October 2017 Wrap Up

November 3, 2017 Meme 14

This past month has flown by, like all months have recently. We haven’t been super active, but at least we’ve posted a bit in this crazy time!


Discussion Posts:

Something I posted all over social media but not here (yet) was the WHITE NIGHT cover reveal. It’s actually gorgeous.

White Night Ellie Marney

It’s the latest novel by #LoveOzYA author Ellie Marney, set for release in March 2018. Some more about it:

In Bo Mitchell’s country town, a ‘White Night’ light-show event has the potential to raise vital funds to save the skate park. And out of town, a girl from a secretive off-the-grid community called Garden of Eden has the potential to change the way Bo sees the world. But are there too many secrets in Eden?

As Bo is drawn away from his friends and towards Rory, he gradually comes to believe that Eden may not be utopia after all, and that their group leader’s goal to go off the grid may be more permanent – and more dangerous – than anyone could have predicted.




Guys, I only have one exam left! One exam, than a few weeks waiting, then graduation! WHAT IS THIS???? I’ve been in school for so long, how is the end so close??

My life at the moment is studying for exams and applying for jobs. I still haven’t had any job offers, and new grad equine vet jobs aren’t that common in AUS right now so I’ve started looking overseas. I’ve actually applied for a couple of internships in the UK which is terrifying and exciting. I doubt I’ll get them (I keep all expectations low after the first two rejections) but I still can’t believe I’ve even applied. Look at me, doing scary grown up things despite anxiety.


I did break bans and buy books this month (purchased my first ever Fairy Loot box and pre-ordered Retribution Rails) but they haven’t arrived yet.

Fortunately, I won a giveaway!! Date A Book hosted a Twitter giveaway for STALKING JACK THE RIPPER and its sequel. Because loved STALKING JACK THE RIPPER I couldn’t resist entering. It’s the first giveaway I’ve run in months.



Bec here again, impersonating Alise because she’s been busy! She went on a family vacation last week right when we were making this post #rude.


Since it’s Halloween, give us some spooky book recs!

14 Responses to “October 2017 Wrap Up”

  1. Sara L.

    Do I know the feeling about breaking a book-buying ban? I had told myself to not get anything during the Boston Book Festival last weekend. And what happened? I bought books, of course. XD Shadowhouse Fall by Daniel Jose Older, Forest of a Thousand Lanterns by Julie Dao, Wicked Like a Wildfire by Lana Popovic, and a couple poetry books.

    Anyway, glad to hear you ladies are doing all right despite the stress and busyness. And Bec, good luck with your last exam!!
    Sara L. recently posted…What’s Making Me Happy: October 2017

  2. Louise ✨

    Good luck with your exam! I just finished my Masters degree and my graduations right at the end of the month so I know how you feel :)

    • Bec

      Thank you! Unfortunately I didn’t get the main internship I wanted, and haven’t heard about the other one I tried :/ A different opportunity popped up today in Aus though so here’s hoping!

  3. Sam@WLABB

    Bee – good luck with the job search. How exciting and anxiety inducing. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you. Can I just say, I admire your pictures a lot. I don’t have the skill to place that many items so artfully in the frame. So pretty. I don’t read scary books, but a recent darker book, which I really liked, was Bad Girls with Perfect Faces by Lynn Weingarten. It was a dark and twisted tale with toxic relationships.
    Sam@WLABB recently posted…In a Nutshell Reviews

    • Bec

      Thank you! It’s quite terrifying. I keep getting so close and missing out on jobs.

      Honestly I think half my photos are flukes haha. I just cram things in and move them around for a bit, then hope for the best.

  4. ShootingStarsMag

    Bec- ahh! That’s awesome you only have one more exam. Best of luck with your applications for jobs/internships. It’s tough, I get it. I still only have a part time job but I’ve been applying places too so *fingers crossed* Hopefully this means you can read more fun things soon!! That’s always a plus. ;)


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