Kickstart Giveaway: Free Blog Design

April 3, 2013 Update 16

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I’ve always had a  passion for creating things, and when I found out there were ways to combine that love with technology, I was in heaven. I had been working quietly on the side on a few projects and have now decided to fully start working on Blogger blogs. What better way to do that than give away a free one? 

Alise approached me and asked if she could redesign my blog as a way of establishing a design profile. I agreed and was pleasantly surprised by the result.  I’d never had any blog redesigned professionally before, but this was better than I could have imagined. The only specification I had was that it had to fit a pirate theme, which Alise kept in mind as she set about designing the blog. Every single decision she made was run by me for approval first. Any comment or recommendation I had she took into account and made the appropriate changes. The overall look of the blog is better than anything I could have imagined. I’m extremely pleased by it, and the quickness with which it was made. The process took about two days, and Alise designed and installed the entire thing.  The entire process was very easy and quick for me, and I am incredibly happy with the final result.
-Rebecca @ Ransom Reads
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16 Responses to “Kickstart Giveaway: Free Blog Design”

  1. Kelley

    How awesome! I used LOVE doing web design as well, and would spend many hours creating random websites. :D Congrats on your new adventure, and I hope the winner loves your design!

  2. rivie bleu

    I still don’t understand how you do all that lol. You all(web designers) are amazing! I’m not creative and I don’t know how to do that on a computer!

  3. CJ

    Wow, I need that SO bad LoL. I’ve done everything myself so far and uh… yeah… you can tell…

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