The Books I Took Across the Tasman Sea

April 17, 2018 Discussion 17

As you might know, I recently moved to New Zealand. Because I flew, I was very limited in what I could take with me. Even when buying an extra suitcase for the flight, there’s only so much you can include with the weight limit. And books can be heavy!

Still, I somehow managed to bring 18 physical books to New Zealand with me. “HOW?!” you ask. Well, that’s a tale for another toast (we have to somehow generate content). For now, here’s what I brought:


Three Textbooks

These are the boring books. You don’t want to read about these.


The Illuminae Files

With OBSIDIO coming out I couldn’t just leave it behind. And if I’m going to read OBSIDIO it can’t be until I binge re-read the first two. These books are also not the type of book I think I could read on a single-page-at-a-time ebook. The art/ page layout is too important for that. Granted I also want to listen to the audiobooks and could maybe reread that way… IF MY LIBRARY HAD THEM


Stalking Jack the Ripper #1 and #2

Another reread and new book! These weren’t originally in my suitcases, but I had just enough space to slip in some thin paperbacks so why not add some historical mysteries that I love.



This was a review book I probably could have left behind (especially since I also was approved on Netgalley and could access the ebook…) buuuttttt I just prefer reading physical books and this is one of the few physical ARCs I’m looking forward to reading.



This Savage Song

After finally reading A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, I couldn’t leave this behind. I need more Victoria Schwab novels in my life and since my buying ban is still in place, I’m jumping on the one I have on my TBR. It’s taking a lot of self restraint to stick to reading some more review books before binging this one.


Rebel of the Sands #1 and #2

TRAITOR TO THE THRONE if a review book I was approved for on Netgalley and have been meaning to read, but still haven’t (even after I’ve bought a physical copy). With the final book recently out (or coming out soon? I’m behind on my bookish news) I want to get a move on with it… after I reread REBEL OF THE SANDS for a memory refresh.


Untidy Towns

Another review book that I thought I should take in an attempt to be more motivated to read it. I’ve heard mixed things, but it does fit one of my reading challenges so I hope I like it well enough.


The Astrologer’s Daughter

This was a book that Jeann gave me many years ago. Like a lot of the books on this list, it’s a book I have been putting off because I’m so easily distracted by basically everything else. One day I’ll get there.



This was actually a spur of the moment airport buy! I was purchasing a bottle of water and felt bad about using my card for only $5…. so why not buy a book ;D This one is on my anticipated reads list so I hope it’s as good as it sounds.


Witchlands #0.5, #1, and #2

I LOVED TRUTHWITCH a lot and am really excited to continue the series. These are the only hardcovers I brought with me because they were smaller and lighter than the others.


I also brought my Kobo

This was purchased especially for this trip. I love my Kindle, but I can’t borrow library books with it, where as I can with a Kobo. I plan on using this to borrow library ebook editions of books that I have sitting on my TBR at home so I can keep up with my buying ban challenge.


Which of these books should I prioritise?

17 Responses to “The Books I Took Across the Tasman Sea”

    • Bec

      It was incredibly difficult! I tried to prioritise review books but it was so difficult.

    • Bec

      They’re both great!! I can’t wait to catch up to both those series. My TBR needs to slow down growing a bit haha

    • Bec

      I brought over a lot more than I expected which I was super happy about :D Can’t wait to read them all

    • Bec

      Deciding what books to bring was more difficult than the move here! I’ll get more if/ when I get time to go back home (but at this rate, I might not be reading enough to justify more :/)

    • Bec

      It really is so hard!! Thank goodness for libraries with ebook borrowing options. It’s going to let me to continue to get through my tbr even when I can’t access all my books.

  1. Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity

    I think you took a good selection of books with you! The Stalking Jack the Ripper books are fun and romantic, which is nice :D I liked the first one better than the second, and I hope the third one is even better!!

    Also YAY for discovering your love for Schwab <3 I love her books, too. And This Savage Song is definitely worth taking with you. It's so, so lovely. The sequel is also very good!

    I also have a Kobo and Kindle because I like the fact that you don't need wi-fi for a Kobo because you can just connect it to your computer and sync books that way. Also, they are library friendly, which is a huge bonus.

    I hope you feel like you took the best books for you, Bec!!
    Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity recently posted…When Light Left Us by Leah Thomas: Another Thomas Masterpiece

    • Bec

      The library friendly nature is the major reason I bought a kobo. It’s so frustrating that kindle isn’t compatible -_-

      I can’t wait to read them all!

  2. Toi-Emma

    Ahhh welcome to New Zealand!!! Where abouts have you moved to in our glorious country?

    And you have some fantastic choices on this list. This Savage Song is so amazing. And I adored Rebel of the Sands. I am being super fussy though and haven’t read the second one because I can’t find a copy here that matches my copy of the first.

    • Bec

      Thanks :) I’m in the waikato region.

      I’m so glad that with the AUS/UK covers of the Rebel books they kept the same cover trend. I have one that matches luckily :D

  3. Morgana

    Ha! I beg to differ! Textbooks are everything… but certainly not boring ( says the person who loves her own textbooks in a weird way. Lol ) Great post. I hope you´re enjoying life in New Zealand so far. <3
    Morgana recently posted…Bookmas Blogger Spotlight

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