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      After seeing some of the… responses to this opinion piece on ARC Piracy and Blogger Behavior, I would like to clear up a few things. It seems a lot of what we were trying to say has been misunderstood/misinterpreted by a large number of people. It led to comments and actions that weren’t ideal from both parties. Here we are trying to clarify our parts and make up for some of our actions that really could have been delivered better.

Firstly, there’s a few things I wish to apologize for.

-I apologize if I have offended anyone. That was not my intention with my post and I’m very sorry that it elicited such a response in some.

-I apologize for making it appear that this post was about just one case. It was not. It was intended as a general observation on the more negative aspects of blogger behavior. A few of the comments I read in that case inspired the post, mostly because I had seen similar responses in other situations too often before (in things like plagiarism, authors behaving badly, etc). And these are the public responses on social media and the like that I’m referring to, not the private ones (I can’t see the private conversations so how could I possible comment on them?)

-I apologize for not having more examples, which only made it seem more like I was talking about a specific event (which I was not). Specifically naming events was something I wanted to avoid but, as some commenters said, my vagueness ended up being more of a hindrance than anything else.

-I apologize for not being as informed as the situation as I could have been. I assumed I would be clear enough in my explanation that people would realize it was targeted more at a general level. It was why I specifically said I had only seen a few pieces, and those parts were the public ones. My admittance was supposed to imply that I was not an expert, I might have been wrong about some aspects, my word was not to be taken as gospel on that particular incidence. Obviously I was not as clear as I thought I was. I’m sorry for not being more clear.

-I apologize for posting on a weekend when I had no internet and then had an exam to study for. I left Alise to deal with the fall out and wasn’t around to explain my thoughts. And it was my fault it posted when it did, instead of scheduling it for a better time.


There are also some things I will not apologize for, because I do not believe they are wrong.

-I do not apologize for making the post. It contains things I think needed to be said. I may not have presented the points in the best way, but still. I had to say them.

-I do not apologize for voicing my opinion. Even after all that’s come from the original post, I still stand by it. Blogger behavior in response to unfavourable situations needs to change. It’s an opinion I might stand by even more now that I’ve been on the receiving end. And this is the behavior on social media I’m talking about. The tweets, the book likes comments. Some comments that were made in a public forum, about the post and us, were extremely derogatory. This was the point we were trying to make. Someone said this is all like gossiping in public while the person is walking right past you and I can not agree more.

-I do not  apologize for refusing to bow down and retract my statement. I still stand by my overall opinion. The things I’ve seen these past few weeks have only solidified it. Other opinions about specific situations might have been ill informed and my thoughts on those have changed slightly in the light of new information. But overall my stance is still the same. Blogging behaviour in some situations really could be improved.


I try to live my life to best I can, be the best person I am able to be, even with all my faults. This includes standing up for what I believe in, and as a general rule: treating other people with respect, no matter what they have done in the past. That is what I was taught, and that is a lesson I will go to my grave following. I had to learn it the hard way because of this awful thing we all have to go through called High School, and even parts of college right now. It is because of this belief that my loyalty to the original post remains, but there are things that need to be addressed.

It was not my intention at all to call specific people out-the exact thing I was trying to stop (public bashing) but to honestly link to their comments. Fingers were not pointed at them, I did not say they were the offenders at all. Most of them I have known for awhile through blogging, talked to them about books, etc and know they are truly nice people. I value them not only as bloggers, but as people. So to those who felt targeted because you were mentioned,my absolute sincerest apologies. This update is for you. None of this was directed towards you. It resulted in a misunderstanding because of poor word choice on my part and people were left to interpret the rest on their own.

This post was not directed to anyone that kept the issue private-we didn’t even know about you guys. The only reason we even used this example was because it was current and that’s what was all over twitter when I was just trying to look at my friend’s updates on what they were reading, thus prompting the post. Even if people think their negative comments are justified, there really is only so far you can go before it becomes too much.

For the sake of this, no one will be mentioned but if you want the piracy story via screenshots, asking around is probably the best option. There are also people in the comments that can give them to you. No more will be said about this particular issue.

Bullying was actually never mentioned by us until it was said in the comments and we went with it for lack of a better term. I don’t like to throw around the word either, but at that point I will admit I was more than mad and hot headed because it seemed like the focus wasn’t on the main part of the post and not thinking about my word choice clearly. Yeah, my comment replies should have been more civil, I apologize for that. I wasn’t thinking clearly, and it was my mistake to reply emotionally charged.

By all means, stand up for what you believe in. By all means, comment if you see someone doing something wrong. That’s precisely what we were trying to do here as well. However, there is a delicate line between trying to educate the person and telling them you are fed up with their behavior rather than berating them for doing “stupid” things. We’ve made mistakes and admitted it and apologized for it, but like Bec mentioned above, the public bashing-the original point of the post-ran rampant, and has affected us in more ways than one.

We do not blog to please people. No one should have to feel like they have to in fear of people lashing out at them. We will, however, clarify and apologize if people have been offended by certain things that were misunderstood because of imprecise facts and poor word choice. If you are offended by opinions, that is nature, and we can’t do anything about that.

I do not even like to look at the original post. It makes me embarrassed at the way I handled the situation and embarrassed for letting my emotions get way out of control, but not for posting about the overall message which is:

You never know what someone else is going through.

*This post was added as an edit to the original post so as to not draw more attention to any involved paries. It is here if you are interested in the issue and so regular readers do not have to be dragged into the issue if they are indifferent towards it. For those of you who still wish to communicate about the issue, please feel to comment below or private message/DM us. Lastly, thank you to the people who have looked over this post and will remain anonymous no matter the circumstances.

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80 Responses to “[UPDATED] Rant: Blogger Behaviour”

  1. Sophia Lin

    WHUTTTT. *puts on a total No Way face* But a good point. There are some who get ARCs but don’t put much priority in them (such as myself, who only requests 2-3 at a time).

    But I guess not all of us can make everything all sunshine and rainbows as you put it. Otherwise, world peace would be possible, but didn’t we try that already and failed just miserably? :p
    Sophia Lin recently posted…Blog Tour: The Sowing – Playlist + Giveaway

    • Bec

      I myself only request ARCs about that often, and only when I really want them. I don’t have time to do more :(

      *sigh* I know. But we can dream though. A world without conflict would be so stress free… sort of

  2. Cait @ Notebook Sisters

    Okay, officially freaked out here. (But, honestly, excellent post.) Um, I didn’t know lending kindle books was illegal! I know amazon has a lending system (but I knew it’s not available for every ebook), so I thought lending ebooks was a normal and legal thing to do. (Although I know you CAN’T lend ARCs through amazon/kindle lending method.)
    OMG. I did NOT realise people actually pirated books. I completely agree that stealing books is horrible and noooo nooo, why would you even try to do it?? Internet attacks also make me very very sad. Why would you do that?
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters recently posted…Double Review: A Corner of White & The Cracks in the Kingdom (and Cait’s sanity goes POOF)

    • Bec

      Well you know now! The Amazon lending system works like a library one I believe, where it’s deleted after a certain amount of time.

      It’s not that surprising when you think of it. Just like music: electronic files uploaded straight onto the internet here people can download them. It’s such a shame it happens though and the authors & people who worked to make the book what it is don’t get any money from it.

      I don’t even try to understand half of what makes people attack others on the internet. You wouldn’t do it face to face so how does having a screen between you make it right?

    • Jasmyn

      Lending through Kindle/Amazon according to their rules is not illegal. The publisher is allowing you to loan it so many times for so many days. It’s when someone copies the file and sends/lends it outside of the publisher/sellers knowledge that you run into pirating.
      Jasmyn recently posted…Review: Lumiere by Jacqueline Garlick

    • Bec

      I am actually pretty impressed with that line. No clue where it came from in my head, but go me :P

  3. Eve

    Wow… I didn’t know about that, but I agree that both actions are horrible. Pirating books is wrong for more than one reason; it’s like you’re basically just stealing from the author who wrote the book. You might as well move into their home, eat their food, sleep on their bed, etc. And the fact that the person who requested these eARCS didn’t seem to feel guilty at all… it’s horrible. It’s really silly to try to get your hands on a book as soon as possible; after all, you ARE going to read it. It could be in a few weeks, it could be in a few months.

    Though I don’t agree with the way bloggers have attacked this person. It’s very true what you said – they know nothing about this person; if they’re suicidal, if they have any problems, etc. I mean, it’s harsh. For all they know, this could actually be a kid – 13-14 years old. There’s a possibility that they don’t know what piracy is and why is it bad. These days people really can’t know the age of the person behind the screen. But if it’s an older person who knows… very few things can excuse pirating books. But such harsh reactions aren’t needed when things can be settled quietly.
    Eve recently posted…Review: Hexed

    • Bec

      YES! Exactly. The author gets nothing. No recognition for hard work, no royalties which could be what they need to stay afloat for a few more months. The publisher gets nothing so how do they know if the book is successful and the series worth continuing.

      At first the person who asked claimed innocence, but now I’m starting to think that was a lie and they knew all along but still lack guilt… Some people *shakes head*

      From what I’ve heard, this is a 14 year old. That’s a very impressionable age where self confidence is probably low and they’re trying to find their place in the world, figure out who they are. You don’t need horrible words flung at you by strangers in that time period, no matter what you’ve done.

  4. Finley Jayne

    I’m new to the book review blogging ‘community’ so I have no idea about what happened, but it doesn’t sound like a good situation at all :( For my blog I’m only reviewing library books (kind of my niche), so I’ll never get involved in the ARC thing, but it’s sad that one blogger has to go ahead and ruin a good thing. Publishers and authors are probably paying attention to what has happened. Hopefully this one blogger’s behavior, and the behavior of other bloggers in response, won’t cause authors/publishers to shy away from giving good, honest bloggers ARC’s in the future.
    Great post!
    Finley Jayne recently posted…The Case of the Missing Servant: Tarquin Hall

    • Bec

      Enjoy staying out of the conflict for a while! It can dampen the book blogging experience I’m afraid :(

      There is nothing wrong with library book! Alise reviews mostly library books, a lot of people do. It’s a great way to support the community.

      This is just one case of a blogger trying to pirate ARCs. It probably happens more than we know and this girl was just unlucky (or stupid), asked the wrong person, and got caught. I think publishers would already have been aware, but really it’s not something that is easy to control.

      I don’t think publisher’s will stop ARCs. Reviews and online/literary buzz is one of the main ways to generate lots of publicity for their books. I know Netgalley has blocked the Offending Reviewer from getting ARCs, and she’s probably destroyed the credibility of her blog, but the majority of the community is really good when it comes to ARCs so I don’t think it will be too big of an issue

      Thanks :)

      • Khanh

        To add onto what Faye’s said, you do realize that we DID keep this private, right? Faye and I decided to pm her personally first. If not for the fact that Shoujo made this public, this situation ever would have blown up. We never sought to make this a spectacle.

        You say you’re her friend? So was I. She and I have been in contact for months because she needed someone to talk to beyond books. Trust me when I say you’re not the only one pulled in.
        Khanh recently posted…Adi Rule – Strange Sweet Song

        • Bec

          If it wasn’t on the public thread, I wouldn’t have known about it But I’m glad that you took that path. I was more using the comments I saw at that particular time as an observation/example for overall behaviour, more than just behaviour on this single issue, because I’ve notices similar things/responses happen too many times before.

          I’m not her friend on Goodreads, Alise is.

        • Alise

          I had no idea Faye was even involved so kudos for keeping it private, which is the proper way to handle it. We are referring to some who took to social media and called this girl out by name, thus causing even more people to lash out at her and who didn’t handle it as well as you guys did.

          Yeah, we talked numerous times as well, that’s why it is even more sad. I’m sorry this affected you personally, Khanh. Thanks for commenting.

    • Hannah @ Portable Elsewheres

      Finley Jane, I love that you review library books. I love reading blogs of all shapes and sizes in the book blogging community, but sometimes I feel snowed under by the emphasis on all that is new and shiny and fad in the publication stream. Don’t get me wrong- I know that covering those things provides us a wonderful service, helping to inform our reading decisions on new/upcoming releases, but I do just like to see some no-deadline, “this-is-what-i-found” book talk sometimes.

      Sorry to interject!
      Hannah @ Portable Elsewheres recently posted…Less TV, More Music

      • Bec

        It is always nice to see reviews for books you haven’t heard about in a while! Those are just as important and amazing as new releases.

        Don’t worry, it’s a lovely comment :)

  5. Laura Plus Books

    Bec, my respect for you is literally jumping out of the sky and flying to the moon. I’ve seen a few people talk about this Offending Reviewer but I’ve been trying to just stay away from the ‘clique’ (group, idk) of people. It’s horrible it really is but the Offender Reviewer would be feeling pretty damn shit right now. They knew it was wrong and they shouldn’t of done it but having people attack you like that is really sad. I literally unfollowed most of the mean people. >< Thank you so much for this post! It was amazing and I read every single word. Loved it!
    Laura Plus Books recently posted…LGBT Month: Giveaway + Read-Along Updates

    • Bec

      Aw, thanks Laura :)

      Yeah, it’s a pretty terrible situation no matter what way you look at it. What Offending Reviewer did, how some people ended up responding/the response escalated….

    • Bec

      They definitely do get caught up in anger, even I do. But I always try and apologise later if I can.

      “…we are as responsible for the content of our reactions as we are for our actions”


  6. Kezia

    Is this the picture that Alise tweeted? XD

    Anyway, you have just perfectly said the thing that I’ve been wanting to get off my chest for a while. But I’m definitely not as dauntless as you.

    I don’t know the full story. I just heard about it last night and even though I had the urge to ask, I didn’t and I investigated it by myself. I don’t want to get involved in any drama.

    But to be honest, I am not that surprised about bloggers’ reaction to this ARC incident as I have seen what happened to those who commit plagiarism… Yeah, those are indeed completely wrong things to do, but I agree that this issue should be resolved in better ways. And not only to big issues like this, drama has also happened simply because of different opinions.

    Okay, I’m not gonna talk about any incident in specific. But what if the bloggers who made mistakes want to change? And when they have learned their lessons and changed, a lot might still boycott these bloggers because of past mistakes. This has happened and it is what saddens me even more.

    Consequences are needed, but to receive this kind of punishment… I don’t know. Sure there must be other ways to resolve problems in peace. I don’t join this community to see some high school drama. Or real-life dystopia. Then again, there are STILL rainbows and sunshines and I just hope they will overshadow all the conflicts so we all can still enjoy the community.

    Well-said, Bec! :)
    Kezia recently posted…[Review] Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

    • Bec

      I have no idea what pic Alise tweeted, if she tweeted any (uni takes away my internet time :( )

      I don’t really like getting involved in drama either, but like you said, I’ve also noticed similar responses occur so many times, too many times I think. And boycotting someone because of one potentially little mistake is really sad. You can take the joy out of something they love… It’s sad.

      Consequences and living with them is part of learning. This reviewer already had their Netgalley privileges revoked and stuff, there’s no need for continued harassment.

      There are still rainbows! And I hope some big ones show up soon to remind us all of the good side of blogging.

  7. Allie @ Little Birdie

    I’m so out of the loop I wasn’t even aware this situation was going on!

    I get what you mean about this community . . . at times is the most awesome, supportive community out there. But when something like this happens, everyone jumps on the bandwagon and goes into attack mode. it’s vicious and unnecessary and does more harm than good.

    It’s an excuse to be an internet bully and hide behind a ‘just cause’, IMO and whenever something like this happens, I refuse to take part in it. Bashing someone constantly for something they did wrong, just makes you as morally repugnant as them!
    Allie @ Little Birdie recently posted…Review: Unteachable {Leah Raeder}

    • Bec

      Yes! Very well put! Verbally bashing others online is incredibly sad, no matter what they did. It’s a low level to get to.

  8. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    WHAT? This post has me baffled. I have a co-blogger, and we share ebooks between ourselves (mostly with the Kindle lending system or if they’re ARCs provided by authors, we ask permission first before doing so). Making them available online is a completely different story. Especially the Netgalley and Edelweiss ones. Publishers approve you because you have the ability to successfully promote their books, not because you’re a blogger. Being a blogger doesn’t entitle anyone to free books -.- I once won a giveaway of free ebooks, and I guess that most of them must be illegal if I’m judging based on Rachel Vincent’s post :(. I had no idea this was going on, such drama! Who knew the blogging community could be so mean?
    Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted…10 Signs That Prove You’re a Bookworm

    • Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

      After reading Alise’s update, and actually looking through all the comments, I’m really baffled. Things are being taken way out of proportion. This post clearly has 2 parts: 1 part where Bec is speaking about what happened (using this as an example), and the 2nd part is talking more about blogger behaviour in general (NOT ABOUT THE SITUATION AT HAND). All bloggers commenting here and feeling “offended” should not, since Bec was in no way pointing fingers and saying “x blogger was really really mean to this person”. Bec was saying how quickly us (the blogging community) tend to lash out and get offended or whatnot. (I mean, c’mon, this is why they changed the Goodreads Policy in the first place! Because some people just went out of their way to bully others).

      I am, however, offended at the fact that people are actually trying to justify why that person “deserved” what she got. No. Just no. There are ways to deal with a problem, and sadly that was not the way. A hurtful, spiteful or mean comment is indeed bullying. Because “they were doing things that deserved spite” does not justify the bullying. Was that illegal? Yes. But, there are other ways.

      I support this post wholeheartedly because it stands for what we all should want: respect.

      Alise & Bec: you gals shouldn’t have to feel the need to justify yourselves, but thank you either way for doing so.
      Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms recently posted…10 Signs That Prove You’re a Bookworm

    • Bec

      The key words you have there: lending and permission.

      If the giveaway host you won them from purchased the books and gave them to you, not made them copies then I wouldn’t say it’s pirated. But it’s can be hard to tell.

      It is very sad to see, and unfortunately I have seen it more than once.

  9. A Canadian Girl

    I haven’t heard about this incident but I don’t understand why people feel that they are entitled to ARCs simply because they blog.

    Bec, I loved your paragraph about considering your words. It’s so easy to let loose on someone because both you and the other person are anonymous in a sense. It’s always important to remember though that there’s a person behind that computer who reads what you say and has emotions just like you.
    A Canadian Girl recently posted…Review: Side Effects May Vary by Julie Murphy

    • Bec

      It is a pretty silly assumption, especially when you look at publisher’s Netgalley pages and things and see all their daunting guidelines…

      Thanks! You’re right, the virtual space between you in your room and the stranger across the other side of the screen is gigantic, and it is so easy to forget that a) they are humans with feelings and b)you don’t know anything about them when it comes down to it.

  10. aly @ My Heart Hearts Books

    Eeek! I managed to avoid this, but I think this wrong on so many levels. I love getting ARC and eARCs but that’s not why I blog. I blog cause I love to read. I feel like so many people have gotten distracted and sidetracked with ARCs. On one hand I’m appalled with this blogger’s offending behavior, but I’m mostly appalled with the blogging community’s response. I just feel like there’s always a right way to handle a situation. You can get your point across without being vile. And I’m starting to really hate this crowd mentality. I wrote about it awhile back when an author misbehaved and the blogging community descended on her. I hate when some members of the community are so intent on destroying someone. I realize what the person did initially was wrong but no one deserves to be attacked so ruthless by countless strangers online. It’s get’s so out of control so quickly and I have that some big blogs are usually the ones leading it all. Ahhh, I find it all so very frustrating.
    aly @ My Heart Hearts Books recently posted…Dear Killer (Review)

    • Bec

      The blogging community does seem rather obsessed with ARCs. I don’t think it’s quite healthy…

      It is very very frustrating. The more I read, the more it seems this situation started of being handled better than I thought, but it also doesn’t excuse the behaviour of those few terrible responses both here and in so many other situations as well.

  11. Debby (Snuggly Oranges)

    Okay, as someone who was involved in this situation, I feel like it’s risky for me to comment here, and I don’t want to stir up a shit storm, but at the same time, you are missing some key pieces of information, thereby misrepresenting the facts, and painting a group of understandably frustrated people as bullies.

    1. The reviewer in question is not a blogger. She does not have a blog. She is only an active user of Goodreads and writes reviews there. So one may argue whether she would be entitled to ARCs in the first place. But I totally agree with what you say that even bloggers at the point that they get rejected for an ARC should just be able to pick themselves back up and wait for the book to be released.
    2. The issue was not simply that she asked for ARCs, which yes, is illegal, but it had more to do with the millions of lies she spun around it which gradually unraveled over the course of the thread. She was basically emotionally manipulating people for MONTHS, after repeatedly being confronted about her behavior, but she still continued (thus showing she learned nothing). There was a lot of build up ahead of this post, and many of the commenters were personally involved or witnessed that. When anyone provided half an excuse for her on that thread, she hid behind it. And towards the end she literally said she DID NOT FEEL GUILTY, but kept asking everyone to forgive her.
    3. After the thread, it’s been confirmed she again asked two more people to send her ARCs. So even after all of that, she learned nothing.

    While the internet may at times be a ruthless place, this thread was surprisingly civil. Everyone that commented only wanted her to learn her lesson, to educate her about what part of her behavior was so problematic. Not everyone was perfectly eloquent, but at the same time, there was no yelling or name calling going on. Nobody yelled, “YOU BITCH HOW DARE YOU.” So as someone involved, I don’t really appreciate you insinuating that we are the bullies.

    I respect you, Bec, but I do feel like you’re twisting part of the story here. For ANYONE reading this and interested, I have the entire thread in question screencapped and I will share it on request.

    • Bec

      I thank you for commenting and filling in my knowledge, which I am aware is lacking. I wasn’t trying to twist the story in any way or trying paint people as bullies, I understand the feelings and thoughts behind what responses I did read. I was trying to point out that our behaviour in general to negative situations can be pretty piss poor.

      1. So many people are bloggers these days, it’s strange to come across a simple (lone?) reviewer..I originally had “blogging/reviewing” in that ARC entitles segment but changed it for aesthetics. I’ll change it back now in this light. I don’t think I referred to Offending Reviewer as a blogger anywhere else though… That reviewer entitlement to ARCs is a very interesting issue…

      2/3. The manipulation is also terrible, and I am so… frustrated with her lack of guilt. As did her admission that she knew it was wrong, had done it multiple times, and continued to try and gain sympathy. I think the only way she will learn her lesson is if the respective authorities are involved and she’s charged with something. Until then I don’t think the consequences/problems with what she’s done will really hit her.

      Like I said, I didn’t mean to insinuate that anyone was a bully. I myself don’t think of anyone who submitted the comments I read as a bully. And if they are, they’re pretty civil compared to some other things I’ve read. And I did see some of that education, it was good.

      What I was trying to highlight with this post was blogger behaviour overall, not Offending Reviewer’s incident specifically, because it’s something I’ve seen too many times and the extent of responses to negative issues in this community can be depressing. Also, though it was a civil response in this case and no one was name calling, depending on the tone you read the comments in, some could be seen as aggressive. We can’t get inside the commenter’s head and know exactly what they meant, what words they stressed, or the true intent behind their comment. It can easily be taking in a more negative light than it was delivered.

      I may hit you up for those screencaps one day as I do want to be more informed about the events of this situation, but I don’t have the time to read them all right now (damn uni and exams *shakes fist*)

      • Debby (Snuggly Oranges)

        Look, I’m not saying that at the core this post doesn’t have a good message, but this is about the worst example you could have chosen – especially as you didn’t tell the full story. Bloggers going into attack mode is a thing, but here there was so much more going on. While you try to make general points about how wrong that BEHAVIOR is and should be changed, by using THIS situation as an example, you make it seem like every point you make is about that and about the people involved. Hence, people are incredibly frustrated, including about surrounding comments, for example saying that anything hurtful is bullying. This post was pretty hurtful to me, so I guess it’s bullying too.

        There are better examples you could have used to prove your point. When you feel like a post you’re writing might be risky, make sure you have the full range of facts (so you don’t have to put a disclaimer – I didn’t read everything), that you’re writing the best form of the argument, and illustrating it with the best examples. Bandwagon attacking behavior should stop, yes, but you’re not really making that a strong point here – it got lost in the example and it did in fact insinuate that anyone involved in the OR situation was a bully.

  12. Rashika

    Hey Bec,

    I totally understand why you feel so enraged at our behavior but the fact remains that this wasn’t some random blow-up. The tension has been building up for months. It started a while ago when the said person asked Scott for his eARC of The Winner’s Curse. Steph and Kat stepped in to teach her the do’s and don’ts of ARCs and Scott wrote a very good post on his blog regarding the distribution of ARCs. She apologized and promised not to do it again. All was good. But she didn’t stop. She started messaging people in private for eARCs instead. And everyone started getting angry. Especially since she isn’t actually a blogger but no one wanted to call her out for the fear of seeming like they were harassing her and so it continued. Until one of my friends decided to message her and tell her, in the most polite way possible, that she needed to stop. She instead posted a status painting herself to be a victim and making everyone telling her to stop out to be villains. Her friends were sympathetic and they all believed her story. That is when people stepped in to tell her to stop lying and just own up to her mistake. She become emotional and said she was deleting her account. She claimed that she didn’t know it was illegal and then later claiming she knew. She said she asked only 5 bloggers, when I can name 10 off the top of my head including a friend who she continually harassed to the point of asking her for a kindle. She also claimed she wasn’t very guilty and I am guessing the only reason she was apologizing was because she was caught and not because she feels any genuine remorse.

    She then deleted said status and then posted ANOTHER one bidding farewell to her friends/followers saying she was deleting her account because she felt like everyone hated her.

    Also, even after this incident, she asked two more bloggers for eARCs.

    This is why we’re enraged. We’ve given her a fair share of chances and opportunities to redeem herself yet she continues to pester people for their hard earned eARCs.

    • Bec

      I did see the start of the whole situation, and then the end. A lot of what happened in between I wasn’t really aware of so thanks for this. And wow, some of those things are terrible. And the fact she still continues is quite sad.

      I completely understand why you are enraged. I am enraged. We all have the right to be enraged. But what I was trying to stress here was more about responses to situations as a whole, not just to this case alone.

  13. Faye @ The Social Potato

    I respect you a lot, Bec, and I am a great fan of this blog. I comment as much as I can and interact with the activities and discussions here, but I can’t help but feel a little insulted and disappointed in this post. It would have been wiser to check the facts first before posting this rant.

    Pretty much everything has been said by Debby and Rashika. This was not something that blew-up on the spot. The reactions of the bloggers involved were a result of a tension that progressively increased over time. We have all forgiven the said person for her “mistake”, something she obviously hasn’t learned as she continues to do it even after the said incident, but if it’s a deed that is being done time and time and time again, with no remorse shown at all each time, won’t you feel frustrated as well? I may not have commented in that thread as much as the others, but I understand why they reacted the way they did. It also does not help she harasses a friend of mine with multiple demands of ARCs (once even saying she will pay it off her, and even asking for it thrice within a span of thirty minutes).

    People may have had different ways of showing their frustration, as many of those bloggers were HER friends who told her REPEATEDLY not to do her sneaky shit anymore, but there were no name-callings that went on, no one was bullied. Said person was simply being called out on her bullshit, something she has been doing since, like, last year?, and that same person emotionally manipulating people to feel sorry for her. She was already being educated (and should have been educated already but alas…), she has been told time and time again that what she was doing was illegal (and she knows it was), she has been given multiple chances. So yeah. Peolpe reacted the way they did, but that was simply the frustration they’ve been bottling up in hopes she would reform herself.

    She never did, and I am not confident she will, as she has recently continued her asking bloggers for illegally distributing their arcs to her.

    • Bec

      This post was not made with the intent to insult anyone, so I am sorry I have unknowingly done so. What I was trying to do was make people more aware of piracy and of behaviour, as things like this have happened more than once and it makes me disappointed in the community. The comments I saw (and I am very aware I am do not know half of what went on) were what triggered the behaviour portion, simply because it’s behaviour I have seen more than once in many situations, some which aren’t handled as well as this was at first. This was not meant to be a detailed analysis/criticism of Offending Reviewer’s situation. If it was I would have looked into it a lot more to make sure I had as much information as possible and my facts straight.

      I am as frustrated with this girl’s actions as you are. The more I hear about her tactics and lack of remorse, the more frustrated I get. And it doesn’t appear like she will stop.

      And if that’s the case, no matter what you do or what comments people make, it isn’t going to change her. So do the comments that are left have to be filled with things that outsiders/people with negative view points/people who come in and read it with a different tone of voice than was intended would take as aggression instead of reason/education?

  14. Ellis

    Hi. Like Rashika and Debby, I’m someone who was rather close to the situation, though never as involved that I felt like I needed to comment on the original thread. I agree with them that there’s a part of the story missing here. In this regard, the following paragraph is interesting:

    “Nicer ways that don’t involve hundreds of people and bashing and hurt feelings. You can quietly contact the person, keep the issue low, try and resolve it one on one first. Educate them. Tell them why it’s wrong, explain the proper way something is done. If they refuse to listen and are unnecessarily rude and difficult, if they know they are doing something illegal or morally wrong, that’s when you change tactics and go for something more severe. But you don’t start there.”

    This is exactly what and how it happened, several times, both in public and in private. The girl in question has been asking people for months, and it quickly turned into full-on spamming. I’m talking sending them messages every two minutes, even when they kept denying her.

    Now, some of the people she asked actually sent her an ARC once or twice, but quickly stopped when they realised that a) it’s illegal (I don’t know how they hadn’t figured that out before because all ARCs are quite clear on that) and b) that she wasn’t going to stop asking for them. So they tried to discourage this behaviour by telling her nicely, but she threatened to expose them, which is one of the many ways she used to manipulate people to give her what she wants.

    She was also the one who decided to take it public. She could have just stopped asking for ARCs, but as the thread shows, that weren’t her priorities. She just wanted people to forgive her and feel sorry for her and, once again, she manipulated into giving them what she wants by lying, twisting the truth and using emotionally manipulative language. When she saw she wasn’t fooling anyone, she decided to change tactics and started naming the people that had provided her with illegal ARCs. Again, this was an attempt to throw the focus off her.

    I know some of the comments were harsh, but there were a few reasons for this. First of all, they came from the people who were personally affected by the situation. It wasn’t the first time they told her to stop and they were disgusted to see how she was trying to play the victim, again. Also, earlier on in the thread people who had little to no knowledge of the history behind this entire situation immediately started coddling and defending her, which gave her the impression that she hadn’t done anything wrong.

    So yes, some of the language was forceful and not particularly “nice” but it had come to the point where everything even remotely nice was interpreted by her as “oh, so you forgive me?”, which obviously wasn’t the point of all this. This wasn’t just some random drama the big bloggers decided to jump on. I’ve had people tell me this has been going on for almost a year now. The fact that it got so blown up this time is because the nicer approach clearly wasn’t working. Judging from the comments I’ve seen here, neither did the forceful approach, for that matter. It’s quite sad, really.

    I’m also a bit confused as to what the mention of mental illness is doing here. I won’t deny that it isn’t a serious issue, and internet behaviour does play a certain part in that, but I fail to see where it is relevant to the situation at hand. It has never been brought up as an issue in relation to the person in question (which doesn’t mean she doesn’t struggle with it), and I know for a fact that if it had been, the bloggers that were more forceful in their reply wouldn’t have critiqued her on that.

    I’m sorry if this looks like a critique on your post. It isn’t intended to be one. There was just some information missing. I don’t think we know each other, but I do respect you, and you absolutely have the right to your opinion. So I hope this doesn’t come across as a lecture or a critique and if you want to see the screen shots I have (both of the public thread and of some of the stuff that went on behind the scenes) you’re always welcome to ask.

    • Bec

      No, don’t apologise. This helps me figure out what I haven’t explained clearly and what I am missing. I appreciate and thank you for the time you took to leave this comment.

      I now know that she was continually harassing people for it, but the fact she named some people in a public thread is terrible and really, the more I hear the more disappointing and despicable her own behaviour gets.

      The next step after the nicer approach doesn’t have to be involving more people/stressing the things the offender did wrong harder. There are still other ‘more severe’ ways that people can go about it (taking screenshots, sending to appropriate authorities, etc) without it becoming excessively public. Yes, she started the forum and called people out which was very wrong, and has done a lot of harm to herself by pushing the issue and continuing, but it never had to be taken to social media, never had to be brought to the attention to others who would otherwise not be in the know, who would then got to look and also start commenting & making the situation even bigger.

      The mental illness bit comes in to play because this was intended as a discussion/observation on blogger behaviour in all/many negative situations, because responses like the ones in this case I have seen more than once, some with even less of a build up. It was not intended to explicitly relate to the situation at hand, but as something to be aware of when leaving comments on posts when some sort of drama is occurring/be more aware of the effect words can have on people.

  15. Michelle (Pink Polka Dot Book Blog)

    So much drama!! I’m glad I’m not cool and don’t ever know about any of this stuff! Frankly it sounds kind of juvenile. In no way am I sticking up for this girl, but there is a lot of pressure out there to get ARCs and with people talking about ARCs left and right, some people might feel like they need to get them to be relevant?? I mean I could care less about that stuff, but I just see the pressure that’s out there. I also don’t think it’s anyone’s “job” to tell this girl she’s wrong. I say tell the publisher what’s going on and leave it at that. And don’t lend her your ARC… done!
    Michelle (Pink Polka Dot Book Blog) recently posted…Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

    • Bec

      Tell me about it -__- The entire situation is pretty juvenile. And that emphasis on ARCs that this community seems to have developed really isn’t healthy.

      It’s definitely not anyone’s job specifically. The people who she asked definitely have the first right to tell why why it’s wrong, and notify someone else if it kept happening, but other people don’t have to get involved.

  16. Dorothy @ Unladylike Reviews

    I’ve been debating whether to actually comment on this post.
    I’m generally the type to avoid drama whenever..

    The reason I decided to say something was because the comments from people involved in the incident intrigued me.
    My question is: why did you actually had to step so low to call out that person publicly.
    I mean, it was obvious that that person was not going to stop harassing people for arcs, nor was she listening to reason.
    Why be polite about it, why not just compile the evidence (screenshot?) and then report the problem to “higher authorities” (goodreads?), let them deal with it accordingly.
    I apologize if I offended anyone that wasn’t my intention, I’m just curious.

    I agree with the post, piracy is piracy in whatever form it comes, I didn’t even know that its possible to duplicate e-arcs?!?
    I also agree with the commenting etiquette. Things can escalate quickly online the victim can often become the attacker. The internet is scary that way.
    Dorothy @ Unladylike Reviews recently posted…Geist by Phillipa Ballantine

    • Alise

      Just a quick reply because I had to say this before I leave and Bec has charge over this but THANK YOU DOROTHY, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Seriously, you have pointed out something I want to put on a billboard: “why did you actually had to step so low to call out that person publicly.”

      • Debbie

        In response to “why did you actually had to step so low to call out that person publicly.”

        Huh? ‘That person’ started the public thread herself. A few bloggers had posted about ARCs, legalities, piracy, etc. without mentioning her by name or by screen name. I never saw anyone call her out publicly prior that.

        I’m not speculating why she made that post. I don’t know her well enough to judge.

        I do judge anyone calling any of it bullying. It’s the internet and just because more than one person on one thread says something hurtful ain’t bullying. It is demeaning to real bully victims to say so.

        I got the impression she was the one repeatedly spamming and threatening bloggers by email and messages before making a public thread saying she was sorry, didn’t know, wasn’t doing it anymore and saying everyone was being hateful to her even before the first comments were made. I saw no threats or attacks although of course there may have been non-public ones. I did see irate comments calling her out for not being sorry since she wasn’t stopping asking for pirated books and for pretending no one had tried to handle it privately and politely when they felt they had been trying for months.

        Bullying indeed. Why don’t people report threats/attacks to site support if that’s what they think they are seeing? Instead of taking sides and calling it bullying because they aren’t all alone on the internet and not everyone agrees with them.

        • Alise

          I’m sorry Debbie but saying ANYTHING hurtful is bullying. In fact, I think that’s the definition of bullying. Especially on the internet because it never goes away.

          “Why don’t people report threats/attacks to site support if that’s what they think they are seeing?”

          Why didn’t you take your own advice and report this girl to the site and Netgalley then? Instead of publicly calling her out on everything she has done? How did that help anything?

          • Kara M.

            Yeah, but see, no one publicly called her out. She posted that status update herself, trying to make herself look like a victim. She called FAYE out publicly. I mean, are we in an alternate dimension here?

            Maybe some of the stuff said on Twitter afterward went too far, but people were just venting their frustration. In no way was any of this bullying. And if you are going to call it that, then let’s point out that she called out Faye publicly first (ON A GR STATUS) after Faye had been trying for months to take care of it privately.

            Let’s get the facts straight before we make a public blog post. Also, you are attacking people for calling a girl out publicly while you call out people publicly. Hypocritical, no?

    • Bec

      I can understand your hesitation, so thanks for deciding to leave a comment!

      You’re right. It’s become clear over the course of many of the stories I’ve read here that the girl had no intention of stopping her behaviour. Talking about it on twitter and generating unnecessary interest in others isn’t going to change that.

      I’m pretty sure Goodreads wouldn’t be happy to hear that someone’s using their site to obtain pirated novels…

      eARCS are just electronic files. It wouldn’t be hard to share them and, if you knew how, to duplicate them.

      The internet is very, very scary. Things can turn so quickly.

  17. Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    As someone who was involved in what happened, I was willing to let the original post go, even though it worried me. The update, however, has made me feel the need to step up.

    On one hand, I do totally agree with what I believe to be the intent of this post. Bloggers, and people in general, should avoid attacking one another in cruel ways. When I define “cruel” here, I’m referencing ad hominem attacks and baseless accusations. When confronting a situation like the one with Offending Reviewer, it’s important to stick to the facts of the case and not to accuse the person of anything they didn’t do or anything personal. For example, when arguing with someone, don’t reference their personal appearance or mental health, because that has no bearing on whether or not they were illegally obtaining eARCs.

    However, I’m deeply unsettled by the implication in the update that we should just let the behavior stand because that one person is not going to change. I don’t know if you read the full thread, but I did, and, personally, what I posted wasn’t really for OR or to educate that person. Many of OR’s friends commented on the thread with sympathy, saying that they didn’t understand what was wrong about OR’s behavior or that they didn’t believe the accusations. OR was intentionally minimizing what happened, so the comments were intended to put the truth out there and to explain the legality of the situation to others.

    By the end of the thread, several people who, in the beginning said they didn’t understand the issue, came back and remarked that they now understood eARCs and what was wrong better. Yes, it was unpleasant, but it was actually one of the least spiteful GR blow ups that I’ve ever seen. There were very few comments I would call out of line. I don’t know about others, but what worried me most were the people who didn’t understand why what OR did was wrong, but who probably WOULD model their behavior on the legal methods if they understood.

    If you disagree, fine, that’s your right. Maybe you think I’m one of the blogger bitches, and that’s your right too. I think part of the reason this post resulted in so many responses you didn’t like was that the vagueness of the accusations make it such that any one who commented on the thread at all feels condemned, even if they, like I do, feel like they were fair and not committing ad hominem attacks.
    Christina (A Reader of Fictions) recently posted…Audiobook Review: The Anatomy Lesson by Nina Siegel

    • Alise

      Thank you for a courteous comment, Christina. I have no problem talking when it is worded respectfully.

      Granted, all of this is not baseless, but it was very public. There are screenshots being posted all around the internet with the girl’s name being flashed out and not blacked out, that is what really bothers me because all these people see this and then they go and look her up which starts a barrage of people going after her. And they all might not be so nice.

      I believe Bec mentioned the mental health issue in a more general sense, as these people who do wrong things even when they are fully aware of them could have issues that we are not aware of because we do not know her. She could have depression or another mental issue and when you feel like the whole world is ganging up on you it could be enough to

      All Bec, and in hand, me, want is to just see people respecting other people. Keeping dirty laundry private, and reporting something when you know it is wrong because getting involved and lashing out at OR isn’t helping things.

      And neither one of us called anyone a bitch anywhere or anytime.

      • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

        Everything can’t necessarily be handled privately. It’s ideal, yes, but not always feasible. OR posted about it, likely in a bid for sympathy thought I cannot know what went through OR’s head. The comments were almost entirely saying that people were ridiculous to be upset at OR for having done that. These were based on false information and that’s a problem. I left it alone for quite a while, but the lies were getting absurd. Again, OR opened the forum. I can get a screenshot of that, if you guys don’t believe me.

        So far as the screenshots go, the only ones in the chat were of things posted publicly on Goodreads. They were not from private conversations. Anything posted in the chat could easily be found on the site if someone chose to look. I don’t see that as a violation of privacy. I’m sorry to hear that people might be using the screenshots I posted to harass OR, but that is not MY fault. I posted them because people were making assertions without evidence, which is essentially a choice in who the reader trusts more. Going to harass OR isn’t good either, and, from what I understand, OR was also reported based on Khanh’s booklikes post. I doubt this would have gone public had not falsehoods been said in public.

        It is true that we can’t know if someone has a mental issue, but I also feel like implications that someone might be committing a crime because of a mental illness are troublesome. Plus, the same is true of absolutely anyone at any time, and there’s no saying what could set someone off.

        Also, do you not see the irony in encouraging people to keep “dirty laundry private” while simultaneously publicly shaming people in your post? The original was doing the same, though in a vaguer sense, but the update actually calls particular people out by name. By your own expectations, should you not have contacted each and every one of them privately rather than shaming them in a public forum?
        Christina (A Reader of Fictions) recently posted…Audiobook Review: The Anatomy Lesson by Nina Siegel

        • Alise

          Whoever said what in the comments is not my opinion, in fact, I said multiple times that everyone who lashed out at her has a reason to be mad, just not necessarily a right to go and broadcast what this girl did all over the Internet.

          I never said this was YOUR fault, or blamed you or called anyone out for their behavior on Twitter, where I see most of this has gone on. I kept quiet about all of it and Bec came to me, wanting to post about how she sees bloggers turning on each other all the time and publicly going after people. I didn’t say this is all Christina’s fault. If you didn’t spread what she did around or encourage the harassment, you didn’t do anything wrong by any means. The only one who did anything wrong was OR but the point of this post, of ALL this, is to say that OR’s name should not be spread out over the internet for the harassment to continue. Everyone has free speech, you can tell her how wrong she is for doing this all day long, just be somewhat courteous about it, being being aggressive isn’t going to fix anything.. Talking to the OR at all probably wasn’t going to help anything, she’s going to keep doing whatever she wants.

          In my update I linked the comments so everyone could click and be directed to them in this mess of comments to get “the real story” as you put it. This is isn’t a post pointing fingers at specific bloggers who have lashed out at her in a very public form, this is a post that I hoped would make people say “Hey, this IS a community that sticks together and respects others” and maybe make them think before they go out and put someone’s name out in the open. This is a post that I had wanted people to leave with the thought of thinking about others.

  18. Amir

    I feel like a live under a rock because I had no idea this was happening. I don’t check Goodreads often and I don’t know who this GR user at all so this is the first time I’m reading of this issue. I’ve read Bec’s post, Alise’s update message and all the comments here and all I can say is, bottom line, what this person did was wrong. From someone who was totally out of the loop about this and only read the issue here, it seems like she was obsessed with obtaining eARCs to the point that she would manipulate and knowingly commit piracy to get it. I honestly scratch my head on the why here… does she want the status of having read a book before their official publication date or does she simply want to get free books? Why go through all that trouble of lying and manipulating for books you can freely purchase if you just wait long enough?

    I would refrain to comment on the other issue because as I said, I just learned of this and there are two (and in this case multiple) sides to every story and I would rather understand all sides before I can state my honest opinion regarding it.
    Amir recently posted…Review: Deceptive Innocence (Part 3) by Kyra Davis

    • Bec

      Sometimes I wished I lived under a rock… Life would be much easier if I wasn’t aware of half the drama that went on but alas…

      I don’t know if we’ll ever find out exactly why Offending Reviewer tried to get books, or why she continued to ask/manipulate people again and again despite knowing how wrong it was.

  19. Lesley Marie

    While I do think that calling someone out on their actions is a good thing to do, hurting them in the process is not a good thing to do. People make mistakes, mistakes that they might want to learn from– and throwing hurtful insults at them does not help with their learning from the mistake.

    And if the person doesn’t want to learn from their mistake, I still don’t think insults and making a big spectacle of it is the way to go. In my opinion, just reporting them should be suffice. I understand the want to bash because of the frustration, but… This explains why pretty well.

    “You don’t know their age, their history, anything about them beyond the pixels that spell their name.”

    Oh, and I’m just talking in general… I see that there are different sides to this specific situation, so I’m going to leave that alone.

    But, even if an event like this didn’t happen, I would still think the we, like you said, need some growing up to do. I’ve seen threads on Goodreads where someone said a sentence or two that weren’t that big of a deal, and people jumped on it as if they threatened to hurt someone. It’s as if we assume the absolute worst and fire with all we’ve got.

    The community is extremely awesome and I really do love it, but I just wanted to say all of that– even if I didn’t convey my thoughts very well (I’m tired at the moment, haha). And Bec, I applaud you for speaking your mind :)
    Lesley Marie recently posted…Review//A Snicker Of Magic by Natalie Lloyd

    • Bec

      “It’s as if we assume the absolute worst and fire with all we’ve got.”

      That is a fantastic way to put it, yes. Some of the most minor things can set people of nowadays and then they take things further than they really had to go.

      You conveyed your thoughts very well! Thanks :)

  20. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    Woah. D: where was I when all of this happened? I’ve never actually been involved in this type of drama, but wow. It seems like there have been misconceptions on both sides of the fence, because some people have been personally involved. I wish we could all get along but it’s kind of like where personal opinion happens. Anyway, that’s all I kind of want to say about it.
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…Why I’m Picky with Blog Tours & Promo Posts

    • Bec

      In the blissful land of ignorance… It’s a nice place!

      Personal involvement does make it hard to separate yourself and look at things objectively. And yeah, there has been a lot of misconception and miscommunication everywhere.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  21. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    Hmmmm.. I don’t think I really agree with everything you said here or in the comments. First, it always makes me really mad/sad/disappointing when people throw the world ‘bullying’ around. I’ve been bullied in the past and this was FAR from bullying. Everything you say can be hurtful to anyone. If my sister buys are shirt she loves and I honestly tell her I don’t like her, it might be hurtful to her. Did I bully her then? Don’t think so.

    The ‘despicable/horrible’ behavior of bloggers were just people who were trying to let the girl see the truth. It’s illegal and NOT okay if you continue even after openly trying to make an excuse. Especially not if you say that you are not sorry, because that means you want to manipulate people into believing you – and she is only sorry that she was caught. She started this herself by making a post on Goodreads. No one attacked her out in the open and I think it was hardly a problem. I’ve seen much worse things in the blogging community and this wouldn’t even make my top 10. I think you are blowing it up way out of proportion :)

    I do agree with your overall message that we must be kind to each other and respectful. But in the end, this girl wasn’t respectful herself and it’s always a good thing to educate each other or say something about it. That’s what we do in real life too, so why change that on the internet?
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…Review 243. Colleen Oakes – Queen of Hearts.

  22. Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    Bec and Alise –

    First of all, kudos to you both for handling this in the professional manner you did! I must say that I had no idea whatsoever that this was going on, and I find it very nerving. Pirating books is illegal; and the fact that this individual knew that – yet continued to do it anyway – is certainly not acceptable.

    Secondly, after reading through the original post and some of the comments, I must say, I am completely in awe as well. Like Alise said in her note at the beginning of the post, “…aren’t we all on the same side here? This post isn’t really even about the Offended Reviewer or her story, guys! This is about Blogger Behavior and I’m afraid I have to wholeheartendly agree with everything Bec said about the way this was handled.” We’re all on the same side, and we all want what’s best for the blogging community; and it’s perfectly acceptable that some people feel that there are facts missing, but, in the grand scheme of things, does it really matter? Bec is trying to make a post about how blogging behavior is getting out of control in situations like this, NOT about this specific situation in general. Sure, not everyone lashed out at this individual, and most people who were involved in this situation handled it very well as far as I can tell, but it’s always those certain people who did handle this the wrong way is unnerving as well.

    Respect is always the best policy, and lashing out at this individual on Twitter / other social media isn’t going to help the situation.

    I understand if other bloggers don’t agree with what I’ve said in this comment, but I think we’re all in agreement that it’s not appropriate to handle situations the way this situation was handled.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful post Alise and Bec, and hopefully this situation gets resolved!
    Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf recently posted…The Vanishing Season

  23. Rachael @ Rachael Turns Pages

    I think this point needed to be said and I agree. I think the blogger community should have a better way of handling things. Libraries are free so I don’t understand why people need to illegally obtain books when they can receive them from the library for free when they come out. With my library even if they don’t buy the book I just have to wait 6 months and I can request it to come in from a different library in the United States and it is still completely free.
    Rachael @ Rachael Turns Pages recently posted…A Month of Rapunzel: Book Review: Zel by Donna Jo Napoli (no spoilers)

    • Bec

      There are so many options available for those that can’t afford new books, it’s a shame that piracy is even a thing.

      Oh, I wish my library did that! At ours the book is either in the system or it’s not, and they charge us for requesting :(

  24. Andreea

    Ahm, I haven’t heard of this whole thing, to be honest. Now I feel like I live under a rock.

    I agree, what this person did, was illegal and I hope he/she will stop doing it because it’s not okay.

    But it’s also not okay to attack this person (as far as I understood, some people did). Respect is something some people haven’t heard of, obviously.

    Thanks for this post!
    Andreea recently posted…Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan

    • Bec

      On the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a massive, involve-the-entire-blogsophere issue. The offender has been doing it for a while, and it’s really sad that this event ever happened.

      Yeah, most of the responses were civil and well put, but a select few just took it too far, and then there was the stuff outside the forum on social media… Sometimes it seems as if respect is slowly becoming a foreign concept :/

      No worries

  25. Tiffany (AboutToRead)

    COMPLETELY agree that the community has a tendency to not handle issues well, and it is embarrassing. What this person did was wrong, but I don’t think it warrants a witch hunt or harassment.

    Kudos for writing this post. I tend to stay as drama free as possible and never comment or write about these incidents, but I think it’s great that you’ve pointed out a huge flaw in our community. I hope the majority of us agree with you.
    Tiffany (AboutToRead) recently posted…Recklessly Royal Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway

    • Bec

      Thank you. Drama isn’t something I normally get involved in either, but I’ve been noticing this type of behaviour ocurring more frequently and I felt like something had to be said because I don’t want the community to keep heading in that direction.

  26. Joy (Joyousreads)

    I don’t know how to share e-ARCs, and I didn’t know you can, for that matter. I have been disillusioned with bloggers who can’t seem to act civil when their opinions differ from others. We’ve been so catty and very immaturely disdainful.

    Anyone who thinks it’s okay to share e-ARCs is as justifiable as sharing library copies really should get a reality check. I don’t get a lot of ARCs so it’s never been a problem for me. ARCs are precious commodity, sure, but let’s call piracy for what it is. There is no ifs and buts about it.

    I’m sorry you ladies have been a topic of controversy; I’ve been absent in the blogsphere so I’ve been under a rock.
    Joy (Joyousreads) recently posted…Tell the Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt

    • Bec

      I think the main problem with piracy, though it is very black and white in definition, is that people don’t often realise that a) it’s actually illegal and b) just how hurtful it is to the people who make the books/eARCs. And even if they do, they find and apply any reason they can.

      Please don’t apologise, there’s no need for you to.You’ve had nothing to do with it :)

    • Bec

      I think in a lot of those giveaways it’s physical copies that are the prizes and they are being offered with the publisher or author’s permission. That might apply to eARCs too but I don’t think I’ve ever come across one at all, and if I did it was probably publisher sponsored…

      The issue when it comes to giving away eARC/Books comes when the person contributing them got them through… shady ways. Didn’t buy/gift them, downloaded them illegally, that sort of thing.

  27. Leigh @ Little Book Star

    This makes me wanna cry. Why can’t people just understand that sharing e-ARCs or doing any type of piracy is a big no no!? Of course if the person is uneducated and unaware then I would understand, but if s/he KNEW then what the flippin pancakes was s/he thinking! Anyways, hopefully that person would stop and just learn from his/her mistake. Glad you wrote a post on it, Bec, I was not aware of this whole situation. And honestly, imo, ARCs aren’t even all that. The book is gonna come out anyway, all you need is patience.
    Leigh @ Little Book Star recently posted…I Spy a Blog Tag

    • Bec

      I know, right. It’s such a shame piracy happens. And even if she didn’t know, it isn’t an excuse, but you would hope they’d learn from mistakes.

      In a land of fast internet and instant food, it seems like patience is going extinct sometimes :/

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