Review: Lorali by Laura Dockrill

October 16, 2015 Review 20 ★★★

Review: Lorali by Laura Dockrill
Lorali by Laura Dockrill
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Publisher: Five Mile Press
Source: Publisher
Pages: 352
Release Date: July 2nd, 2015
Genres: Fairy Tales & Folklore, Fantasy & Magic, Mermaids, Young Adult
Looking after a naked girl he found washed up under Hastings pier isn't exactly how Rory had imagined spending his sixteenth birthday. But more surprising than finding her in the first place is discovering where she has come from.

Lorali is running not just from the sea, not just from her position as princess, but her entire destiny. Lorali has rejected life as a mermaid, and become human.

But along with Lorali's arrival, and the freak weather suddenly battering the coast, more strange visitors begin appearing in Rory's bemused Sussex town. With beautifully coiffed hair, sharp-collared shirts and a pirate ship shaped like a Tudor house, the Abelgare boys are a mystery all of their own. What are they really up to? Can Rory protect Lorali? And who from? And where does she really belong, anyway?

I received this book for free from the source listed above in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


LORALI was an alright book. I liked it, but it never entirely grabbed me. Uni didn’t help. It took me an entire month to read LORALI because of exams and the lack of draw to the book. Don’t get me wrong, there were a number of elements I liked about LORALI but there were a lot of things I felt meh about.

I think my main problem was I never really cared about the characters. Rory was just… boring, underdeveloped. There was nothing that felt unique about his character. His only drive seemed to be daddy issues and caring about Lorali, who was slightly more interesting on account of her backstory and the whole mermaid thing. My favourite character was the sea. Yes, the ocean has POV chapters and these were by far the most entertaining. It was also an incredibly intriguing view point and something I wish had been explored further.

If I had to put a finger on the part of LORALI that irritated me the most it would be the romance. Because I didn’t care about the characters, when they got together and started being all sappy and “oh no I can’t leave the other ever” I couldn’t deal. It was so annoying. Especially since it felt like they had only known each other two maybe three days before they decided they loved each other halfway through the book. This type of romance is a pet peeve of mine. Its saving grace is that it wasn’t straight instalove, which I hate more.

The plot of LORALI was relatively slow paced. Lots of things were happening quickly, particularly in the last half, but I never felt the suspense. Even in the action scenes bits and pieces would be skipped and it didn’t flow as nicely as it could have. There isn’t even that much lore weighing the story down, which I would not have minded because I love LORALI. Fortunately the ending of LORALI featured a twist I never saw coming and that I really liked! If LORALI had settled into the generic ending I was afraid it was heading towards I would have been incredibly disappointed

In a world of mediocre YA mermaid books, LORALI is not the shiny gem we’re looking for. It is an enjoyable read, and the ending was not at all what expected, but it still fell flat for me. I couldn’t connect to the characters and didn’t care for the romance. Granted, this did take me forever to read because of uni, which put me in a negative mood anyway, so there is a high change you might enjoy this more than I did!

Rating Report
Overall: 2.8

20 Responses to “Review: Lorali by Laura Dockrill”

  1. Pui-man

    As a fan of the show Gilmore Girls, I think it’s funny the characters in this book are Lorali and Rory. Although Lorali may be pronounced differently? Sorry, I know this isn’t a comment on the book or your review, but I couldn’t resist pointing this out!

    • Bec

      Haha she had her moments. The sea POV could have been so good if it was utilised more I think. It was interesting at least.

  2. Romi

    Lorali was definitely not a good read for me, unfortunately. I wanted to cherish it, since The Little Mermaid is my favourite fairytale, but Rory annoyed the heck out of me (and was pretty slut shaming), Lorali was frustrating and the POV of the sea… it was ingenious, but felt incredibly convenient, to show all these other aspects of the story. And in general there was a lot of slut shaming, which I can’t stand. Ah well. I’m glad it worked slightly better for you!
    Romi recently posted…Cloud 9 by Alex Campbell…

    • Bec

      They get on my nerves so much. I can’t deal with those romances unless it’s been building for a while and I really ship the couple.


  3. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    This is the first I’m hearing of Lorali, and considering your ‘meh’ feelings toward the characters, romance and pacing, I doubt that I’ll be adding it to my tbr list. WHY is it so hard to get a quality mermaid book?! I *am* curious about that ending that surprised you so much but with all the other books to get through, I’ll likely still pass on this one…but thanks for putting it on my radar and for sharing your thoughts^^ ♥
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Owl and the City of Angels – Guest Post + Giveaway

  4. Cielo

    Who would willing reject mermaid life? It sounds like it would be an amazing time. The sea being a character is an interested take! A lot of people seem to feel the same way about the books as well, so I think I’ll passed.

    <3 Building The Confidence || Review: Username Evie

    • Bec

      I’ve actually encountered less instalove recently than I used to, which is a nice change. But it still pops up when I don’t want it to -_-

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