Manga Monday [9] Absolute Boyfriend

August 19, 2013 Review 16

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Shy high school student Riko Izawa aches for a boyfriend but guys just won’t look her way. Then one day she signs up for a three-day trial of a mysterious “lover figurine,” and the next thing she knows, a cute naked guy is delivered to her doorstep–and he wants to be her boyfriend!

Has Riko died and gone to heaven? The cute naked guy turns out to be smart, super nice, stylish and a gourmet chef. Plus, he looks like a million bucks…. Trouble is, that’s about what he’s going to cost Riko because she didn’t return him in time!


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This is an entire series review, but is free of spoilers.

Absolute Boyfriend is definitely a new favorite manga. It has everything I love in a shojo: great artwork, a cute storyline, hilarious moments, and plenty of great looking guys (if drawings are your thing, to each his own.)

All Riko wants is a boyfriend, and after bring rejected too many times to count, she signs up for a program that creates the perfect boyfriend and sends it out to her the next morning. The figurine insists on being her boyfriend, and endless drama ensues. Not to mention the guy next door that has been pining after Riko since they were kids but she never noticed.

I was always a Soshi fan but this manga definitely tugs on your heartstrings for both of the guys, it is such a cute love triangle. However, Riko frustrated me a bit by not being to choose between the two and when she did make a decision she seemed to regret it and the circle starts again.

Not only is this a cute, fun manga that can make you laugh out loud, it has it’s emotional moments too. That last volume was seriously heartbreaking. I definitely recommend this to people that want to read manga but don’t know where to start.

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Overall: 4.5

16 Responses to “Manga Monday [9] Absolute Boyfriend”

    • Alise

      I’m usually pretty picky about Shojo now and I thought this was pretty good. I hope you give it another go!

    • Alise

      Yeah, I get it-I only got into manga within the last few years. It was so different from actually reading novels but it was a fun experience! Thanks!

  1. Tammy @ Bo's Book Nook

    This is one of my all time favorite manga’s. Actually, Yuu Watase is one of my favorite manga ka’s, along with Rumiko Takahashi and a handful of others. I love her art work. Have you read Alice 19th? That is another one of my favorites of hers. Actually, they’re all great, although I am having a hard time getting into Arata, but anything by Yuu Watase, for me, is an instant favorite.
    Tammy @ Bo’s Book Nook recently posted…It’s Just Another Manga Monday: Skip Beat 31

    • Alise

      I loved her artwork as well! No, I actually haven’t read many series yet but I am trying to change that so I will definitely be on the lookout for Alice 19th! :)

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