Review: Halo

September 23, 2012 Review 0 ★★★

Review: Halo
Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
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Publisher: Macmillan
Source: Borrowed
Pages: 496
Release Date: August 31st 2010
Series: Halo #1
Genres: Christian, Fantasy, Love & Romance, Religious, Young Adult
Three angels are sent down to bring good to the world: Gabriel, the warrior; Ivy, the healer; and Bethany, a teenage girl who is the least experienced of the trio. But she is the most human, and when she is romantically drawn to a mortal boy, the angels fear she will not be strong enough to save anyone—especially herself—from the Dark Forces. Is love a great enough power against evil?


Alrighty. Before you go off and grab the popcorn let me say that this is not a totally negative review. This is a un-stereotypical review of a stereotypical novel. My opinion of this book differs from the average review. I somewhat liked this book. Now don’t think that I loved this book and lose all hope in me because I admit it had many faults. Okay had to say that now on to the actual review if you’re still here :)

For the most part I thought this was well written, with a few sprinkles of bad grammar and super cheesy lines. I liked the detail of everything even though it sometimes bordered on lengthy.
I even liked Xavier’s character, at least in the beginning before he became like a mother bear to an angel. But I’m getting ahead of myself, I’ll get to the negatives in a minute.
I loved Gabriel’s character but I think that’s because I want him and Molly together. Unlike Xavier/Bethany this “romance” was somewhat realistic. Instead of falling head over heels for each other immediately, Molly pursues Gabriel and changes for him and he gradually warms up to her. Even though it didn’t go anywhere (because if it really did then it would especially be unrealistic) I enjoyed their interactions.
Now the negatives. I wanted to rip out my hair when I read the ten or so pages of pure Xavier protecting Beth. A human protecting an angel. ??? Why did “He” choose Beth for a divine mission when she would end up having to rely on a human boy for protection. Gabriel and Ivy at least did somewhat angel-like duties and had powers. If Bethany supposedly didn’t have powers yet why was she chosen?
Another thing that bothered me about Xavier’s super protectiveness was that he did the stupidest things. He wouldn’t even let her talk to other people. How is that attractive?
I give it three stars because hey, I’ve read much, much worse.
Rating Report
Overall: 3

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