5 Things About Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

April 12, 2016 Review 25 ★★★½

5 Things About Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling
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Narrator: Stephen Fry
Publisher: Helen Nicoll Publishing
Source: Borrowed
Length: 12 hours, 31 minutes
Release Date: March 27th, 2012
Series: Harry Potter #3
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Middle Grade
Harry Potter, along with his best friends, Ron and Hermione, is about to start his third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry can’t wait to get back to school after the summer holidays (who wouldn’t if they lived with the horrible Dursleys?). But when Harry gets to Hogwarts, the atmosphere is tense. There’s an escaped mass murderer on the loose, and the sinister prison guards of Azkaban have been called in to guard the school…

Things are getting more complicated

There’s nothing wrong with simple story lines and characters, but my favourite books are always complex. Now that the characters are getting older and things are moving along, I’m finally getting more invested in these books. They were entertaining before but now the good stuff is starting. The plot is getting more complicated and less straight forward, the characters are facing some big moral decisions, and not everyone is simply good or evil.

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 There was no Voldemort confrontation

Harry had a showdown with Voldemort manifestations in the first two books, but not Azkaban. Such a confrontation isn’t necessary, but I was sort of thinking it might become a tradition of sorts. I was really looking forward to seeing how Voldemort might work into Azkaban and was kind of disappointed when he didn’t make an appearance.



The characters are growing up

This brings me joy but I’m also kind of scared. Teenage years are an interesting time. Some character get real attitude and from the looks of things Harry is going to be one. He’s already starting to sass the adults and show major attitude. I just hope the characters stay entertaining and don’t get on my nerves like my little sister did during her teenage years.

angry Harry


 I understand the fandom’s Marauders obsession

I swear half the Harry Potter posts I see on Tumblr are about the Marauders. Which I thought was a strange obsession… until now. I totally get it now. We don’t get to see too much of the marauders in Azkaban, but the little glimpses and stories we do get left me wanting to know more about this previous generation of wizards. We really need a book or something about them.



Still waiting for some answers (or I missed something?)

There is a high possibility that I missed something while listening to the audiobook, but I feel like I’m missing some important information that is integral to the overarching pot. Mainly why was Voldemort  going after the Potters in the first place? Like I said it’s more than likely that I missed the information we got about it or have forgotten it, but if not I really hope we find out soon. I’m getting impatient. I’d also like to know how Voldemort came to power and amassed such a following, and what terribly evil things did he do before killing the Potters?

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As the story goes on I become more attached to this world and characters. The first two books were good, but Azkaban has begun to deliver what I’ve been waiting for: more complicated characters and complex plot lines. I’m still confused about some background aspects to the overarching plot, but I’m hoping those details are filled in during future novels.

Rating Report
Overall: 3.9

25 Responses to “5 Things About Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”

  1. Tasya

    there are so many explanations that are missing, that would be explained later in the series. for example, the reason why voldemort is after the potters would be explained in the 5th book. i think this book is my favorite because it’s the only book that doesn’t have voldemort at all, but instead it explores more of harry’s family. and yes, we desperately need books about the marauders! (that siriusly gif though XD)
    Tasya recently posted…Book Review: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

    • Terri M.

      I’m with Tasya. Book three is my favorite. I love the darker aspects of it and I felt like we were finally digging into what was going on with the whole overarching story. This book certainly asked more questions than it answered, but it drew me further into the series and left me wanting more.
      Terri M. recently posted…Mourning and Celebrating the Undays

    • Bec

      I’m getting to the later half of the series now and am excited to finally get answers! It was good exploring more of Harry’s family history. Can’t wait to find out more :D

    • Bec

      The characters growing does add an interesting aspect to the story! How they react as children is certainly not how they react as they grow older.

  2. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    Oh my dear Bec, don’t worry: you WILL get all the Voldemort VS Potters answers eventually! You didn’t miss anything, things will be revealed. Eventually. LOL! Personally I LOVE sassy Harry but I know he does get on some reader’s nerves (I hope you’ll end up loving it though!) He makes me laugh when he’s all snarky XD And yes! The Marauder’s obsession is real. WE NEED A MARAUDERS BOOK!! I have to say I AM LOVING reading about your first time experience with the series. One of my fondest wishes is to be able to go back and read these again for the first time myself ♥
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: The House of Hades

    • Bec

      I’m relieved to hear I haven’t missed anything!

      Sassy can be highly entertaining so I hope he stays that way and not annoying haha.

  3. Jackie

    Not to sound like a broken record player because some of your other readers already mentioned it, but you find out more about why Voldemort targets the Potters in book 5. But, that’s one of the things that I love about this series. The storyline just keeps building and building. And the world keeps growing. And there are these small details mentioned in book one and two that seem insignificant until you read a book later on in the series. I think that’s why I love re-reading these books so much. Because after all this time, I keep finding new details that I somehow never noticed before.
    Jackie recently posted…An Exercise in Positive Thinking

    • Bec

      It’s all good! I love the reassurance that I haven’t actually missed a very vital piece of info haha. I love stories that build and get bigger and better with each instalment :D

      That’s why I love rereading in general! Seeing the little bits of foreshadowing you missed the first time. I’m definitely going to have to reread these one day.

  4. Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books

    It’s SO fun to read about first time reactions to HP!!! So fun!! I’m doing a reread now and am on the last book and there was so much I had forgotten from 10 years ago until now. One of those things was that YES, as they become full-fledged teenagers, they do get kind of annoying. Especially when they “like” each other. I love JK Rowling, but sometimes I feel like she made them super immature when it comes to having crushes on or dating the opposite sex. There’s so much more Marauder’s goodness to come!! Especially in HP and the Half-Blood Prince. There’s a lot of flashbacks in that one.
    Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- Books for YA Newbies

    • Bec

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my reactions :D

      Their little crushes can be annoying, but I’m trying hard to remember they’re like 13/ 14 and I was probably just as annoying at that age.

      My body is read for all the Marauders!

  5. ShootingStarsMag

    It’s exciting to hear from someone who is reading Harry Potter for the first time. Like others have said, Harry is a bit of a sassy character but I love it. Most of the time he’s just sarcastic, so it’s funny. He’s more angsty in the 5th one, but honestly, who WOULDN”T BE? You’ll see why…and you’ll learn about Harry vs. Voldemort in that one too! You’re so close!!! The third book is my favorite though. Then it’s the 6th one.

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Patchwork Paradise by Indra Vaughn

    • Bec

      I love how sassy Harry is becoming as he gets older.

      I’m up to the 5th book now and am ready for some answers :D

    • Bec

      Definitely reread it!

      Seriously, they would make so much money and what not over a marauders story. It needs to be done!

  6. Omobola

    Babe, you are in for a treat with the other books. The good thing about the Harry Potter books is that they get better with age as in we can actually see the kids dealing with grown up issues and how they maintain their curiosity despite all the troubles it gets them into.
    Omobola recently posted…Book Review: (Flamecaster Shattered Realms)

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