Manga Monday [8] Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch

August 12, 2013 Review 10

Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch 
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Lucia is the new girl at school. She and her sister run a public bath that’s all the rage. When Lucia meets a terrific-looking surfer boy, there’s just one little problem: Lucia is a mermaid–not just any mermaid, but a princess on an important mission to save the seven seas from an evil force bent on taking control of the marine world. Such a responsibility doesn’t leave much time for romance. But Lucia vows to protect her world and win the heart of handsome Kaito.


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This is an entire series review, but is free of spoilers.

Checking this out at the library was… awkward. Luckily, no one asked any questions, but still-I had a story prepared about how they were for my (imaginary) sister or (nonexistent) daughter. Pretty much the only positive in this series was the artwork, at least for me.

Mermaid Melody is like a watered down, more juvenile Sailor Moon. I say juvenile, but sometimes some of the content was a bit mature, especially the girl’s figures and them in their mermaid forms. I couldn’t really bring myself to care about the characters or the romance.

It was missing the typical shojo humor and I had to drag myself through the volumes, which by the way, I think could have ended at volume three. Lucia and Kaito seemed like such a bad pair to me, Kaito seemed very one-dimensional and I thought their was a bunch of unnecessary drama and cliches surrounding their relationships.

Like how books sometimes mislead lead us with pretty covers, Mermaid Melody misleads us with the artwork. I would consider skipping this one of if you are really interested, check out the anime, which I hear is better.



Rating Report
Overall: 2.2

10 Responses to “Manga Monday [8] Mermaid Melody: Pichi Pichi Pitch”

  1. Tanja

    I haven’t heard of this one which is not a surprise as I don’t read manga. But if I started I wouldn’t go with this one. Artwork looks amazing but too bad this one disappointed you. Great review :)
    Tanja recently posted…Balkan Girls Reading

    • Alise

      Yeah, haha, I would definitely go with a different series if you ever wanted to get started in manga. Thanks :)

    • Alise

      I agree, I still think Sailor Moon is the best magical girl series and everything else just seems dull in comparison. I can’t wait for the new anime!

  2. Delaney

    I was okay with this one. I agree with your review so much because there was just so much drama. I need to check what I gave for this one GR because it was mostly BLAH all the way. Much wasn’t good and some just was a peeve.

    I didn’t even realize there was an anime for this! If it’s the same I’m for sure not going to watch it. (got a long list already) But since you said it’s better, I might.
    Delaney recently posted…I’M SO SORRY! TT^TT

    • Alise

      Yes, I was BLAH a lot too xD I haven’t watched the anime (yet?) but everyone seems to like it better so I may just see how it compares. For some reason, I hate watching the anime directly after I read the manga, seems so repetitive.

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