When I’m Not Reading: Bec’s Video Game Edition

January 11, 2017 Discussion 16

When I went on my Christmas break, I was supposed to read the entire time and catch up on a number of series. That was the plan anyway. It was going well until I started one little video game and went in a spiral of game binges. Oops.

While not great for my reading goal, this gaming binge did inspire this post!

The games I’ve played recently, and played in the past, have all been fantastic and deserve all the love! So I thought I’d try and corrupt you away from reading for a little bit and tell you about these games I love.




I learnt about this series when the live action trailer for Dishonored 2 came out. The combination of assassination and shadow magic made me think of NEVERNIGHT so I had to have this game. I’m so glad I bought it because the steampunk-esque fantasy world is gorgeous and the storyline fantastic. I also loved how many different ways there are to play the game with different endings depending on the carnage you left behind.

Hopefully I can buy the Dishonored 2 ASAP because I’m super excited to play as adult Emily!




Yet another game series I only learnt about recently due to a sequel release. It’s an action series with treasure hunting. That and the raving on tumblr was what convinced me to buy the bundle of the first three games.

I’m currently a third of the way through the second game and oh my god these are fun! The path is a lot more linear than Dishonored, but it’s suspenseful as hell and quite challenging at times. I die a lot. As a person terrified of heights, the angles they use for the climbing scene have me holding my breath. The story line is also fantastic, with many hilarious moments and awesome plot twists.



Nancy Drew

MY CHILDHOOD! I started playing Nancy Drew computer games back in 2005 I think. Mum saw the Secret of Shadow Ranch at the library and borrowed it for me. That started an obsession. I’ve since played every Nancy Drew game (the only one I haven’t completed is the first game due to issues with the libary’s disk) and keep buying the new ones. They’re nice fun mysteries with some great puzzles.



Professor Layton

The Layton games are well known for their challenging puzzles, but I think my favourite part of these games are the stories. Each game has made me cry at least once, and I fly through them in 24 hours (aided many times by walkthroughs because I’m too impatient to try and work out the harder puzzles by myself and I don’t like using hint coins). I even own and love the movie!



Ace Attorney

After I played the Professor Layton x Ace Attorney cross over game, I had to check out where Phoenix Wright came from! I’ve since played all of the main games, and the two with Apollo. These games are quite entertaining. I love getting to talk to suspects and search for evidence. The court scenes can be incredibly challenging (thank god for walkthroughs) but they’re also often the funniest parts of the games. Some of the characters that turn up to testify! The humour in these games is really silly, but a tonne of fun.



Assassin’s Creed

This is a game series that I haven’t actually played yet, but I’m including it because I have plans to play it soon. I asked for the Ezio collection for my birthday and I can’t wait to go around being an assassin. 



Fallout 4

Fallout is the second game on this list that I haven’t actually played just yet. The main reason Fallout is on this list is because I’ve heard so much about it and my sister owns it so why not play it at some point? Also DOG and post apocalyptic. 


So in summary, I like my games with good story lines and puzzles. Also horses (but if I included all the horse games I played on my PS2, this post would be reaching essay levels!). As long as there is a story to follow, I’ll be playing that game like I read my books: bingeing in as few sessions as possible. I often beat them in 24 hours (with the aid of walkthroughs because impatience).

Do you play video games?

Got any game recs for me?


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  1. Sonia @ The Book Wielding Harpie

    I was always a Final Fantasy girl myself, at least till I stopped playing… uhmm I should get back to that… that means finally getting a PS4, since I’m a total fail if I try playing on a computer. Anyway, everybody loves Fallout 4, so I’d start with that one. My sister also loved the last Tomb Raider one, were Lara was only 16 or so. She just couldn’t stop playing the thing.
    Sonia @ The Book Wielding Harpie recently posted…I’ll read it tomorrow… next week…year? A list of 2016 unread titles

    • Bec

      I really want to play Final Fantasy some day!

      My sister is planning to purchase the latest Tomb Raider at some point so I might play it then.

    • Bec

      The only mario games I’ve ever played is Mario Kart on the wii haha. I haven’t had games for so long (they can be so expensive)

    • Bec

      Those mobile sliding games can be very addictive haha. You get so determined to finish all the levels you don’t realise time is passing.

    • Bec

      I haven’t played the wii in such a long time. I really should get it out again some day, especially considering I have unfinished games to play on it.

      I still sometimes break out my old horse games on the PS2 for the nostalgia haha (though I haven’t in a while because I need to hunt down a controller. Mine doesn’t work anymore :/)

  2. Ren

    I love Uncharted! I played the third one first and then went back to the other two. Currently about 3/4 of the way through the fourth one and I don’t want it to end. Ace Attorney and Professor Layton are the best

    Okay, other games I know (and personally love) that might interest you (if you haven’t played them already):

    Virtue’s Last Reward (3DS and PS Vita) – A game of life or death! The main character has been kidnapped and trapped in a mysterious facility along with several other people and told he has to play a game in order to escape, or face possible death. The games involve puzzle sections where you escape a room and prisoners dilemma sections where you choose whether to ally or betray the other players. It’s all tied together by visual novel sections and there are lots of different possible sections and ways to go about things. (And plenty of walkthroughs available to walk you through the routes!) also, this game is the second in The Zero Escape series so there’s more if you like it.

    Time Hollow (DS) – it’s about Time Travel. The main character acquires a pen that allows to open portals into his past and then change things which has increasingly large knock on effects to his present. He also has to contend with a rival time traveller who is unraveling his world. The puzzles mostly involve trying to figure out what you need to change in the past to set things right.

    Ghost Trick (DS) – created by some of the same people behind Ace Attorney. You play as a spirit who has just become conscious but has no memories, just the name Sissel. The spirit can jump between and manipulate objects, and even go back a few minutes in time to try and prevent the deaths of others. The spirit ends up getting mixed up with a larger story as he attempts to investigate who exactly who he is, why he was killed and who did it.

    I’ll stop now because I could write about games for AGES.

    Great post!
    Ren recently posted…New Year – 2017

    • Bec

      I think overall I felt a bit meh about Uncharted 4 for some reason (I loved the story of the first three more I think) but omg that epilogue and the last part of the story was amazing.

      I’ve played the first Zero Escape game before! Well, sort of. The iPad version had all the story bits and choices but not that many puzzles which was disappointing. I do want to go and play the DS version at some point and then continue the series.

      Those games sound absolutely fascinating. I’m going to go look into them all more right now. Please give me ALL THE RECS!

  3. Emma

    I very rarely play video games, though there is one when my boyfriend is watching the football I do play the Xbox but only one series of games so far which is Tomb Raider. I would recommend both. They are amazing. Kick ass heroine. Plus I used to play this when I was younger.
    Emma recently posted…MINI-REVIEWS Part 1….

    • Bec

      I do want to play Tomb Raider eventually, especially since my sister is considering buying it. I hope I love it as much as you do :D

  4. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    You already knew that I loved Layton and PW but I love Fallout 4 as well! It’s such an epic game, in fact I never finished it because I got side tracked by all the stuff to do. I think you’ll love the Telltale Games series, check out the Game of Thrones and Walking Dead ones, they are incredible great story-driven games (not really games, more like interactive stories).
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…5 Things I Loved About The Forbidden Wish

    • Bec

      I’m the type of person who gets fixated on the main story and forgets about all the side stories/ activities haha. I’ll probably end up going back and trying to complete all the extra things at some point.

      I’ve been eyeing off the Telltale Games! Definitely want to try them some day.

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