Minotes #2: The Truth About Alice Ruined my Egg & Spoon

August 25, 2017 Review 6


The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Matthieu

Genre: YA, contemporary
Series: standalone
Rating: 2.5 stars


  • I didn’t expect this to be told from mostly POVs that aren’t Alice
  • Elaine and Kelsey are the types of people I don’t like -_-
  • It’s a tiny book
  • The only decent person was Kurt
  • What even was the point? Nothing happened. Characters didn’t even grow that much (Elaine did have a little bit of growth)
  • So much stereotypical high school crap (parties, bullying, slut shaming, rumours, drink driving)

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Ruined by Amy Tinterra

Genre: YA, Fantasy
Series: Ruined #1
Rating: 4 stars


  • I like how they show Em’s uneasiness and values with how she always looks for potential weapons and exits
  • Cas is a precious cinnamon roll
  • Em & Cas grew a lot when it came to the POV of their country and the Ruined
  • Hooooolllyyyyy shit there’s a lot of violence and death. Definitely not lacking in the action department!
  • Bye bye potential love triangle! Glad that possibility never took off
  • I SHIP THIS ROMANCE A LOT! Star crossed lovers, impersonation, sloe burn, willing to change and listen. I want more!
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Egg adn spoon

Egg & Spoon by Gregory McGuire

Genre: Historical fantasy
Series: Standalone
Rating: 4stars


  • Hell yeah Russian folklore!
  • Omg this narration is hilarious
  • Narration/ writing style is reminiscent of THE BOOK THIEF
  • Elena has had quite the unfortunate life :(
  • All the voices the narrator is doing are BRILLIANT!!! Baba Yaga in particular is fantastic
  • It’s going much further with the plot than I thought it would
  • Kat’s really growing on me
  • I ended up really enjoying all the characters! I wish we could have followed them all into adulthood to see where they chose to do with their lives.

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    • Bec

      Yeah I don’t read much contemporary at the best of times, so it needs to be amazing for me to really enjoy it.

      Egg and Spoon was so charming!

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