Review: Raven Flight by Juliet Marillier

July 23, 2013 Review 14 ★★★★½

Review: Raven Flight by Juliet Marillier
Raven Flight by Juliet Marillier
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Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Source: Purchased
Pages: 384
Release Date: July 1st 2013
Series: Shadowfell #2
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Young Adult
Neryn thought she had lost everything and could trust no one, not even her mysterious companion, Flint.

But when she finds refuge at the rebel base of Shadowfell and discovers her canny gift as a Caller, she feels the first stirrings of hope.

Now she faces a perilous journey with the rebel Tali and the Good Folk, who shadow her steps. She must find the three Guardians who can teach her how to use her unwieldy gift – one that it is rumoured could amass a powerful army.

Can Neryn master her magical power to save Alban from King Keldec’s stranglehold?

Or will she be too late?
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The Shadowfell series may not be action packed, but they are very quickly becoming one of the best series I’ve read. RAVEN FLIGHT is a fantastic second book in a trilogy. The pace is more or less the same as in SHADOWFELL, maybe a little faster as Neryn has a goal to work towards and not a lot of time to achieve it. There was a lot more character development with Tali joining Neryn on her quest and Flint separated by duties to the king. More characters and fey appeared as Neryn comes to a better understanding of what her Caller gift entails and how to use it.

Because Flint and Neryn are separated there isn’t much time for romance. And even when they are together they don’t have enough time to really be together. Each has to put the rebel cause first, unfortunately. I am so happy that they do though, and that Neryn doesn’t constantly pine after Flint. Too often we see YA heroines obsessed with the romance and the guy. RAVEN FLIGHT is a refreshing change. Yes, Neryn does sometimes wish she was with Flint and worries over him, but it’s not constant like some heroines other novels I’ve read lately.

RAVEN FLIGHT also gave us a larger glimpse at the world. We see what makes the king (and his queen) so despised and we understand why they must be overthrown. Neryn and Tali travel further than ever and we uncover parts of each of their pasts, as well as learn about other characters. The plot was also fleshed out. Even though the majority of the novel was Neryn travelling and learning, right at the end of RAVEN FLIGHT there are some big twists that shocked me and have me scared. The characters have a challenge ahead of them and not a lot of time to prepare.

I really could not have asked for a better sequel to SHADOWFELL. RAVEN FLIGHT was everything I wanted it to be. Some may find it slow, but I enjoy the pacing. Marillier has written a beautiful series and I devour each book in a day. With the plot twists at the end, the final book, THE CALLER, promises to be painful but full of development and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy (And Australia gets it at the end of this year! YAY!)


Rating Report
Overall: 4.7

14 Responses to “Review: Raven Flight by Juliet Marillier”

  1. Becca @ Nawanda Files

    Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for this one now. I just bought it, and I CANNOT wait to read it :D Now, even more so. Quickly becoming one of the best series you’ve read — yes, yes, yes. I’m sooo happy this turned out to be as good as the first!!
    Becca @ Nawanda Files recently posted…Movie Review: The Conjuring

    • Bec

      Definitely do if you’re into fantasy right now. Marillier rights fantastic novels that are historical/resemble celtic Ireland and Scotland.

    • Bec

      These books are a slow fantasy but I enjoyed it. Normally things are so action/plot based and just have to keep going, it’s nice to slow it down a bit. The third and final book will probably have some action.

  2. Sam @ Realm of Fiction

    So thrilled to see you enjoyed this! I’ve been debating purchasing the first book (I’ve heard great things about this author’s work but wasn’t sure about where to start), and I think I will now, knowing that the sequel is a great follow up. I also haven’t seen this cover before. Is it the Australian edition? I like it! :)

    Great review!
    Sam @ Realm of Fiction recently posted…Review: Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein

    • Bec

      Juliet Marillier is an amazing fantasy author! One day I want to be able to say I’ve read all her books :)

      Yeah this is the AUS cover (which is different in style to the original cover of the first books jafhsk)

  3. Aman

    No wonder I didn’t recognize this, it has a different cover. Though I like this one more. I haven’t started Shadowfell because of the mixed review but I like that the sequel didn’t disappoint (like most of them). Great review, Bec!
    Aman recently posted…Review: Killing Sarai by J.A. Redmerski

    • Bec

      Yeah, this is the Aus one which they changed as well. If you like high fantasy, chances are you’ll like Shadowfell. If you don’t like fantasy though I don’t think you will.

    • Bec

      I don’t have a typical book style I like. My tastes are so broad. And you’re write, writing plays a huge part and Marillier is an AMAZING story teller

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