Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks

December 27, 2012 Review 19 ★★★★

Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
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Publisher: Macmillan
Source: Borrowed
Pages: 336
Release Date: May 22nd 2012
Series: Of Poseidon #1
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Love & Romance, Young Adult
Galen, a Syrena prince, searches land for a girl he's heard can communicate with fish. It’s while Emma is on vacation at the beach that she meets Galen. Although their connection is immediate and powerful, Galen's not fully convinced that Emma's the one he's been looking for. That is, until a deadly encounter with a shark proves  that Emma and her Gift may be the only thing that can save his kingdom. He needs her help--no matter what the risk.

OF POSEIDON gets many mixed reviews. Looking through them on Goodreads I found the majority being four/five stars or just one. I am on the four stars side, I enjoyed the novel’s strengths far more than I opposed its weaknesses.

Yes, a character dies near the beginning of the novel. Was it necessary? Maybe not, but at least the main character was visibly shaken up about it for awhile and even through the rest of the novel. It was dealt with in a fairly realistic manner.
Yes, some may call the romance “insta-love,” but as one of the strongest anti-insta-love supporters, I can say it didn’t bother me. It wasn’t falling head over heels for the person and wanting to die for them, the definition that made insta-love what it is, but a tingly feeling. In real life you are going to tell me you don’t get butterflies in your stomach when talking to an attractive, smart, funny, girl/guy? Her feelings for him didn’t really start until they got to know each other more anyway.

But this is just my opinion on the matter. I can see some automatically judging the book when first reading it. You really shouldn’t, if you are like me, you will find so many this things to love about this novel if you just give it a chance.

The humor is what really made this for me-and the characters. Especially Emma’s mother. Disappearing not caring parents are abundant in young adult fiction, I doubt anyone could argue Emma’s mom didn’t assume a realistic parenting role. I really liked the twist at the end, too!
Here are some of my favorite quotes:

‘Oh, and I need to known where Jersey is and if I have enough money to buy it.’

 (Galen, page 29)
I love how naive he is to the human world.

‘How about a rain check?’
She smiles, but I know it’s not real because it doesn’t crinkle her eyes. ‘Sure. Some other time.’
I nod and grab my car keys. Before I flip the light on in the grage, she’s behind me, tugging on my backpack.
‘You want to go to school? Fine. But you’re not driving. Give me the key.’
‘I’m okay, Mom, really. I’ll see you tonight.’ I plant a quick kiss on her cheek and turn to the door again.
‘That’s nice. Give it to me.’ She holds out her hand.
I clench the key in my fist. ‘You practically shoved that car down my throat Monday, and now youre taking the key. What did I do?’
‘What did you do? Well, for starters, you used your face to stop a cafeteria door from swinging open.’

(Page 60)
This is definitely one if my favorite mermaid novels. Unlike TEMPEST RISING, it is realistic (for a fantasy) and it has some of the best humor in any novel I’ve read. I’ll be reading the sequel.

Rating Report
Overall: 4

19 Responses to “Review: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks”

  1. Kaina

    Huh, I’ve been seeing alot of reviews popping up for this one and can’t help but be intrigued by the whole mermaid concept. But my TBR is so huge right now I might not get to it till like next year. Great review! :D

    Kaina @These Flying Pages


    Hmmm mermaids… at first glance I though it was going to be a percy jackson like woman fighting evil sea creatures. Now I see it’s a romance novel. An Interesting approach the author has taken to mythology, might really appeal to female readers….

  3. Aa'Ishah

    I haven’t had any luck with mermaid novels, but something about this calls to me. I’m glad you fell on the side that really enjoyed it. The insta-love did have me concerned, but it’s good to hear that it’s actually not too annoying. And if nothing else, the humour had me sold. Lovely review, Alise! :)

    Aa’Ishah @ Reading Under the Stars

  4. Dianna (Stories After Twelve)

    I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews about this book, too. I think it’s more about how you feel while reading the book then how others have reviewed it. Personally, I’d really like to read this novel. The cover is pretty and the story seems very interesting. Great review, Alice! : )

  5. dragongirl

    This is a great review! I’ve read and loved Of Poseidon as well, and I definitely agree with the points you made about insta-love and Emma’s mother. Glad you liked it! :)

  6. BookBelle

    Hey! Following you back and love your blog. If you loved Grave Mercy, I will definitely be watching your blog for more reads like it. It’s one my first into this type of genre. Belle

  7. Jaclyn Canada

    I love the comedic factors in books. The main reason I am reading is to escape the stress of normal everyday life so I like a good laugh. Also, I guess I’m in the middle on insta-love. It doesn’t bother me as much as it does other people, but it has to at least be believable. As long as I don’t feel like it’s contrived, it’s ok with me. Great review! I have added this one to my to-read. Old follower :D Jaclyn @ JC’s Book Haven

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