The Find Me Tag (Featuring: Uninterested Dog)

May 23, 2015 Tag 32

the book find me tag

I really like doing tags (when I get the time) so after guilt-tripping Chiara from Books for a Delicate Eternity tagged me to do this, I just had to!

how it works✽ Find books that fit the category, you can use the covers or take pictures of your own.
✽ Tag as many people as you want but they don’t have to do it.
✽ Link back to Novel Ink! (creator of the tag)





✽ I’ve read 6/10 of these books, the ones I haven’t read being: Gone, Wings, This Song Will Save Your Life, and Raised by Wolves.


✽ I’m seconding Chiara’s tag for Bec here at Readers in Wonderland.
You better do it, Bec. Or else. :)
✽ Anyone else who thinks this tag would be fun!

Have you read any of these books?
Have you done this tag?


32 Responses to “The Find Me Tag (Featuring: Uninterested Dog)”

    • Alise

      Thanks! I can’t blame you, some of these are lesser known titles, aha. Cute, maybe; hellion, yes. Sure! :)

  1. Bec

    I am going to do this I swear! When uni gives me a break (which feels like never right now haha)

    Maya is a cute as always XD

    • Alise


      Haha, thanks. She was surprisingly well behaved while I was taking pictures, although she did try and chew on the ends of the books.

    • Alise

      Thank you! I hear great things about This Song Will Save Your Life, I really want to read it soon.

    • Alise

      The secret is taking around 100 fast pictures and hoping one of them isn’t too blurry and can be used, aha. Seriously though, it took so many tries D: Thanks, I hope you do it!

    • Alise

      Thankfully, no! I think she was sleepy so she was being pretty easy to manipulate, ha. Isn’t it strange how pets just seem to KNOW?

  2. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    Oh this is such a fun tag^^ And your dog is really sweet Alise ♥ My cats would probably be giving me the death stare for putting books on them for photos hahahah! Book-wise, I haven’t read ANY of these but the Graceling series NEEDS to get read, by me. SOON.
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Fandom Mashups #3

  3. Alise

    Thank you :3 Aha, yeah, all the cats I know would have probably done the same. I caught my dog when she was sleepy so she was pretty tolerant xD It really does, it’s a great series!

    • Alise

      It is! It makes you look at every detail in a cover and you see things that you might no have noticed before. Thanks :)

    • Alise

      Nah, some of these are pretty random haha, can’t blame you! Yeah tags are more common in videos, I never saw any on blogs until about a year ago. I use photoshop but I cropped them into circles using

  4. Kirsty-Marie

    Haha, I’ve read, uhm, three of them. (Raised by Wolves, The Start of Me and You and Things We Know By Heart) I had so much fun doing this tag, the hardest one for me though was the headphones, because I was mainly thinking of the ones I’ve read, and I couldn’t remember any at all, haha. On mine, I read 8/10 of them, which was a challenge to freaking remember.
    Kirsty-Marie recently posted…Review: The Girl at Midnight (WHY, ROMANCE? WHY?!)

    • Alise

      Did you like Raised by Wolves? I still haven’t read it. Right? I couldn’t think of one I had on my shelves so I opened my kindle haha. That’s good though!

    • Alise

      I’ve been tagged for multiple different things from other bloggers but it is somewhat of a new thing!

    • Alise

      Great minds! I was going to do Graceling but since I liked the actual story of Fire better I chose that one. I was looking at some other tags and noticed so few people chose Gone even though it seems like the most obvious, aha. Thanks :3

  5. Karen

    I haven’t read any of those books but your dog is just adorable. The Selection is on my TBR list though… as are a million other books ;)

  6. Romi

    Oh Alise! Nice including your dog! It looks incredibly sweet. Is it chewing the book with water, though? I’ll also hold out for Bec doing this- go on, Bec! (Everyone should just start chanting at her.) x
    Romi recently posted…Fiction to Film (1)

  7. Amir @ Not So Literary!

    Your dog is so adorable!!! She does look pretty uninterested with the books which is a good thing in my opinion :P I’ve seen this tag on Jeann’s blog today too and I think it’s so much fun! Love your photos and like what I said in Jeann’s post, this tag is a good reminder of books I have yet to get my hands on and read. Thanks for sharing Alise! :)
    Amir @ Not So Literary! recently posted…A Reader’s Guide to Advance Reading Copies

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