When I’m not Reading: Netflix Edition

October 16, 2017 When I'm Not Reading 34

While I haven’t been reading a lot with uni, I’ve been consuming a loooot of Netflix. It’s often playing in the background while I study (until I focus on the show and forget the study). I’ve discovered some really great shows thanks to this study method, and since I have no book things to post, let’s talk about tv shows!


Real Detective & Other True Crime Shows

Yes, I am a true crime nut. I listen to a ridiculous amount of true crime podcasts. Some true crime podcasts are incredible cringey and mediocre, but my god Real Detective is brilliant. I love how the detectives are talking us through their most memorable crimes with actually well acted, interesting reenactments.


The OA

The OA was a really really weird show. Good, but so strange. The ending has me questioning so much about the story and what is and isn’t real. It’s very confusing, but I love how it’s made me think.


Anne with an E

THIS SHOW WAS SO SWEET AND FUN! I’ve never read Anne of Green Gables or seen any previous versions, but I loved this! I loved all the characters and really am desperate for more.


Stranger Things

I thought this show might have been a bit overhyped but I was wrong. It’s so gooooddddd. The kids are brilliant and it’s so fascinating. Them cliffhangers are so addictive. BRING ON SEASON TWO AND MORE ANSWERS.


13 Reasons Why

This show has me conflicted, just like the book did. And tbh, there were some things the show did better than the book (namely showing how Hannah’s suicide affected her parents and others around her, not just Clay) but some really annoying changes (some of Hannah’s reasons/ the chronology of events were annoyingly changed, and showing the suicide was unnecessary). Overall it was an interesting show, but I’m scared about what’s going to happen when they try to do a season two.


Marvel series

While I really enjoyed Daredevil and Jessica Jones (DAVID TENNANT IS A FANTASTIC CREEPY VILLAIN), a lot of the other Marvel shows have been…. okay. Not amazing, but fun to watch if you don’t put too much thought into it. Usually I put this on in the background while studying.


Peaky Blinders

OH HEY LATEST TV SHOW OBSESSION!!! This show is so brilliant! I watched all three seasons in a week while studying for exams. I just couldn’t stop! So well written and that music. You don’t realise how well modern music can work in period dramas until you watch this show (and get overwhelmed by character family geels)



I regret not watching this sooner! For some reason I was convinced it was a stupid teenage high school drama. How had no one told me THERE IS A MURDER MYSTERY! The characters were also a lot more well rounded than I expected. I’m really excited for season 2 now (though I won’t be watching until all episodes have been released)


Other shows in my recently watched list include:

  • Vikings (up to season 2)
  • Forensic Files
  • The Keepers
  • American Vandal
  • Castlevania
  • Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency

Do you have any Netflix series recs for me? I’m always on the look out for more!

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  1. Lara

    I love Netflix… Although it has kind of taken over my reading life…. I need to spend less time watching Netlflix and more time reading. I loved The OA and Riverdale (new season!! yay!!). Also Stranger Things!

    You should watch House of Cards… I didn’t expect to like it but it’s such a good series….
    Lara recently posted…I Am Drowning in my TBR Pile

    • Bec

      I tend to go through phases of binging books, then tv, then games haha.

      I’ve heard a lot about House of Cards, but I’m not sure if I want to watch a series about politics you know?

    • Bec

      Thanks! I haven’t had much else to post haha.

      YASSSSSS I LOVE BLACK MIRROR!!! I can’t believe I didn’t think to add it to my list.

    • Bec

      Nah you can watch Jessica Jones without seeing the other Marvel shows. It’s actually one of the earlier Marvel shows and doesn’t have any real connections to any of them. (I think there are some passing references to Daredevil because that was the only Marvel show out a few months before it, but nothing major plot wise)

  2. Amanda

    I am also obsessed with Stranger Things and cannot wait until season 2 (soon!). I highly recommend checking out one of the original Anne of Green Gables movies with Meagan Follows as Anne, there is nothing better. I will have to check out some of the other shows you mentioned, they sound good.

    • Bec

      IT’S SO GOOD!!

      I’ll definitely try to hunt down some more Anne of Green Gables stuff! It’s so charming I want more.

  3. Wattle

    I love The OA! Such a weird show but SO good! I need to watch Peaky Blinders, I have the first two seasons on dvd but just haven’t got around to them yet.

    If you like comedy, Santa Clarita Diet is pretty great (zombies, with a twist!) I adore the new Star Trek: Discovery, it’s much darker than I’m used to from the Trek ‘verse but very good (so far), weekly viewing sucks though.

    Sense8 is great if you can get past the first 5 episodes, it was so freaking slow but I was told to not give up (I wanted to); it did get cancelled, but we’ll be getting a 2 hour finale next year – it isn’t to everyone’s taste though.
    Wattle recently posted…Book Review #10: Debauched by Jennifer Dawson

    • Bec

      PEAKY BLINDERS IS SO GOOD!!! I cannot recommend it enough.

      All of those shows are on my list to get to eventually! That is the first mixed thing I’ve heard about Sense8 (Tumblr just raves about it) so thanks for the heads up

  4. ShootingStarsMag

    There are so many TV shows on Netflix that I really do want to read. I love Jessica Jones, but I still need to finish the season – gotta do that before season 2. I watched the first few episodes of Riverdale, and I do like it, I just haven’t really had time to watch more.

    I started Mindhunter – it’s a Netflix TV show that premiered this past Friday. So good!

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Girl’s Weekend in Louisville, Kentucky

    • Bec

      So many shows! And it’s a limited collection here in Australia, I can’t imagine how massive the options are on the US netflix!

      Mindhunter is already on my list! I’ve heard good things and can’t wait

  5. Kristi

    I put off watching Riverdale, too, but finally watched and loved it. Same with Stranger Things. Both shows are so good.

  6. Sam@WLABB

    I don’t watch a ton of TV, but I am a Riverdale fan. Last week’s episode continued the tradition of making me gasp out loud. That ending was crazy. Can’t wait for the next episode.

  7. Greg

    The OA was definitely weird! Not sure what I think about that one. Stranger Things I liked and can’t WAIT for S2, which looks awesome. I had some mixed feelings about 13 Reasons Why, Jessica Jones was pretty good- love Trish!- and I’m a big fan of Riverdale.

    Fun list!
    Greg recently posted…Top Ten Yummy Food Mentioned In Books

    • Bec

      OA was super strange. I’m hoping the second season provides a lot more answers.

      Yess Trish was fantastic! I want see more of her haha

  8. Louise ✨

    I haven’t watched Peaky Blinders since season 1 and I don’t know why because I LOVED it so much. Cillian Murphy’s been one of my favourite actors for years. I’m definitely going to have to rewatch it before season 4 starts on BBC2. I really want to start Stranger Things and Riverdale but I’ve got two shows on Netflix on the go at the minute so they may have to wait.

    • Bec

      YOU REALLY NEED TO WATCH THE REST IT’S SO GOOODDD. Such good acting and writing and everything honestly. Binge it all!

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