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A collection of novels that we have reviewed on the blog and loved;
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  1. Ashley@LovelyLiterature

    I haven’t read too much fantasy, but I absolutely loved Grave Mercy! I can absolutely see this as a movie or even television series. I can’t wait to read Dark Triumph, although I was a little disappointed to learn the story doesn’t continue with Ismae and Duval.

    • Alise

      Fantasy is a favorite genre of mine :) I know! I felt the same way but it takes, at maximum, fifty pages to fall in love with Sybella and Beast ;D

  2. Anna

    Oh my goshhhh! :O The Iron Fey, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and Grave Mercy are all on my list and I can’t wait to read them! I’m just about to finish the Lux series and don’t have a clue what I’ll start next – so many good books I just can’t decide!!!! :D

  3. Goldie

    Of all your must-reads I have read…zero. :/ I like YA a lot, but not the current trend. However, I think I want to read Anna Dressed in Blood, but the cover really creeps me out. But people have been saying it’s a good book…so maybe I’ll be brave :D Have you read Monster Calls by Patrick Ness? That’s on my maybe I should add that to my pile…I actually bought a copy for my sister. :)

    • Alise

      We used to have more before I updated the site, there definitely needs to be an edit. I know quite a few people that don’t read the new YA stuff too. Haha, I thought the same-I was ready to be terrified! In the end, it was just a good book :) No, I haven’t! I really really need to though, everyone seems to love that one!

  4. Sandee

    I looovee the Shatter Me series! And the Fault in our Stars too :)
    Glad you love them.

    New follower here :)

    • Alise

      Your comment just reminded me that this should be updated with new reads! I haven’t read that book yet but it is on my TBR and I really want to read it.

  5. Helen

    I’ve read almost all the books on this list! Okay, more like HALF. 53%, maybe? Anyway, Rites Of Passage was amazing?? And no one ever talks about it??? Like why?? Anyway, I’m glad These Broken Stars is on there because the TBR is calling! (Also can someone reassure me that The Raven Boys DOES speed up eventually and isn’t super boring always?? I’ve heard nothing but great things, but…. my hearts says no and I’m almost halfway done!) Your blog is GORGEOUS, btw!
    Helen recently posted…Review: Across The Universe

    • Alise

      This just reminded me that we need to update this list! I absolutely loved Rites of Passage, the author was supposed to have another book coming out but I guess it was canceled? I can’t find anything about it anymore. The Raven Boys is a very interesting read, I think it definitely depends on the person and the mood you are in. It’s an odd series, but in a good way. Thank you!!

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