The Books I Took Across the Tasman Sea

April 17, 2018 Discussion 6

As you might know, I recently moved to New Zealand. Because I flew, I was very limited in what I could take with me. Even when buying an extra suitcase for the flight, there’s only so much you can include with the weight limit. And books can be heavy!

Still, I somehow managed to bring 18 physical books to New Zealand with me. “HOW?!” you ask. Well, that’s a tale for another toast (we have to somehow generate content). For now, here’s what I brought:


Three Textbooks

These are the boring books. You don’t want to read about these.


The Illuminae Files

With OBSIDIO coming out I couldn’t just leave it behind. And if I’m going to read OBSIDIO it can’t be until I binge re-read the first two. These books are also not the type of book I think I could read on a single-page-at-a-time ebook. The art/ page layout is too important for that. Granted I also want to listen to the audiobooks and could maybe reread that way… IF MY LIBRARY HAD THEM


Stalking Jack the Ripper #1 and #2

Another reread and new book! These weren’t originally in my suitcases, but I had just enough space to slip in some thin paperbacks so why not add some historical mysteries that I love.



This was a review book I probably could have left behind (especially since I also was approved on Netgalley and could access the ebook…) buuuttttt I just prefer reading physical books and this is one of the few physical ARCs I’m looking forward to reading.



This Savage Song

After finally reading A DARKER SHADE OF MAGIC, I couldn’t leave this behind. I need more Victoria Schwab novels in my life and since my buying ban is still in place, I’m jumping on the one I have on my TBR. It’s taking a lot of self restraint to stick to reading some more review books before binging this one.


Rebel of the Sands #1 and #2

TRAITOR TO THE THRONE if a review book I was approved for on Netgalley and have been meaning to read, but still haven’t (even after I’ve bought a physical copy). With the final book recently out (or coming out soon? I’m behind on my bookish news) I want to get a move on with it… after I reread REBEL OF THE SANDS for a memory refresh.


Untidy Towns

Another review book that I thought I should take in an attempt to be more motivated to read it. I’ve heard mixed things, but it does fit one of my reading challenges so I hope I like it well enough.


The Astrologer’s Daughter

This was a book that Jeann gave me many years ago. Like a lot of the books on this list, it’s a book I have been putting off because I’m so easily distracted by basically everything else. One day I’ll get there.



This was actually a spur of the moment airport buy! I was purchasing a bottle of water and felt bad about using my card for only $5…. so why not buy a book ;D This one is on my anticipated reads list so I hope it’s as good as it sounds.


Witchlands #0.5, #1, and #2

I LOVED TRUTHWITCH a lot and am really excited to continue the series. These are the only hardcovers I brought with me because they were smaller and lighter than the others.


I also brought my Kobo

This was purchased especially for this trip. I love my Kindle, but I can’t borrow library books with it, where as I can with a Kobo. I plan on using this to borrow library ebook editions of books that I have sitting on my TBR at home so I can keep up with my buying ban challenge.


Which of these books should I prioritise?

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