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July 26, 2016 Discussion, Tag 18

FullSizeRender 2Are you ready to learn more about me than you ever wanted to know? Sinead over at Less Reality More Books tagged us for the “Get to Know Me” tag. Since Alise has already done this, it’s my turn! Some of these questions were a bit awkward to answer and others quite interesting.

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Name: Rebecca [insert last name here]

Nicknames: Bec is the main one. Also Becky, Scooby, and Antichrist

Birthday: The hottest part of summer (21st December, the solstice)

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Occupation: Student. Currently 3.5 years into vet school (only 1.5 years to go!)


Hair color: Blondish brown? Honey coloured is probably the closest I can get

Hair length: Long. It probably sits about the bottom of my shoulder blades? (I wear it up 90% of the time so who knows)

Eye color: Light brown

Best feature: My body. It’s that perfect hourglass figure everyone wants


Braces: Never had them but possibly should have?

Piercings: Only ears. And probably won’t get anymore because I cried enough the first time

Tattoos: None yet but I’m still considering “rattle the stars”

Right or left handed: Right. I am one of the majority.


Best friend: The very first best friend I had was a girl called Mikaela. Her family have been friends with mine since before we were born (or around the time we were born). We don’t talk so much now but I still see her every now and then. Now my best friends are Alise, a high school friend, and a uni friend.

Award: I won a lot of subject awards in through out school. And got the top academic award of my grade on graduation from high school.

I'm a nerd

Sport: Netball and horse riding are the only sports I enjoy doing seriously.

Real holiday: I can’t remember. Probably one to visit my grandparents (they live in another state)

Concert: Have never been to one and don’t know if I will? I’m not all that into music.


Films: Black Beauty, the Silver Brumby, anything action with a really good plot.

TV Shows: Merlin, iZombie, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Sherlock, many more I’m bound to be forgetting.

Colors: Blue!

Song: I am a terrible music listener. But I have been enjoying Panic! At the Disco, Halsey, 21 Pilots, and Melanie Martinez recently

Restaurant: I’m too poor for restaurants

Shop: Any online store. I hate shopping.


Shoes: I love me boots I must say. And converse style sneakers.


Feeling: Slightly stressed. Exams are nigh!


Single or Taken: Single

Eating: … well drinking tea

Thinking about: The study I’m procrastinating to write this. Oops

Watching: About to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the first time

Wearing: Comfy study clothes that are really only one step up from PJs


Children: I don’t know. That requires a male and I haven’t had one ask me out yet so  *shrug* Also I’m going to be too busy to properly think about this for a long time

Marriage: Maybe

Careers: Equine vet, maybe a specialist one day

Where you want to live: I do really love Australia but we’ll see where life takes me

Do you believe in…?

God: I am not sure

Miracles: This has me thinking. Like nothing doesn’t just happen just because, but sometimes it does? I’m conflicted haha

Love at first sight: Insta-attraction and crush? Yes. Love at first sight? No

Ghosts: They creep me out please don’t be real

Aliens: I think it’s naive to believe that  the only life forms in the universe exist solely on Earth

Soul mates: I have no idea

Heaven/hell: The unknown and what’s after death question makes me have an existential crisis

Kissing on the first date: Haaaa I doubt I’d ever be comfortable for that but if other people are go for it

Yourself: I try. Sometimes I do, but there’s also a lot of doubt there

I tag…

Anyone wearing a blue shirt today. You’re welcome.



18 Responses to “Get to Know Bec”

    • Bec

      Haha even book shopping can annoy me depending on things. Online shopping makes my life easier hahaha

  1. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    I LOVE Merlin and Sherlock too! I used to be super into music but lately not so much so I get that^^ I’m really into the colour blue, boots, converse (though I don’t own any – I want to though!) and tea. I hope you enjoy OotP and YES RATTLE THE STARS!!
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Hybrid Hogwarts Houses

    • Bec

      Such excellent tv shows! I really want more Merlin (how awesome would a modern reincarnation with old cantankerous Merlin be) and am so excited for Sherlock season 4!

      Haha converse are expensive, so I own cheap mock ones haha

    • Bec

      Merlin is so good! I miss it a lot haha. There’s always time to go back to uni and study to be a vet! Most of the people I’m studying with have come from other degrees.

      Thank you!

  2. Romi

    Oh, what an interesting tag! It was neat to learn some new things (most new things) about you, Bec! Although *laughs* I don’t think, even though I’m wearing a blue jumper (which I totally think counts) I’m probably do this tag. Some of the questions might make me uncomfortable, too, even if the majority of them are fairly easy going. But it was still nice to learn these new things about you, and woo! 1.5 years of uni left! I really hope that time goes quickly and you get to working in the industry you’re passionate about soon!

    Merlin! Yay! I don’t think I knew you liked that? I watched all seasons this year and was definitely a little swept up. I watched it kinda out of sync, though, so I started with season 2 and then went back to one, and for some reason season 2 remained my favourite (apart from the last episode of all time). I think it had such nice character dynamics, and I didn’t have the background disgust for Arthur that I felt in the first series.

    So if I had to pick (which of course I don’t but hey, I’m gonna do it anyway) my favourite answer to any of these questions? Your body type. Including that gif. A++. I did also love your selection of nicknames, although I’m not going to call you the antichrist. I’ll laugh if you start calling yourself that here, though. *snorts* xx
    Romi recently posted…Made you Up by Francesca Zappia.

    • Bec

      Yeah some of the questions were a bit awkward to answer haha

      Merlin started when I started high school, so it holds a lot of nostalgia with me! Season 5 was my favourite I think. All the characters grew so much over the entire series.

      Hahahaha I totally should start signing everything with antichrist omg it’d be hilarious

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