November 2017 Wrap Up

November 30, 2017 Meme 11

I just realised there is only one month left of 2017

The year always feels like it goes quickly, but this year more so than others. It’s so strange.

It really feels like November should just be beginning because we haven’t posted or interacted all that much (life, plz give us a break to let us blog).





GUYS I’M A VET NOW!!! A FULLY QUALIFIED VET!!! Haven’t physically graduated yet, but the ceremony to walk across the stage and get my expensive piece of paper is next week. I can’t believe these five gruelling years of uni are actually over now.

Aside from bludging waiting for results I haven’t done all too much. Reading has taken a side to the RPGs I’m playing (Assassin’s Creed: Origins and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt). I also drove 6 hours to a job interview which I’m still waiting to hear about (here’s hoping third times the charm!)


  • Before the Devil Breaks You
  • Traitor to the Throne
  • Fairy loot – The Last Namsara & Furyborn (ARC)



She’s super busy yet again (with work. And her new obsession: Overwatch). We must start scheming to bring her back her freedom so she can joins us again


What was the best book you read this month?

11 Responses to “November 2017 Wrap Up”

    • Bec

      Thank you! Unfortunately I didn’t get the job :( Back to searching.

      YESSSS The Diviners is so good!! I can’t wait for this new instalment.

  1. Kelly

    FREE VET ADVICE! Congratulations Bec, that’s amazing news and I have my fingers crossed for your interview. Will we still see photos on Instagram of all the beautiful horses you’ve been working with still? Such an incredibly giving profession Bec, you’re going to do much good in the world <3
    Kelly recently posted…Ballad For A Mad Girl

    • Bec

      Thanks! Unfortunately the interview didn’t result in a job :(

      I hope I’ll be lucky to stay close enough to still work with the ponies but chances are slim :/ I’ll find SOME horses to take photos of somewhere that’s for sure though haha

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