Do You Watch Book Trailers?

April 8, 2014 Discussion, Poll 97

Book trailers are like movie trailers, only for books, and are used as a method for advertising.

Confession: I don’t watch book trailers.

Sometimes I will actually go out of my way to not watch a book trailer. I’m not quite sure where my aversion to them came from, but I’m guessing it was after watching more than a few poorly made ones that just made me cringe. The ones that I have watched I’ve usually been tricked into watching somehow, like Bec will send me a link or it automatically start playing on a website. I watch almost every movie trailer though, so what’s the difference? Well, here are some reasons I avoid book trailers:

1. Cheesy

-So cheesy I’m pretty sure I can smell some extra cheesy pizza wafting through the screen. Usually way over-dramatic or super lame.

2. Weird Characterization

-The book trailers that give characters a face. This is something that bothers me because their faces become imprinted into my brain and then I can’t picture them as anyone/anything else. Especially if they have really strange characteristics or features.

3. Awkward Narration

-Another thing is when someone narrates the book synopsis while showing the book’s cover or various other pictures. If it’s narrated by an actual narrator or a nice voice (you know what I mean!) I like it. But some of them choose what sounds like thirteen year old girls or people with over the top accents.

3. Book trailers don’t really give us anything that the synopsis didn’t.

-No new content, just a reworded synopsis or summary. I think it would be cool to have some other stuff besides that or some nice conceptual art or something like it.

What About the Moolah? You know, the dough.

This post came about after reading a little about book marketing campaigns. Some of the budgets were close to a half a million dollars. That’s five zeros, guys. Then I wondered how much of that went to book trailers and looked that up. I found that a smaller one can run close to $1,000 dollars but some can cost much, much more. Like $49,000 more. I’m not entirely sure if there is a huge return on investment for these because I’m not in the business but that seems like a lot of money for something that gets less than 10,000 views even for semi-popular books. (Cruel Beauty and Into the Still Blue) The largest view count I’ve seen would be for Clockwork Prince and that’s about 440,000. Is it worth it?

Favorite Book Trailers:

Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

I love this one because it’s so simple, but it still manages to be entertaining. When I was watching this before the book came out, I was definitely pumped to read the book afterwards.

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

Oh my gosh, this is probably my favorite book trailer of all time. I’m pretty sure it was because I was ecstatic for the release of this one but I still love to watch it to this day. Although it does have the actors and narration that I mentioned, I think it all comes together so perfectly. Almost like a poem. Love the music and the ending: “The clock is ticking. Everyone must choose.”

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Although I didn’t care for the book, I thought the trailers were fantastically organized. There was a video released for each wave and then it was all put together. I remember it giving me chills with the narration and video, very realistic.

What do you think?

-Do you watch book trailers?
-What do you think about them?
-How do you feel about them as a form of marketing?
-Do they pique or lessen your interest in a book?
-Got a list of the worst or the best book trailers you’ve seen?



97 Responses to “Do You Watch Book Trailers?”

    • Alise

      Yeah, I find that a lot of them are cheesy, even if the synopsis isn’t. I wonder if they almost do that on purpose because they think the target audience eats that up. I love that trailer too!

    • Alise

      Thanks! I tried to pick some good ones :) Right? I feel like assigning actors ruins the whole experience almost. Especially when they don’t match the book descriptions well.

  1. Paulina

    The Infernal Devices trailer is beautiful! I loved it. I remember the trailer for Fallen was quite nice but nothing special. The one trailer that nearly ruined the book for me was Cinder -.- The trailer was terrible and I wish I could unsee it.
    Paulina @ Tangled In Pages

    • Alise

      I’ll have to check those out! Especially Cinder because now I am very curious haha.

      Just watched it and wow, it was pretty bad. Pretty much had all the negatives I mentioned above, ha.

  2. Julie S.

    The book trailer marketing is pretty much lost on me. I find them odd. Movie trailers make sense, since you’re seeing part of the movie. But the book trailer, well I don’t really get the right feel from them. I rarely watch videos anyway since I’m reading blogs sometimes on my phone, sometimes at breakfast, and often at work during lunch or breaks. So watching a trailer isn’t quite as easy, so I skip over them all.
    Julie S. recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Most Unique Books I’ve Read – April 8, 2014

    • Alise

      That’s exactly the word I would use as well-odd. They almost never work well for me. Exactly! If I want to see a trailer it’s something I really have to go and look for and book trailers aren’t really something like that for me.

  3. Neysa Kristanti

    I sometimes watched it, but yep, totally agree about the trailer being too cheesy most of the times. But I watched it for fun and not for searching another book to read mostly.

    The most amazing trailer I’ve ever seen would probably be Under the Never Sky’s trailer. It just looks like a real movie. And oh, Parallel have a nice and simple trailer as well!

    Neysa @ Papier Revue
    Neysa Kristanti recently posted…Uninvited by Sophie Jordan

    • Alise

      That’s true. I rarely ever watch them if I am curious about a book, either I stumble on to them or I watch them after I read the book.

      Ooh, I’ll have to check that one out. I just saw the view count was super high-probably for a good reason then!

  4. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    I don’t watch book trailers. Not because I don’t like them, but because I don’t go out of my way to look for them. I don’t feel like I’m missing something if I don’t watch them. I got annoyed once at the Mortal Instruments trailer because it showed people’s faces and it didn’t match up with the characters in my head. I definitely prefer movie trailers.
    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted…How Do You Review?

      • Alise

        RIGHT? So good. Probably the best. AND WHAT. Girl, you can’t just go around watching book trailers for books you haven’t read :O Spoilers!! Unless you’ve read the series up to it? :P

    • Alise

      Yeah, exactly. They don’t exactly pop into my mind when I hear about a book’s release so until they are advertised, I’m completely oblivious. YES. It’s like a movie adaption except much worse because they can’t spend as much time or money on the actors to match.

    • Alise

      Haha, that’s a way of looking at it! I think as long as they don’t use faces I don’t think like that too much but yeah, almost always makes you at least think about a movie ;) Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. Joy (Joyousreads)

    Oh gosh! I know right? I hate watching book trailers that feature characters in them. It totally ruins the fun of imagining what they look like. And honestly, once they superimposed their characters on you, you’ll never be able to think of anyone else! Ugh.

    My favourite book trailer is the one for S by JJ Abrams and Doug Dorst. You can tell it was done by a seasoned film maker (well, consider one of the authors!).

    Great post, Alise!
    Joy (Joyousreads) recently posted…Teaser Tuesday 5

    • Alise

      Tell me about it! Their faces are forever burned into my brain no matter how they are described in the future, haha.

      Haven’t seen that by heck yes, JJ Abrams. Can’t go wrong there! I can only imagine what the budget was on that!

      Thank you :)

  6. Alma @ Journey Through Fiction

    I rarely watch book trailers. I guess I can understand why they are appealing as a marketing tool… adding different images that aren’t the book cover that can be associated with a book title. But, it’s lost on me! I agree with your point about the actors and narrators chosen. If they don’t match the descriptions in the book or their voice is weird, the whole point behind the video is ruined.

    What I’m amazed at is the amount of money set aside for book trailers! I had no idea it could add up to that much. I personally think there could be a better way for the marketing departments to spend their cash!
    Alma @ Journey Through Fiction recently posted…Top Ten Most Unique Books I’ve Read

    • Alise

      It’s lost on me for the most part as well. Love the way you put that, because I too definitely understand the concept and what they are trying to accomplish by making them but… eh.

      Right? I don’t know how much other stuff in marketing costs but that seems like so much so something that’s not getting a lot of return!

  7. Kayla @ The Thousand Lives

    I completely skip over book trailers most of the time. Just like you said – they’re really cheesy sometimes, and I don’t like seeing the actors because it usually doesn’t blend with the characters I’ve imagined in my head!

    I had no idea they were that expensive; it almost makes me want to watch them, just so the price can be justified D:
    Kayla @ The Thousand Lives recently posted…The Writing Life: Camp NaNoWriMo Week One

    • Alise

      YES. That is why I have a tester to tell me if the trailer will ruin my images before I watch it *evil laughter*

      Haha, I felt the same way! Plus you’ve got to feel bad for the person who puts all the hard work in making them ><

  8. Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy

    I don’t really care for book trailers either! Many of them aren’t very well made or show much of anything as you said, and I also prefer seeing and experiencing the book without the influence of visuals. But I do like watching a trailer AFTER I’ve read a book (if I loved it.0 It’s more fun to watch them after and compare it to the pictures in my head. :)
    Charlene @ Bookish Whimsy recently posted…Review: The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August

    • Alise

      Yeah, I appreciate them but can’t say I would miss them if they just stopped making them. I do that too! If I remember or see it around, I’ll click on it because I’m curious.

  9. Megan Nicole

    I actually like to watch book trailers. I do agree though most of the time they can be super cheesy to the point of it being painful to watch. But there are some really well made ones out there. Some of my favorites are The 5th Wave, Under the Never Sky, and Brokenhearted.

    Today I just showed my mom the trailer for The 5th Wave and she now wants to read the book! That’s why I like trailers because it reaches people who don’t usually read and might convert them to being readers. Also I think it’s really cool to see commercials on TV for books, which are very rare.
    Megan Nicole recently posted…#Review: A Shimmer of Angels by Lisa M. Basso

    • Alise

      Haha, yup. Secondhand embarrassment from the cheesiness sometimes. I’ve have to look up the Brokenhearted, but I’ve seen the 5th Wave and really liked that one!

      Nice! I did the same thing with my mom and Clockwork Princess ;) She doesn’t read though, so. Shame. That’s an awesome point! Wow. Because some people are just more visual.

  10. Amanda

    I have never been able to get into book trailers. I look to the synopsis of a story to get the feeling for if I would enjoy it. I also completely agree with you about the characterization. Once I’ve seen the characters in a trailer, I can never un-see that version of them, and that bugs me.
    Amanda recently posted…The Here and Now

    • Alise

      Yeah, there are other ways to make a book trailer without having to put people in them. Ones that have been successful as well!

    • Alise

      Yep, if some kind of new content was introduced I think there were be a larger audience. Like maybe include a password to unlock an excerpt or something.

    • Alise

      Especially if they have those huge periods of silence in between taglines and it’s just like “Okay, get on with it.”

      Right? And yes, TV show or movie was exactly what I was thinking too. Such a good job.

  11. Anya

    Ugh, book trailers are the bane of my existence D: I’m just way too attached to the written word and don’t like the idea of straying from that *gets old lady cane to yell at kids on lawn*. However, I think this is strongly because of seeing horrible book trailers. I’m in a meeting right now >.> but I will watch these once I’m done with this meeting and then possibly change my mind! Stand by :D
    Anya recently posted…Top Ten Most Unique Books I’ve Read

    • Anya

      All righty, I watched them and definitely enjoyed them! I’ve read all three books and perhaps I would have been more excited to read them after watching the trailers, but I think I was already excited, haha. I’m still not convinced it was worth the expense though….
      Anya recently posted…Top Ten Most Unique Books I’ve Read

    • Alise

      Haha, nice to find someone who feels the same! Although I don’t think I hate them that much xD But yeah, the poorly made ones really ruined all the rest of them for me.

      Okay :D

  12. Jen @ YA Romantics

    I don’t really understand the trend of book trailers. 99% of the time, they don’t do a thing for me. Maybe authors just feel peer pressure to make them? Or maybe there are people out there who love them? Or maybe it’s the closest thing to getting your book made into a movie? Or Megan makes a good point — maybe they draw in people who aren’t big readers?
    Jen @ YA Romantics recently posted…Hot Off the Presses: New YA Releasing April 8

    • Alise

      It’s funny because I think I went searching for a trailer to a book I LOVED and one wasn’t made so some authors just don’t do them, I guess. Unless it’s a by publisher thing or a money thing? I don’t get the system but it seems like somewhat of a waste of money :/ Yeah! That was a really good point. People who just scroll around on YouTube could stumble on to it.

    • Alise

      I’ve seen a lot of people say that now! I’ve never come across boring ones but then again I haven’t seen at all. Ah, yep. The word ones tend to be pretty slow.

    • Alise

      *puts spotlight on comment*

      That’s pretty much how I feel about it as well. Megan mentioned above it could be to draw in different audiences which makes sense but, so much money…

    • Alise

      Nah, movies are definitely better. I LOVE movie trailers so much. There are a few great ones once in awhile :)

  13. Mari @TheSirenicCodex

    Great topic! I used to be a big fan but now I only watch them every now and then because book trailers can be hits and misses with me. The three that you showed were amazing and I think it’s because of the money that they spent. Other books just don’t have the same budget and so think that if it cant be made well, then just don’t make it. One of my favourite books is Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen and the trailer was a complete turn off. Good thing I read the book before looking at the trailer.

    Overall, I’m completely fine with a nice animated trailer like Cruel Beauty’s trailer. The nice font, timing, background, text and music made the trailer. There is no need to go through the trouble of casting actors because most of the time their image clashes with our mental images and that’s no fun.

    • Alise

      Thank you! That’s something I didn’t think about-the ones I picked were huge budget ones. And they still didn’t get that much attention even though they are brilliant. I just don’t think there is a huge audience for them. Ooh, I still want to read that book so I will take your advice on that and save the trailer for after ;)

      Exactly! You are so right! You can have a nice trailer with just music and words.

  14. Lauren

    So few book trailers actually impress me, and I have a feeling those are the ones that cost a shocking amount of money. In fact, you’ve got the few I can remember loving up above. :-) I’m sure there are a couple others, but I agree with you, even if a trailer looks slick, if it has weird narration or a weird looking actor that messes with my view of the character, I’m not a fan at all.
    Lauren recently posted…Book Review: Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

    • Alise

      Haha, unfortunately I’m pretty sure about that too. Whoop! Great minds. Yeah, and then the excitement I had for the book goes down considerably.

  15. Melliane

    you’re right I don’t really watch them either. Dont know why I’m not that attracted. But when I finish a book if someone posts a trailer of it, I watch it to see how it is. bit well otherwise no. The synopsis and the cover are enough for me.
    Melliane recently posted…Interview with Devon Monk and Giveaway

    • Alise

      Same for me! I definitely think that the marketing for these is doing the opposite because they probably wanted us to watch the trailers to get us hyped up for the book before we read it, not after, haha!

  16. Tanja

    I am with you girl. I don’t remember when was the last time I saw a book trailer. It’s usually if someone tweets me or something. But yeah those you put in your post I haven’t seen even though I have read all three books xD That’s tells you everything. But I do have some favorite ones. For example The Storyteller by Antonia Michaelis and The School of Good and Evil has an amazing trailer as well. Great post :)
    Tanja recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday (#90)

    • Alise

      Thank you :) Haha, twitter is how I usually find them too! That is definitely interesting to know! I’ll have to go looking those up because the books are on my TBR!

  17. Lindsey

    I’m the SAME way! I adore movie trailers, as there is something artistic about them. But I’ve never cared for book trailers, ever! For me, I don’t want the opportunity to imagine things a certain way stripped. I feel like if I watched a book trailer I would be stuck on those people in the trailer and confined to seeing them in my head.
    Lindsey recently posted…Dreaming Novel Things: Common Misconceptions of Bookworms

    • Alise

      Plus movie trailers are like BAM BAM BAM, action after action. Basically selling the movie to you. I feel like book trailers just don’t do that, which is a huge miss. Right? Sticks in your head.

  18. Aman

    Not really, unless it’s a book I’m really interested in reading. Even then, I won’t look it up, I’ll just watch it if it’s a part of promotion post. Usually, like you said, trailer add nothing new, but you have to check out the book trailers for Mara Dyer series. They are done so exceptionally well, especially the one where the reporter is showing some camera action. That was freaky! And I just saw the trailer for 5th wave and I really like that one, too bad I wasn’t a fan of the book.
    Aman recently posted…What to do when in a reading slump

    • Alise

      Ooh, that sounds good! I’ll definitely have to watch them because I’ve been wanting to get into the books, which I hear are kind of creepy too! It’s so weird because I never even hesitate to watch movie trailers but book trailers… ha. I didn’t like the 5th Wave either ;)

  19. Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    LOL! I usually go out of my way to avoid book trailers and for the same reasons. They. Are. SO. Cheesy. Bad music, stupid fonts flashing across the screen, and nothing new gained–no, thank you. There are of course exceptions. I didn’t watch all of the trailers you have posted up there, but I have seen the occasional good one (and I’m thinking the good ones are those with the ridiculous budgets–500k?!). But I only ever watch them anymore, if tons-o-peeps are swooning over them, and even then they have no impact on whether or not I’m going to read something. They’re like this wholly separate and necessary entity from the actual book. For me anyway.
    Jessica @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Review: Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor

    • Alise

      Haha! My thoughts exactly! Comic Sans and bad accents abound. The no new material thing is what really gets me, I think. I want to be entertained, not just read the same synopsis in moving picture form. You’re probably right, I would be surprised if they were small budget ones :/ They are pretty separate in my mind as well, unless

  20. Incredibrarian

    I didn’t know book trailers were a thing until I went to a librarian conference last year. She showed us some official ones, and some she self-made, saying that they were a great tool to use with book talks to students. It can capture their attention right out the gate.

    I remember her showing The 5th Wave one, and being so impressed I couldn’t wait to read the book. I was disappointed by the book, but the trailers were still awesome!
    Incredibrarian recently posted…I’m at TLA this week!

    • Alise

      That’s an interesting take on the topic! I know some people are just more visual so I can definitely understand that.

      Am I reading this right? Someone else who also dislike the book? *high-fives* I am not alone anymore! The trailers were so well done, you’re right!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  21. Boyanna

    Oh, im so glad somebody else said this out loud. :) my best friend loves them and she always forces me to watch. but i don’t like then for the same reasons you’ve mentioned!
    Fun post, love the “Clockwork Princess” trailer.
    Boyanna recently posted…[review] THREE BY KRISTEN SIMMONS

    • Alise

      Haha, sounds like how I am with TV shows. “You MUST watch this” as I sit my friend down and physically force them to watch something, ha!

      Thank you :)

  22. Cassidie Jhones

    I can’t really say much apart from how much I agree with you. And that to me, the biggest problem of all is the weird characterisation. I cannot fathom that.

  23. Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    I don’t watch many book trailers – I only watch them if I’m really excited about an upcoming release or if I really loved a book. I agree – most of them are too cheesy or too unlike the actual book for my liking, but there are definitely a few gems. Thanks so much for sharing Alise, and, as always, brilliant post! <3
    Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf recently posted…The Winner’s Curse

    • Alise

      Thank you so much, Zoe :D
      Those are my reasons for watching too. But mostly if they just pop up randomly and I’m pretty bored xD

  24. Angel (Spare Reads)

    No really :/ Mostly because they are SO bad (that Clockwork Princess one looks surprisingly good though). The animation or filming are just so poorly done I don’t think they really put that much effort into it. Also, most of the trailers just keep flashing bits of synopsis on to the screen which is like the worst.
    Angel (Spare Reads) recently posted…Review: Splintered (Splintered, #1)

    • Alise

      Yes, yes, and yes. It is sad because I know they all can’t afford to spend big bucks to make an awesome trailer but… I don’t know. It’s kind of a trade-off. Ugh, that’s the WORST! Especially if it’s literally copies.

  25. Chantelle

    Personally, I don’t like book trailers, and I think you nailed the reasons why. Characterisation and voice overs especially annoy me because they stick in my head, when I’d rather they didn’t. Overall, I don’t think it’s the greatest marketing technique. Particularly, the web series of All Our Yesterdays was pretty cringy.
    Chantelle recently posted…How to get into the mood… for the DIVERGENT movie!

    • Alise

      *nods* Yup, yup.

      There’s.. a web series? Oh, boy. I can’t even imagine. Wow. I’ll be sure to stay away from that!

    • Alise

      Ha! Maybe I need to adopt that mindet: go in them expecting them to be terrible and watch just for a laugh. Would definitely help ;) Thanks!

  26. Joy @ Thoughts By J

    Wonderful trailer choices, I think those are the only ones I’ve watched that were actually done well. I really don’t think a book even needs a trailer, there are so many other ways to market it. I’ve interned at marketing houses before, and during the meetings, we rarely ever discussed creating trailers for a book. :/

    Personally, I will probably watch a trailer for a books I’m VERY interested in, or one that I loved reading. Otherwise, not a fan. Great discussion Alise! x
    Joy @ Thoughts By J recently posted…Movie Review: Divergent, directed by Neil Burger

    • Alise

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked them. I agree, right now I think the biggest and easiest way is though social media like Twitter. Oh, really? That’s cool! Interesting to know it’s not a big thing.

      I am exactly the same way! Thanks :)

  27. Emma @ Never Judge a Book

    I myself find that I don’t watch book trailers and although they look brilliant and they are there for advertising and promoting. I feel they also pressure you as well to buying a book you may not enjoy. For me its about the cover, and the book description. I’m a sucker for judging a cover even though I really shouldn’t. Brilliant post, my friend! :)
    Emma @ Never Judge a Book recently posted…REVIEW – RINGER by C.J. Duggan

    • Alise

      Oh, don’t even get me started on my cover judging ;) That is what has to hook me first, before I even read the synopsis. And yep, book trailers don’t do anything for me, either. Thank you :)

    • Alise

      Most of them tend to do that for me but there are a slim few that actually make me excited for the release.

  28. Chiara@ Books for a Delicate Eternity

    I don’t watch book trailers. Not including the three I watched in this post, I’ve only ever watched three. I just … don’t get them. I mean, it’s a book, so why does it have a trailer? I don’t understand, haha. And I definitely agree with what you said about the actors. I hate models on book covers, so I’m not going to willingly imprint someone’s face in my brain when they could be completely wrong for a character.
    And the three I have watched have been kind of … lame. Like, I can understand why they might be made; exposure etc, but I really don’t think they add anything to the book. The people watching them are most likely going to be the people who are already interested in the book, anyway.
    As for the three I watched in this post. WOW the first one is perfect and has made me even more excited about reading that wonderful book.
    The second one .. I hated it. I’m sorry, Alise! But the over dramatic feel and the awful accent and acting .. I just cringed the entire time.
    And the last one … I liked it. I thought that they chose really well for Cassie and I must say that if I hadn’t already read The 5th Wave, that trailer would make me pretty keen for it.
    So I don’t know … the Cruel Beauty trailer made me excited, but I already wanted to read it because I read the blurb and liked the sound of it.
    To be honest, I don’t think they are that great of a marketing tool, especially if they’re going to be so expensive. I think maybe $5,000 maximum, otherwise they don’t really seem worth the money!
    Chiara@ Books for a Delicate Eternity recently posted…Book Review: Crown of Midnight (Throne of Glass #2) by Sarah J. Maas

    • Alise

      Yeah, I don’t either. And considering we are such a big audience I really wonder who does watch them. I think they are reaching a more visual audience, albeit a very small one.

      Ah, that’s a good point too. I don’t mind the half shots of a face but put a full face on there and it never works. Never.

      Haha, no worries. I think my love for it came from the books and the excitement there so that’s why I have a fondness for that one. The accents and stuff kind of makes sense in context so I forgive them ;D

      That’s good! Cruel Beauty is a pretty good read, FYI :D

      With you on that. Unless they are bringing in tons of money we don’t know about, I don’t see a lot of return.

  29. Deniz

    I can watch only certain ones. It really all depends on the book trailer and how it is made. I like ones where there is no narration and face as well, but the trailer for the 5th Wave sounds was great! I personally don’t like TID trailers because the ones I’ve seen so far have faces put to them and I don’t like it as much. I hope to check out Cruel Beauty after this blog post, though! =)

    • Alise

      I think I was okay with Tessa and Will but when Jem came on I was like WAT, NO. NOPE. And erased that from my mind forever :) So it didn’t bother me that much, haha. Nice! It’s a great book.

  30. Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    I don’t like book trailers….except for that Infernal Devices one. It just the end, when she flashed back and forth looking like Bloody Mary that I was like, “omg, actually I change my mind. I LOVE BOOK TRAILERS”. *ahem* But for the most part, I never ever watch them. It’s kind of crazy how expensive they are to make, though?! But I also rarely read book blurbs…soo…hehe. I like going into books 90% blind to what they’ll be like.
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…10 Woeful Bookish Confessions from Cait

    • Alise

      Right? :D That one converted me too, I watched it so many times. The music, the storyline, and the effects all came together so nice. Yeah! So much. Aha, I can’t not read the blurb. I use to ignore them when I was younger but then I got some *super* weird ones so I always read them now xD

  31. A Canadian Girl

    No, I do not watch book trailers. They take way too long usually and I could instead spend the 2-4 minutes I watched them reading the book’s synopsis and getting the same information.

    I’m not sure how effective they are as a form of marketing because I imagine the only people interested in watching them also love to read and that means you’ll probably read the book’s synopsis at some point. Maybe they’re used as a medium to raise awareness about the book’s release?
    A Canadian Girl recently posted…Review: The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare by M.G. Buehrlen

    • Alise

      My thoughts exactly.

      Yeah, maybe. If I can remember correctly, they always come out around a month or so before the release but I don’t think many people actually go out searching for the trailers.

  32. Romi Foster

    I watch book trailers occasionally, and there are some which are just… they’re so beautiful! I’m glad that I’ve watched them, and will watch them more than once most likely, but a lot I don’t like. Still, the three you picked here were great! I really enjoyed the 5th Wave trailers, and whilst I don’t read the Infernal Devices series, that was quite an excellent trailer! I am intrigued.
    I love it when book trailers have really powerful, emotional music that just makes you want to keep watching.
    Romi Foster recently posted…A Wrinkle in Time- The Graphic Novel by Madeleine L’Engle and Hope Larson…

    • Alise

      Yay! I’m glad you liked the ones I picked :) There are some real gems out there there but the rest *cringe* The Infernal Devices is one of my favorite series! I feel the same about the music, it definitely has to match the feel of the story too though.

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