Dual ARC (Chat) Review: Ink

June 15, 2013 Review 12 ★★½

Dual ARC (Chat) Review: Ink
Ink by Amanda Sun
(Goodreads | Amazon | Book Depository)

Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Source: Netgalley
Pages: 304
Release Date: June 25th 2013
Series: Paper Gods #1
Genres: Love & Romance, Paranormal, Young Adult

On the heels of a family tragedy, Katie Greene must move halfway across the world. Stuck with her aunt in Shizuoka, Japan, Katie feels lost. Alone. She doesn’t know the language, she can barely hold a pair of chopsticks, and she can’t seem to get the hang of taking her shoes off whenever she enters a building.

When Katie meets aloof but gorgeous Tomohiro, the star of the school’s kendo team, she is intrigued by him…and a little scared. His tough attitude seems meant to keep her at a distance, and when they’re near each other, strange things happen. Pens explode. Ink drips from nowhere. And unless Katie is seeing things, drawings come to life.

Somehow Tomo is connected to the Kami, powerful ancient beings who once ruled Japan-and as feelings develop between Katie and Tomo, things begin to spiral out of control. The wrong people are starting to ask questions, and if they discover the truth, no one will be safe.

I received this book for free from the source listed above in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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Well, you guys asked for another one so here it is! We talk about INK, how nothing bad ever happens in Australia, freedom, and what we really want in a book.

[3:58:17 PM] Rebecca: i am ready

[3:59:36 PM] Alise: let us begin.

[3:59:43 PM] Rebecca: yes

[4:00:13 PM] Alise: It was an entertaining novel, it just was unfortunately full of tropes and cliches.

[4:00:56 PM] Rebecca: YEP. There were a lot  of enjoyable moments, but also a lot of times where I wanted to bang my head on a wall.
[4:01:02 PM] Rebecca: repeatedly
[4:01:08 PM] Rebecca: to forget

[4:01:27 PM] Alise: I feel you. So cheesy at times. But I liked the overall story and thought it was pretty unique.

[4:02:23 PM] Rebecca: Well, sort of. The powers and settings were definitely unique. But I feel the plot was sort of generic.
[4:02:37 PM] Rebecca: Generic for YA paranormal romance

[4:02:43 PM] Alise: Ah that is what I meant.
[4:02:49 PM] Alise: Generic even for contemporary

[4:02:57 PM] Rebecca: true

[4:03:47 PM] Alise: I am really starting to tire of the bad boy is actually  a good guy and him and the MC seem to hate each other blah blah

[4:05:06 PM]Rebecca: Same. When it’s portrayed like it is in INK anyway. There’s some that I like, when it’s done properly and the dude has good reasons. But INK it was like meh. And I also tire of the “this good guy sounds so nice oh wait no he has ulterior motives”

[4:05:26 PM] Alise: Ugh YES
[4:05:40 PM] Alise: Oh and I thought the breakup between the love interest and his girlfriend was unnecessary.

[4:05:46 PM] Rebecca: Completely

[4:06:03 PM] Alise: Although it was a somewhat interesting beginning, it really got my attention

[4:06:36 PM] Rebecca: Yeah. I think it annoyed me. Generic high school break up scene
[4:07:07 PM] Rebecca: Wait there’s another trope. Outcast new girl gets with the popular/mysterious senior boy

[4:07:33 PM] Alise: And of course she ends up having magical powers
[4:07:36 PM] Alise: Is that a spoiler?
[4:07:41 PM] Alise: Whoops.

[4:07:58 PM] Rebecca: I predicted that. But we don’t know what exactly they are
[4:08:05 PM] Rebecca: so I think we can let it slide…

[4:08:15 PM] Alise: True. Just that she’s “special”

[4:08:19 PM] Rebecca: That was another thing that annoyed me

[4:08:32 PM] Alise: I actually liked the story more when I thought she was just a normal, powerless human

[4:08:37 PM] Rebecca: YES
[4:09:00 PM] Rebecca: I want a normal powerless human trapped in this world who has to defend themselves by normal means

[4:09:30 PM] Alise: So do I. JUST ONCE.

[4:09:35 PM] Rebecca: which reminds me that I like how she was LEARNING kendo and had to work with the others to be good. I just don’t like her reasons for joining

[4:10:01 PM] Alise: I agree. I like she didn’t automatically “master” the sport.

[4:10:13 PM] Rebecca: That would have been too much.

[4:10:23 PM] Alise: But not entirely unexpected.

[4:10:30 PM] Rebecca: *sigh* I know
[4:11:18 PM] Rebecca: I wish we had explored the kendo and mythoogy more. And I wanted to see her relationship with Diane develop more slowly (and see more of it)
[4:11:44 PM] Rebecca: It would be a great way to observe Katie trying and learning to deal with grief

[4:11:49 PM] Alise: Definitely. I much prefer familial relationships over romantic ones. The mythology was so interesting.
[4:12:02 PM] Alise: How bout that artwork?

[4:12:06 PM] Rebecca: YES
[4:12:10 PM] Rebecca: SO AWESOME

[4:12:22 PM] Alise: I thought it was a great addition.

[4:12:23 PM] Rebecca: I think I might buy this purely for the pictures
[4:12:29 PM] Rebecca: definitely
[4:12:51 PM] Rebecca: And I can’t believe they’re thinking about/making the ebook version animated
[4:12:53 PM] Rebecca: jhfjlhjqhgjrtwg

[4:13:12 PM] Alise: I know, that would be so cool

[4:13:46 PM] Rebecca: I think this might be the pure highlight of the book. Pictures and mythology
[4:13:52 PM] Rebecca: That’s kind of sad

[4:13:54 PM] Alise: And the drawing.
[4:13:58 PM] Alise: But yeah, that is sad.
[4:14:10 PM] Alise: Did you like how it took place in Japan?

[4:14:12 PM] Rebecca: YES
[4:14:16 PM] Rebecca: OF COURSE

[4:14:21 PM] Alise: Or could it have been the same if the setting was America?

[4:14:33 PM] Rebecca: It wouldn’t have been so enjoyable
[4:14:39 PM] Rebecca: the setting made a difference

[4:14:44 PM] Alise: I love the Japanese culture so I thought all was so interesting

[4:14:56 PM] Rebecca: If it was in a western culture it would be even more generic

[4:15:02 PM] Alise: Yes, the setting was a positive


[4:15:23 PM] Alise: True that
[4:15:28 PM] Alise: Guess you should be happy
[4:15:34 PM] Alise: Nothing bad ever happens there xD
[4:15:50 PM] Alise: In literary worlds, anyway

[4:15:54 PM] Rebecca: Because Australia is awesome

[4:16:08 PM] Alise: *shakes head* FREEDOM

[4:16:09 PM] Rebecca: Not too much bad stuff happens here compared to America :P

[4:16:19 PM] Alise: Shhh

[4:16:27 PM] Rebecca: Anyway, BACK ON TOPIC

[4:16:32 PM] Alise: YES

[4:16:40 PM] Rebecca: I found the Japan really accurate to my knowledge
[4:16:47 PM] Rebecca: and I like the use of the language as well
[4:16:56 PM] Rebecca: I just wish was had a separate glossary

[4:17:03 PM] Alise: I was thinking the same thing, although I don’t know that much, I thought it was accurate.
[4:17:10 PM] Alise: Yeah I didn’t even know there was a glossary.

[4:17:31 PM] Rebecca: Did you not go through to the end? We even got a chapter of the next book that I didn’t read

[4:17:44 PM] Alise: I mean I didn’t know until the end
[4:17:49 PM] Alise: BAHAHA I didn’t read it either xD

[4:17:51 PM] Rebecca: aaaah
[4:17:57 PM] Rebecca: I couldn’t be bothered

[4:18:07 PM] Alise: I was kind of done by that point.

[4:18:16 PM] Rebecca: ahaha, yeah. Dat annoying romance
[4:18:23 PM] Rebecca: getting in the way of the plot

[4:18:27 PM] Alise: Especially after the end asdfghjkl
[4:18:31 PM] Alise: So frustrating.

[4:18:33 PM] Rebecca: That ending was annoying

[4:18:38 PM] Alise: Yeeep

[4:18:42 PM] Rebecca: Least favourite part easy
[4:18:55 PM] Rebecca: And my favourite part was, ah, dragon

[4:19:00 PM] Alise: Even over the love confession?
[4:19:11 PM] Alise: No surprise there about the dragon haha

[4:19:24 PM] Rebecca: Ending was worse
[4:19:35 PM] Rebecca: I rolled my eyes at a lot of things

[4:19:35 PM] Alise: Yeah. FEMALE POWER

[4:19:47 PM] Rebecca: I wish I could show you my snarky comments from the start

[4:19:52 PM] Alise: She shouldn’t let a guy rule her life.
[4:20:03 PM] Alise: Did you take notes?

[4:20:07 PM] Rebecca: And apparently she doesn’t HAHAA
[4:20:19 PM] Rebecca: Notes for the first part. Then I couldn’t be bothered
[4:20:34 PM] Rebecca: Mostly it was about the ridiculousness of Katie’s actions

[4:20:43 PM] Alise: Nonsensical

[4:20:45 PM] Rebecca: When she was stalking
[4:20:50 PM] Rebecca: ??!?!??!?!? WHY

[4:20:58 PM] Alise: Her actions
[4:21:04 PM] Alise: They didn’t make sense sometimes

[4:21:27 PM] Rebecca: (I knew what you meant I was continuing my sentence)

[4:21:45 PM] Alise: And make a huge spectacle of yourself right after she mentions she hates being a spectacle. Ehhhh
[4:22:07 PM] Alise: (the skirt thing)

[4:22:11 PM] Rebecca: Jump a wall because he did. To show him you’re not a coward

[4:22:48 PM] Alise: Okay my rating is going down to a two haha

[4:22:53 PM] Rebecca: ahaa
[4:23:06 PM] Rebecca: I’m still floating between 2 and 3.
[4:23:17 PM] Rebecca: Culture and powers and mytology and setting get 3
[4:23:24 PM] Rebecca: romance, characters, and plot get 2

[4:23:58 PM] Alise: Yeah. So 2.5 really

[4:24:03 PM] Rebecca: Maybe
[4:24:06 PM] Rebecca: I don’t know

[4:24:08 PM] Alise: Will you be reading the sequel?

[4:24:11 PM] Rebecca: Probably
[4:24:16 PM] Rebecca: I need answers
[4:24:26 PM] Rebecca: But the romance may kill me
[4:24:29 PM] Rebecca: Not in a good way

[4:24:34 PM] Alise: Then you can tell me if I should read it xD

[4:24:38 PM] Rebecca: ahaha

[4:24:53 PM] Alise: Yeah because I have a feeling the next book is going to focus more on that love triangle
[4:25:02 PM] Alise: The one that just seemed shoved in there for no reason.

[4:25:12 PM] Rebecca: WHAT LOVE TRIANGLE??!!?!  I see no reason for one

[4:25:33 PM] Alise: Jun?

[4:25:33 PM] Rebecca: Especially after the “twist” at the end
[4:25:56 PM] Rebecca: I predicted that as soon as the kendo comp happened

[4:25:59 PM] Alise: True, but even after after Katie was still uncertain about her feelings for Jun

[4:26:07 PM] Rebecca: Oh great

[4:26:12 PM] Alise: I actually didn’t predict the kendo competition twist

[4:26:51 PM] Rebecca: I must be psychic then. I often correctly predict breakfast options at uni
[4:26:57 PM] Rebecca: My powers extend to YA plots

[4:28:17 PM] Alise: Lmao

[4:29:00 PM] Rebecca: But seriously, I need to read a book that will completely surprise me with every twist

[4:29:34 PM] Alise: I think I’ve read a few…the names escape me. I would also really like to read a book where the MC DOESN’T have any powers and is 100% normal and powerless.
[4:29:50 PM] Alise: But that’s not INK, so I guess we’re done here :P

[4:29:54 PM] Rebecca: We should write one
[4:29:56 PM] Rebecca: I guess
[4:30:08 PM] Rebecca: I can’t think of anything else to add

[4:30:16 PM] Alise: kay
[4:30:17 PM] Alise: CURTAIN FALLS. xD

Rating Report
Overall: 2.5

12 Responses to “Dual ARC (Chat) Review: Ink”

  1. Kezia D

    Ink does have potential from the summary. I mean, the setting is in Japan and that mythology sounds sooo cool. But this is like the umpteenth time I saw a mostly-negative review for Ink. This book seems to follow standard formula for YA PNR — an outcast who turns out to have supernatural power and she falls for the hot boy. How original is THAT? And love triangle is a bit overdone nowadays… Especially unnecessary love triangle. It sucks that the romance kinda takes over the main plot…
    Kezia D recently posted…[Review] Investigating the Hottie by Juli Alexander

    • Alise

      I agree, it sounded awesome but it was unfortunately poor execution. The romance really brought it down. I saw all those negative reviews too-but I really tried to go into it with an open mind. Ah, well.

    • Alise

      I’m glad that you are still going to give it a chance-I really hope you like it! The artwork inside is actually very nice. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Eddie

    This is a GREAT idea! The Chat Review format allows for viewers to see both opinions in a “text like”; ( But informative) way. It really felt like I was listening in on a two person book club! (or discussion)

    Ink sounded like an interesting novel! Its quite disappointing when something doesn’t quite live up to expectations. Oh, and you didn’t like the “Ordinary Human gains magical powers” device? I always love that part! For me It adds a level of mystery and intrigue.
    Eddie recently posted…[ARC Review] Spirit Animals: Wild Born, By Brandon Mull

    • Alise

      Thanks :D We actually tried it out hoping it would be a bit more entertaining than a regular review.

      No, no-I like it just as much as the next guy. If done well, and in INK-not done well.

  3. Stephanie @ The Novlist

    I love this format of review! You guys talking together sounds so much like one of my friends and I, and I loved how you guys interacted with each other :) This is a great review format and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more like this!
    Stephanie @ The Novlist recently posted…Review: Grave Mercy

  4. Aman

    Oh, I was really looking forward to Ink, especially the whole Japanese culture and mythology had me so intrigued. But I don’t think I’d like the MC very much. Plus her stalking the stranger would really annoy me. Thanks for the fun review :)
    Aman recently posted…Review: One Tiny Lie by KA Tucker

    • Alise

      If you are in it for the culture and mythology I think you will still really enjoy it. Just try and be very tolerant of the cheesed up romance ;)

  5. Sunny

    I just love the format you do for these! And BLAH on the sound of what this romance is like. I miiiight still give this one a try, but after much delay. Great review, really enjoyed it!

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