October 2015 Wrap Up

October 30, 2015 Meme 32


Only a brief intro this week. Alise and I have been so busy these past months with uni (though Alise still managed to read THREE BOOKS IN ONE DAY HOW) so not too much exciting stuff has happened on the blog. But what has happened is still quality posts ;)

What did we post in October (and September)?


In September:



In September:





I can’t remember much of what happened in September but I’ve pretty much just been working on stuff for college since August, so. I saw a few movies to get a break from studying so I wouldn’t go insane. The Scorch Trials really impressed me, but I haven’t read the book so my opinion might not be worth much haha. I also saw Crimson Peak because Tom Hiddleston horror movies, and while it wasn’t super scary it was entertaining and I would see it again.


I was so incredibly lucky to get to participate in some great events these past two months!
Thanks to Big Honcho Media, Disney-Hyperion, Penguin Random House, and HarperCollins!

october book haul

assassin's heart buring glass great hunt higgins



Literally all I’ve done the past two months is exams and study. Because of this I’ve probably only finished three books in that time. Much suck. One good thing that happened though was that I GOT TO MEET CASSANDRA CLARE AND HOLLY BLACK! They came to Brisbane Writer’s Festival and were hilarious. They definitely demand respect ;D

This next month is going to be stressful but also exciting. Exciting because Supanova! Meeting Sarah J Maas! So many other fantasy authors! And stressful because final exams are too close.

Speaking of final exams, I’m taking a temporary hiatus until I finish my exams. I might still be making posts that pop up every now and then, but until the 20th of November I won’t be replying to comments because I need to study. As soon as exams are over I’ll make up for it though, I promise!


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I actually got a surprising amount of books these last few months! The fabulous peeps at Penguin sent THE FATE OF TEN (which I’m not sure if I’ll read or not yet because I haven’t read the rest of the series) and a finished copy of MAGNUS CHASE AND THE SUMMER SWORD. Allen & Uwin also sent me NEWT’S EMERALD (my review of which is up already!).

And thanks to Kelly @ Diva Booknerd, QUEEN OF SHADOWS IS NOW IN MY HANDS! I’m hoping to start rereading/ marathoning the series again during exams and have QoS done before I meet Sarah at Supanova. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence gave me THE TRUTH ABOUT ALICE and LOVE LETTERS TO THE DEAD.


How was your October?

Did you read anything spooky for Halloween?

32 Responses to “October 2015 Wrap Up”

  1. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    I’m so sorry that Uni has been so crazy for you both! I hope that you’re hanging in there :) I seriously need to read The Maze Runner, especially seeing as Scorch Trials impressed you without reading the book LOL! And I’m pumped that Crimson Peak isn’t all that scary because I wanted to see it, but well…I’m a scaredy cat O_O GORGEOUS HAUL ALISE and HOLY HELL 3 books in one day?!! *slow clap* YAY for meeting authors Bec and OMG SJM :D You’re going to have a BLAST there, I already know, she’s so lovely ♥ AMAZING HAUL you too!! Happy reading to you both and best of luck with school xxxx
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: The Lost Hero

    • Alise

      Thank you so much! :) It really has been hectic, especially with the year winding down so I will definitely be happy when it’s over. But adulthood *sobs* Hope you like Crimson Peak if you decide to see it :D

  2. Sara L.

    @ Alise: Ahhhh, I loved Six of Crows!! I hope you love it too!

    @ Bec: Best of luck with the rest of your semester! Remember to take some time for yourself now and then so you can relax. (In other words, don’t get too stressed out.)
    Sara L. recently posted…The Infinity Dreams Award

  3. Peach @ Rebelle Reads

    Ooohhh. Passenger. I recently started fawning over it. I love the cover and its theme. Can’t wait for your review! The Truth About Alice is one of my all-time favorite YAs. It’s so powerful. I’ll be looking forward to your thoughts, Bec!

    Good luck with your semesters!
    Peach @ Rebelle Reads recently posted…Review: Hour of the Bees

    • Alise

      Haha, the secret is that I literally did nothing else the entire Saturday xD Good to know about The Truth About Alice, I’m adding that to my TBR now! Thank you :)

  4. Joy @ Thoughts By J

    Three books in one day?! Tell me your secrets Alise!

    I can’t believe how fast October flew by, it scares me a little bit. Good luck with uni ladies, I know you’ll both smash it! See you on the other side Bec, the 20th is just around the corner. :D

    Omgosh Alise, Six of Crows looks BEAUTIFUL. Love love the black stained pages, I hope you enjoy it!
    Joy @ Thoughts By J recently posted…Interview with Lyla Payne

    • Alise

      Stay in bed all day and literally do nothing else but read xD

      I know what you mean, I’m feeling the same about November too D:

      Thank you!! I just finished it recently and asdfghjkl LOVE.

  5. Rachel Lightwood @ Isytria

    Alise: Three books in ONE DAY, Alise!? Please, share you secrets with us, HOW!? And oh my, that haul is GORGEOUS! I just finished Dark Tide a couple of hours ago and it was really, really good. I wasn’t a fan of the two previous books, but it blew me away. I hope you enjoy it just as much!

    Bec: Best of luck with your exams! And I am so excited for Supanovacon! I haven’t read ToG yet (I know, the shame!) but I plan to beforehand.
    Rachel Lightwood @ Isytria recently posted…{Mirror Mirror} Another Week

    • Alise

      I basically didn’t even get out of bed to stop reading the entire day, haha. Ooh, good to know, I’m excited to read it then, thanks! :D

  6. Romi

    Three books in one day? ALISE THAT IS INTENSE. I recently read a book in two days and I was thrilled. It was the first time in so long a novel had been such a quick read for me.
    I hope things with both your school calms down soon! It sounds like it’s definitely pretty intense for both of you and I hope you get through it without too much weariness accompanying you. xx
    Romi recently posted…Perceivable Intensities (4)

  7. Wattle

    I really liked Crimson Peak, it totally wasn’t what I was expecting but it was enjoyable and slightly creepy :) so many familiar faces in it too!

    Three books in one day?! Alise, tell us your secrets!

    Good luck with your exams Bec :)
    Wattle recently posted…Showcase Sunday #34

    • Alise

      I couldn’t agree more! I totally thought it would be a really scary horror ghost movie but I was surprised, in a good way :D

  8. ShootingStarsMag

    I’m finishing up my final semester right now so I understand how crazy it gets. Thankfully I scheduled a lot for Blog Ahead…I hope to keep up with it though so I can have a lot scheduled out for December and even January by the end of this month.

    yay for fun books and great author events though!

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Sunday Post (2): Blog Ahead Ends

    • Alise

      Oh man, good luck! It really is a great relief having posts scheduled so you don’t have to worry about them when you are busy.

  9. Stephanie@ThesePaperHearts

    I definitely didn’t read anything spooky for Halloween. I’m not a fan of horror and am easily scared :P The finished copy of Six of Crows looks awesome! I’ve been debating whether I should buy a copy for myself just so I could have a book with cool black edges. I’m interested to hear what you think of Assassin’s Heart and The Great Hunt. I’ve been on the edge for those ones.
    Stephanie@ThesePaperHearts recently posted…14 YA Book Releases to Look Forward to in November 2015

    • Alise

      I think I read one somewhat spooky book, A Madness So Discreet, although it wasn’t really horror or anything. SIX OF CROWS WAS SO GOOD AASDFGHJKL. Will do :D

  10. Haraiah

    I read Exquisite Captive this October. It had a really interesting start but I started to lose interest halfway through and set it aside. I haven’t picked it up again. I tried reading Tiger’s Curse so long ago but I didn’t get past the prologue.

    So excited for Assassin’s Heart, Burning Glass and The Great Hunt!
    Haraiah recently posted…Mara Dyer Spin-Off Series

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