Review: It’s Kind of a Funny Story

October 4, 2012 Review 0 ★★★★½

Review: It’s Kind of a Funny Story
It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
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Publisher: Disney Electronic Content
Source: Purchased
Pages: 448
Release Date: September 25th 2010
Genres: Humorous Stories, Media Tie-In, Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance, Social Issues, Suicide, Young Adult
Like many ambitious New York City teenagers, Craig Gilner sees entry into Manhattan's Executive Pre-Professional High School as the ticket to his future. Determined to succeed at life„which means getting into the right high school to get into the right college to get the right job„Craig studies night and day to ace the entrance exam, and does. That's when things start to get crazy. At his new school, Craig realizes that he isn't brilliant compared to the other kids; he's just average, and maybe not even that. He soon sees his once-perfect future crumbling away.

This is one of those books that gets tons of good reviews and is recommended to you by your friends but you just don’t know if you’ll actually love it like they do.

The first chapter or two I didn’t love it. Craig was one weird guy. Especially when he mentioned how he liked to pee in the dark. Uhh… okay then. And when his friend Aaron told him that lady parts felt like the inside of your cheek…. I will admit I touched the inside of my cheek…. Whatever I know I’m weird, I’ve accepted it already.

Anyways although Craig was weird, something about this book intrigued me to read more about the dorky awkward boy with depression. In a way this reminded me a bit like Perks of a Wallflower, just in how the characters were similar.

In many of the reviews I’ve read for this book they question if Craig was even depressed, which clearly shows to me that none of them have dealt with depression or with people who are depressed. Just because he was happy in parts of the story didn’t mean he didn’t have depression. You can be happy with depression it just doesn’t last, it comes and goes as quickly as it showed up. If everyone with depression was sad every second of their life don’t you think people would notice how unhappy they are? Rant finished.


Craig was the kinda of person who let everyone tell him what to do and be, and that I think is mostly why he was so unhappy. His parents, his friends, everyone. He kept trying to find his happiness through others and thought materialistic things and achievements. Instead of doing what he truly wanted. At the hospital he meet all kinda of people who were all dealing with their problems, some had depression too, others had eating disorders, schizophrenia, drug addictions, etc. Even though some of their lives were in shambles they all tried to make the most of what they had and I think that’s what helped Craig finally realize he was the only think that would help him be better.

This book had a light feel to it. You really connect with Craig and other patients at the hospital. It was a fun read, and although kinda of weird it was one of the best books I’ve read.

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Overall: 4.5

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