Mini Review: The Fire Wish by Amber Lough

September 14, 2014 Review 26 ★★

Mini Review: The Fire Wish by Amber Lough
The Fire Wish by Amber Lough
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Publisher: Random House
Source: Netgalley
Pages: 320
Release Date: July 22nd, 2014
Series: The Jinni Wars #1
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Young Adult
A jinni. A princess. And the wish that changes everything. . . . Beautifully written and accessible fantasy for fans of Tamora Pierce, Rachel Hartman, and Laini Taylor.

In this romantic and evocative fantasy, Najwa is a jinni, training to be a spy in the war against the humans. Zayele is a human on her way to marry a prince of Baghdad—which she’ll do anything to avoid. So she captures Najwa and makes a wish. With a rush of smoke and fire, they fall apart and re-form—as each other. A jinni and a human, trading lives. Both girls must play their parts among enemies who would kill them if the deception were ever discovered—enemies including the young men Najwa and Zayele are just discovering they might love.

I received this book for free from the source listed above in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Although I was let down by THE FIRE WISH, the most disappointing part was seeing how much potential it had to be great. Instead of taking a creative route with all the unique elements, the book gets held down by overused tropes and annoying cliches like insta-love and stock characters.

Characters in a gif:


“A Stock Character is a character who is instantly recognizable to us from other stories;
the gruff grandpa, the snooty cheerleader, the bratty younger sibling.”

All the characters can basically be summed up in a few words or two or three adjectives. None of them had a lot of depth, they lacked quirks and faults which made them somewhat hard to relate to and especially hard to care about. Zayele, one of the main characters, was particularly hard to connect with because she had a wonderful habit of being rude to everyone under the sun.



It says something when a 320 page book takes you twice as long to read as a 500 page book. Not because the pacing was bad, but because I just couldn’t really get into the story. It was very “this happened, then that happened,” and that way of writing doesn’t hold my interest for very long.

THE FIRE WISH could have been a very unique book but instead it ended up being just another regular YA story where the characters fall in love faster than you can turn the page.

Rating Report
Overall: 1.8

26 Responses to “Mini Review: The Fire Wish by Amber Lough”

  1. Bec

    Damn, I wanted this to be good. It sounded like such a unique world… Definitely not so sad I got rejected for this on EW now.

    • Alise

      I know, the setting and concept seemed fantastic. It was just way too overloaded with bad characters and even worse romance :/ Haha yeah

  2. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    Awww I agree with the rest: this sounded SO good, I’d even read a few promising reviews for it but from how you describe the bland, cookie-cutter characters, I think I’d have a similar experience to yours with this one :( It’s a shame too because the premise and setting sounded SO cool! Sorry this one was a letdown Alise but thanks for the lovely review ^^ x
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…2 Year Blogoversary + Giveaway!

    • Alise

      I’ve actually only read negative reviews xD But yeah, the characters and romance really brought this one down. I had such high hopes for it. Sure, thanks :)

  3. manda |

    Ouch. I was hoping this would be good…. after Helene Wecker’s “The Golem and the Jinni” I’m still looking for a decent jinni novel. Oh well, still might give it a go. Thanks for the review!
    manda | recently posted…Masks

    • Alise

      I’ve heard so many great things about that book! Sadly, I don’t think this is even in the same league. Sure, thanks for stopping by!

    • Alise

      Yeah the plot is still relatively new and unused, so I was really excited for that as well. Shame. If you’re still interested you might want to give it a try, I say go for it-you could end up really liking it! Just wasn’t for me. Sure! :)

  4. Kirsty-Marie

    Ugh, WHY? I mean, come on jinni! I haven’t read any with that, and I’ve only just seen a few around, so would’ve been something new. WHY DID IT HAVE TO GO THAT WAY? I’m a character person, so I’d hate this from the get go, and bad instalove, noooooooooooo. Boooooooo. >:(
    Kirsty-Marie recently posted…Review: Heir of Fire

    • Alise

      I knowwwww. Yeah we pretty much like and dislike the same things so I’m not such if you would like this too much. If you do read it, I’d love to read your review!

  5. Romi Foster

    Oh no! It’s almost worse than not liking a book at all when there’s so much potential and it just doesn’t come through into the story for you. I find that really frustrating, because I get so excited for amazing synopsis’ and when very little of it translates into the book that’s a bit saddening, especially to see all that excitement just wash away. Sorry this wasn’t a better read for you!
    Romi Foster recently posted…State of Grace by Hilary Badger…

    • Alise

      Right? I was thinking of exactly the same thing. It’s really a shame because the storyline hasn’t really been used so I was looking forward to that.

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