Manga Monday [#4] Review: Beauty is the Beast

June 17, 2013 Review 3


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When bubbly eleventh-grader Eimi Yamashita finds out that her parents are relocating for work, she decides to strike out on her own and move into a dormitory for girls. Little does Eimi suspect the exciting romantic adventures that await her there!

Eimi’s fellow residents are a little bit crazy, but a whole lot of fun. They’ve got a secret mission planned for Eimi’s new resident initiation and it has something to do with sneaking into the boys dormitory! Can Eimi pull it off without getting caught by one of the handsomest and cruelest boys in the dorm?


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I was really debating on whether or not I should review this, but I know there are some fellow manga lovers that read the blog and I hope this might encourage others to read more manga, if you don’t already! I am reviewing this whole five volume series so I am dividing this review into two parts, this first will be spoiler free.

Beauty is the Beast is another average Shojo manga about school life, in this case-a dorm. Eimi is the adorable, naive protagonist who moves into a dormitory for girls, but that doesn’t stop her from making a few boy friends in the boys dorm. On her night, she has “mission” to complete if she wants to stay in the dorm, and it involves sneaking into the boys dorm. She runs into a guy named Wanibuchi, who is known for being mysterious and cruel.

Sounds pretty average, right? What makes this unique is the humor, Eimi’s naiveté, and the intriguing relationship dynamics. This novel is seriously hilarious, and there are many laugh out loud moments. I recommend it to Shojo fans. The only thing I did not like was how the Eimi has some seriously weird friends with fetishes, and how the ending completely abrupt. As for the artwork, it is pretty similar to all the other Shojo manga:

The noses are a bit weird, though.

Now, onto the spoilers section. If you haven’t completed this series, I would suggest that you do not proceed, even though these are very minor spoilers.

There was a love triangle introduced in volume three, and it worked. Shojo almost always have two love interests but what I loved about this one was Eimi is so naive we don’t really know her feelings for anything, (except food!) and especially whether or not she loves one of the guys. Think Tohru from Fruits Basket, except even more naive and childish!

She really does bring out the best traits in Wanibuchi, and really turns him around. It is hinted that she only cares for him as an idol and he her a little sister. It isn’t until the very last volume this is hinted otherwise. I thought that was confusing and somewhat annoying. Especially since Wanibuchi is in a somewhat serious, mature relationship.

The ending. SERIOUS SPOILERS. We are left with a conversation between the two love interests, and it seems like Wanibuchi is finally admitting his feelings, although he still never comes out and just says them. Flash forward to a girl who is moving into the girls dormitory, it is obviously implied this is Wanibuchi and Eimi’s daughter, meaning they ended up married. The last scene is of them cutely arguing.

Although it was an ending, it was too fast. I would have liked to see a confession, and Wanibuchi and Eimi actually together as a couple. I would have also liked to see the other character’s resolutions.

Overall, it was a cute, fun manga!

Rating Report
Overall: 3.2

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  1. Delaney

    Aww this is another manga I need to check out! I’ll probably read it off online as per say. XD I don’t care how old shoujo mangas schemes follow, they just never get old for me. :D
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    • Alise

      HA! I always try to get my manga from the library, I tend to read faster that way. I feel the same, I love any and all shoujo :)

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