5 Things About Jump Girl by Leigh Hutton

March 14, 2016 Review 12 ★★★★

5 Things About Jump Girl by Leigh Hutton
Jump Girl by Leigh Hutton
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Publisher: Self Published
Source: Author
Pages: 362
Release Date: November 21st, 2014
Series: The Go Girl Chronicles #2
Genres: Contemporary, Contemporary Women, Sports & Recreation, Young Adult

Imagine being dumped by your mother as a newborn and shifted between foster homes your entire childhood. Imagine being taken in and offered hope for your future by a kind, loving show jumping socialite.

Imagine falling in love with some of the most gorgeous horses in the world, and making a life in the thrilling and glamorous sport of international show jumping.

Now imagine it all being taken away.

Ebony Scott Harris is painfully close to making her dreams a reality when the only mother she has ever known mysteriously dies. She’s forced from their home to live with the gold-digging aunt, who takes her in only to ride the prized show jumpers she claims are now hers.

Teetering on the edge of a hopeless depression, Ebony is saved by the discovery of a forgotten horse nearly starved to death, and an unlikely partnership with a handsome stranger, whom she must learn to trust if she is to uncover the truth about her mother’s death and reclaim her home.

But with the evil aunt selling her best and beloved horse, a maniacal ex-coach out for revenge and more savage competitors than she can count, Ebony has a lot more at stake than proving the truth, saving her horses and jumping for gold at the World Equestrian Games . . .

I received this book for free from the source listed above in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Horses. Horses everywhere!

I love horses. Absolutely love them. They’re my favourite animals and I honestly cannot get enough of them. Naturally I want to read any and every book about horses. JUMP GIRL not only has a lot of horses, but riding scenes I can relate to. While I don’t compete or do much jumping like Ebony (the highest I’ve gone is 70cm. She competes at 1m 40cm or higher) so many scenes felt familiar. I know horses with personalities like Monster and Johnny, I’ve heard good and bad tales of competitions, and I know the joy of having everything work after putting time and effort into a horse. While there were a lot of scenes and descriptions equestrians will appreciate, it’s not so overwhelming that non-horsey people won’t understand either.


The romance surprised me

JUMP GIRL is a companion novel to REV GIRL and I was interested to see how it connected but I wasn’t expecting one of the main connections to be Dallas Cash. The love interest who got on my nerves in REV GIRL was back as a love interest in this one. Fortunately he has grown up a lot! He’s not so possessive or controlling and seems to have learnt a lot since his break with Clover. There were also less romance scenes in JUMP GIRL with the focus more on the horse prep and competitions.

I didn’t ask for these feels

A word of advice: never forget that all books involving animals will find a way to punch you in the gut. Always. I made that mistake going into JUMP GIRL. I was having so much fun following Ebony’s journey with her horses, revelling in the bonds they were forming, that I was absolutely shocked when something happened. It devastated me. Absolutely devastated me. I’m tearing up again writing about it omg. 


There’s a small side of mystery

Floating as a side plot in JUMP GIRL is a mystery of what really happened to Ebony’s adoptive mother. It was never fully explored as part of the central plot, just a side plot filled in rather quickly at the end. Like the romance, it was pushed aside in favour of the horses so I’m not complaining. I appreciated it for what it was, but there was the potential for it to have a bigger role and add a thriller aspect to the story potentially, especially if paired with previously mentioned devastating event.

It just hit me

JUMP GIRL hit me in the right feels at the right time and that is why I enjoyed it so much. There were so many pieces of the story that I connected to, that made me feel a range of emotions, and had the best impact they could have possibly had. Sure, there were scenes which I could have been developed more or written slightly differently, but really it doesn’t matter because the emotional connection I formed was worth so much more.

I like it hm-our-story-png-clipart-17

There was just something about JUMP GIRL that hit me. I never expected to leave this book with such strong emotions, and yet here I am with tears in my eyes and book hangover feelings. It’s a horse story though, so I really should have known better. Any person who loves a good horse story, or any animals bonding with human story, will like JUMP GIRL.

Rating Report
Overall: 3.8

12 Responses to “5 Things About Jump Girl by Leigh Hutton”

  1. Kelly

    This one sounds like a real emotional roller coaster. More than that, you’ve caught my interest with relatable riding scenes, because so often books I’ve read with an equestrian component just don’t ring true.

    P.S. The feels and tears bit has be kind of concerned, though… I’m still not totally over Black Beauty. (Who thought that story was good for children? Who?)
    Kelly recently posted…Blogademics: Social Interaction and Why I Didn’t Comment Back

    • Bec

      Generally it’s only authors that have ridden horses themselves that can accurately capture the feeling!

      Omg Black Beauty! When I was a kid I thought that flashback at the end of the movie meant Ginger and Merrylegs were reunited with Beauty, but then I read the book and realised how wrong I was *sobs forever*

  2. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    OMG just thinking about feels regarding animals has made me emotional! I can tolerate feels about humans, but throw in some about animals and I’m a wretched mess! Needless to say I’m now teetering between wanting to read this and scared silly but the EMOTIONS! I haven’t grown up with horses like, at all, but I love them and I really want to read about them^^ This sounds great Bec – thanks for bringing it to my attention! *hugs* for the horsey emotions!!
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Review: Sentinel

    • Bec

      Animal stories always have so many feels! Especially when you connect to the animal.

      No worries!

  3. A Canadian Girl

    As soon as I read the synopsis, I knew the book was for you, Bec! I love seeing the equestrian team compete during the Olympics – that’s pretty much the only time they get exposure – so I think I’d like the scenes in this one dealing with that. It’s interesting though that the romantic interest from the previous book is back again as a romantic interest. I’d feel kind of strange about that.
    A Canadian Girl recently posted…Mini Reviews: The Leaving Season by Cat Jordan and The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

    • Bec

      Haha it really was :D There really needs to be more equestrian on tv! It’s a thrilling sport and so dangerous, but the only time it airs is the olympics when other popular sports aren’t on :(

      It was strange having the love interest back, but it worked a lot better in this book!

    • Bec

      They’re borderline chick lit but involve extreme sports too! It’s great.

      hahaha there are a few mediocre horse books out there, but I am inclined to love them XD

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