? Wow. That’s a lot of work, and something I would really procrastinate on.

    Having a co-blogger sounds like life would be easier, and I’d love to get one, except that I hate the idea of not being in charge anymore. I think I might do it if I met someone who I think is capable with blogging, but so far, the idea of sharing my blog doesn’t make me happy at all.
    Shannelle (The Tracery of Ink) recently posted…Newbie Blogger: Adding Social Icons

    • Bec

      Oh trust me, I do procrastinate as much as possible.

      It does make life easier if you get a good one I suppose. And here Alise is still in charge. I ask her/she tells me what to do and we brain storm together

    • Bec

      It’s a personal choice that can be influenced by a lot of issues. There’s many reasons for having a coblogger an not. I enjoy it though.

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