January 2017 Wrap Up

February 5, 2017 Meme 20

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It’s the end of January and I’m still trying to write 2016 on everything I put a date on. Will I ever adjust? Probably not until November.

Also Alise is busy with real life and job searching, the usual new graduate things, so hasn’t had time to add stuff about her life to the post. But that’s okay because I’m the only blogger here that really matters (Jk Alise designed this site). Alise’s degree is in graphic information technology (she makes websites) so if anyone knows of jobs going I’m sure she’d appreciate a DM or email.

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January has been super busy for me with rotations going non stop since New Years. I’ve been to an equine vet, then a small animal private practice. I just finished at exotics dealing with wombats and birds (which is cool but not as cool as horses!). I do get a holiday this week but that’s going to be spent jumping into assignments from hell. I also have to try and organise my very last placement then, which I am considering going to the UK for (if I get applications in for loans done in time and can get into the place I want to go to!)

One of the best things about some of these rotations is finally more reading time! This is because I’m not researching as many cases as my first rotations… but YAY READING TIME! I’m pushing through the books, which is a good thing because my Christmas order arrived along with some review copies.


  • THIS SAVAGE SONG by V.E. Schwab
  • A COURT OF MIST AND FURY (Hardcover) by Sarah J Maas
  • CROOKED KINGDOM by Leigh Bardugo (thanks to the best coblogger 5eva)
  • WINDWITCH by Susan Dennard
  • HEARTLESS by Marissa Meya
  • TRAITOR TO THE THRONE by Alwyn Hamilton (Via Netgally)
  • DEERSKIN by Robin McKinley
  • ALL IN THE BLUE UNCLOUDED WEATHER by Robin Klein (thanks to Text Publishing)
  • DRESSES OF RED AND GOLD by Robin Klein (thanks to Text Publishing)
  • THE SKY IN SILVER LACE by Robin Klein (thanks to Text Publishing)
  • CAME BACK TO SHOW YOU I COULD FLY by Robin Klein (thanks to Text Publishing)
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How has 2017 treated you so far?


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  1. Tasya

    i hope everything goes well for both of you! also, those are a lot of book you got bec :D 2017 has been good in terms of academic things, my grades are out and it’s pretty good :D reading wise, it’s been suck though. i’ve been in a slump since december and it’s still going strong until now…
    Tasya recently posted…Top 5 Wednesday #10: Current Non-bookish Favorites

    • Bec

      All my Christmas books! They just arrived late haha.

      I find that either grades are good or reading is good, never both at the same time haha. Hopefully your slump ends soon!

  2. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    Best of luck on the job search Alise! I’ve been there more than once – keep at it and you’ll get something great soon :)

    Bec you got a lot of amazing and amazing-sounding books and YAY for more reading time :D I can’t wait to read your thoughts on all of these^^ Good luck with the rotations, assignments and all that!! What you’ve done so far sounds fascinating but I hope you get to work with horses soon ;) Happy February girls xxxx
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    • Bec

      Job searching is scary! I’m terrified and I don’t even have to do it yet.

      I can’t wait to get to all of the books! Thank you! It’s been such an awesome year so far and I get more hose veterinary exposure in June/July.

  3. Ali

    I liked clinical rotations so much more than the rest of vet school, because I (usually) got home a decent hour and DIDN’T have homework for a change. It felt like a real job, so it was nice. I had way more reading/free time, too. My 2017 is going okay so far – I’m DNFing books like crazy, though (I think I’m onto book #3 of the year??), and that’s starting to scare me XD
    Ali recently posted…Bookish Details Gone Wrong: What’s Your Pet Peeve?

    • Bec

      Clinical rotations so far has been so much fun! Hours are very variable. Uni hospital placements don’t normally have me home at a decent hour (7am – 6pm seems to be the general go at uni) but some EMS small animal places have me leaving at 5pm, starting 9am.

      DNFing isn’t a bad thing! At least you’re able to free up more time to try and find decent books. I wish I could do it more.

    • Bec

      It would be such a great experience!

      My reading year so fare has been the same! I’ve found some good books though.

      Job searching is so stressful! That’s good to hear that you’ve heard of some advertised positions!

    • Bec

      It was so cool! I’ve never seen a wombat IRL until now.

      My TBR has reached 206 books. It’s slightly terrifying. I think I’m covered for books for at least 4 years.

      I cannot wait to start Like a River Glorious! It’s so pretty and deserves to be displayed on my read shelf. I’m hesitating because I’m not sure if I should try and reread Walk on Earth A Stranger first or not.

    • Bec

      I’ve accidentally written 2016 in a few patient records haha. I have to awkwardly go back and change them.

      Those are only some of the photos! I have another couple to post at some point. It was nice actually being allowed to take photos of animals on rotation (most of the time we need owner permission, and there is not always the time or place to ask that. These were wildlife though so no owners!)

  4. Tyler H. Jolley

    Good luck on your job hunt, Alise! Bec, I hope you get to the UK, that would be really awesome. Are you going to be an equine vet or have you decided on your speciality?
    Happy reading, ladies!

    • Bec

      The one clinic I was looking at in the UK didn’t have any free spots at the time I needed to go, but I might still try some other clinics over there. I would like to go into equine work if I can get a job in that field!

  5. Olivia @ The Candid Cover

    What a great book haul! It sounds like you have got quite a lot of exciting things happening outside of the book world. I am not sure that I have ever seen a wombat before, so that is pretty cool to me! I hope that you enjoy your extra reading time. :)

    • Bec

      There is so much going on! It’s weird actually having things in my life that are interesting to talk about haha.

      It was my first time seeing a wombat IRL, and these ones are on the endangered list so it was pretty awesome!

      Oh I am abusing ALL the extra reading time, you can count on that haha.

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