The Raven Cycle (re)Readathon Begins!

August 28, 2014 Read-a-Thon 11

TRCR readathong mock up

Once a upon a time, not that long ago, two book bloggers were fangirling on twitter about a glorious series. From that bombardment of caps and tears came an idea. An idea that spent many months in development but is finally here, ready to begin, and even bigger than what we imagined.

Yes, today marks the official start of our Raven Cycle (re) Readathon. It’s been many months in the making and I still can’t believe it’s actually happening. And it’s so much more awesome than what Amber and I were brainstorming in the beginning.

Now, this is going to be a long post, because there is so much to talk about! All the schedules, important dates, and awesome things that are happening with this (re)readathon (which is technically a readalong but shh it’s too late to change the name)  have to be listed. To make things easier to navigate and scan it will be filled with subheadings and things.

Reading Schedule

For this post I’ll only be sharing The Raven Boys schedule since that’s what we’re reading this month. The Dream Thieves schedule will be revealed September 28th (or you can go take a peek here)


 Post & Event Schedule

Every week a general discussion post will appear on either Books of Amber or Readers in Wonderland. It will be related to the series, hopefully fun to read, and will contain clues for the scavenger hunt (more on that later). Feel free to write your own post to continue the discussion we started in ours! We’ll also be sharing the weekly challenges in these posts. There’s also going to be twitter chats for each book, and a Q&A with Maggie Stiefvater herself!

August 28: Kick Off Post (today!)
September 4: 8 Reasons you need to Read The Raven Cycle @ Books of Amber
September 11: What bloody genre is this? @ Readers in Wonderland
September 18: Halfway through THE RAVEN BOYS!
September 25: Which Raven Boy are You? @ Books of Amber
September 27: Twitter Chat for The Raven Boys (times to come)
September 28: THE RAVEN BOYS Wrap Up
October 2: Special X Marks the Spot @ Readers in Wonderland
October  9: Halfway through THE DREAM THIEVES!
October 16: Queer Representation Guest Post @ Books of Amber
October 17: The Dream Thieves Twitter Chat (times to come)
October 19: Raven Cycle Q&A with Maggie Stiefvater @ Tumblr
October 20: BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE Speculation Post @ Books of Amber & Readers in Wonderland
October 21: Wrap Up

Lots of stuff going on as you can see! There will be two twitter chats held for each book (pros of having two organisers living in completely different time zones) and the Q&A is going to take place over the entire day and be hosted on tumblr (more details are below).

Maggie Stiefvater Q&A Details

To make this (re)readathon even more exciting, Maggie Stievater herself has offered to do a Q&A with us! This will be taking place on tumblr on the 19th of October. Over the course of the day, Amber and I will be posting questions and answers from Maggie over the course of the day (along with a couple of giveaways!) . These won’t be questions we come up with. We want you to submit questions!

Questions can be submitted through this form here. We ask that questions are limited to The Raven Cycle series, specifically things that happen in The Raven Boys and The Dream Thieves or about themes of the series overall. The form will close on October 3rd 2014. Amber and I will then read through the submissions and make a short list of possible Q&A questions, which Maggie will then read through and answer as she sees fit.

Twitter Chats

At the end of each month after we finish reading each book, Amber and/or I will host a twitter chat.  Haven’t entirely decided on the hashtag we’ll use quite yet, but that can be decided later. In any case you should totally join us and there may or may not be some spontaneous giveaways…

THE RAVEN BOYS chat will occur on September 27th. I will be hosting this  chat at 7PM AEST.  THE DREAM THIEVES chat will be taking place on October 17th.  This one is hosted by Amber and will occur at 8PM GMT.

Weekly Ravengram

As well as reading and discussing elements of The Raven Cycle every week, Amber and I wanted to add some fun, hilarious activities to the schedule. After much brainstorming, Amber came up with the idea of character instagrams! It’ll be a little something like this, but you won’t be creating profiles for the characters (unless you want to). Each week we’ll name a character, for example Blue, and it’s up to you to post a photo you think would appear on their instagram if they had one. For Blue it could be something like the dress she just made or that big tree in her backyard. Gansey might post a picture of the Pig, etc, etc.

You don’t have to post the photos on instagram if you don’t want to. Just somewhere where we can see it and that you can link to because it might mean some extra entries in a giveaway ;)

Scavenger Hunt: Search for the Missing Crown

This scavenger hunt is a little something extra that we thought would be fun to run. In the books, Gansey is hunting for the final resting place of the Welsh King, Glendower. In the spirit of the books, we wanted to give you the opportunity to hunt for you own Welsh king… But that was a bit hard figure out. And when researching Glendower on very reputable sources (aka Wikipedia) Amber discovered that Glendower was possibly crowned with a mysterious second crown. Where is the crown? Was it even real? Where is it?

No one knows but that’s great for the purpose of this scavenger hunt. In each post we make (starting from next week) there will be a clue. It will be hidden in the post, we won’t point it out (unless we get to the end and no one has solved it. Then we might), and its not going to give you the answer right away, you’re going to have to figure it out. I will tell you that it spells out the name of a place. And no, I don’t think Google is going to be much help to you. Depending on how it goes, I might drop some hints every now and then.

Of course we’re giving you incentive to undertake this quest! At the end of the (re)readathon, people who think they’ve figured out the location of this second crown will get to enter an exclusive giveaway. They must input their answer and the first random draw who gets it right wins a prize! What prize? Well, your choice of two books in the series (or maybe some other books if you beg) and a Chainsaw toy/another related raven thing (has yet to be completely decided because finding awesome raven things is harder than you’d think)

How else can you get involved?

Readalongs have the potential to be like high school English classes. You read a certain amount of an assigned book, answer questions on it, try not to cringe as that one person reading aloud takes forever to finish a page. I don’t want this one to be like that. For starters these books are amazing and deserve better. And if I know the book community well, then I think you guys have a lot to say and fangirl about it. That is exactly what I want you to do.

Fangirl! Make fancasts! Write discussion posts on themes of the books! Post artistic pictures! Share your favourite Raven Cycle quotes! Draw some Fanart! Just have fun and participate! On twitter, tumblr, your own blogs, wherever!

Just make sure you use the hashtag #trcreadathon so I can see your marvelous posts and fangirl with you!!!


SO MANY GIVEAWAYS WITH AWESOME PRIZES!! You can thank the magnificient Maggie Stiefvater for some of these prizes. Seriously, I wish I wasn’t running just so I could enter to win some of these.

TRC Readathon Participants Giveaway Part 1 (US/CAN)

Open to: All readathon participants, although you must live/have shipping address in the US

Prize: THE ORIGINAL BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE BOOK PLATE ART. No, you did not mishear me. Maggie offered to give away the original art she herself drew for the BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE book plates. Winner also gets a copy of BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE.

Open from: RIGHT NOW until the 21st of October

TRC Readathon Participants Giveaway Part 2 (INT)

Open to: ALL THE PARTICIPANTS. All of them. (it’s not far just having a US/CAN prize. Especially when neither Amber or I live there)

Prize: A BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE book plate and a book of choice from The Raven Cycle series

Open from: this very second until the 21st of October.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Scavenger Hunt Giveaway (INT) Open to: People who think they solved the scavenger hunt (Mandatory entry is answer. First right answer we draw wins) Prize: 2 books of choice from The Raven Cycle series, a BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE bookplate, and something Chainsaw related. Open from: October 21st – 4th November (you can’t possibly solve the hunt before then)

It’s not too late to join!

Anyone can join the readathon at any stage it is run. You don’t even have to read with us if you’ve already re/read the books recently. But we’d still love you to participate in the chats and discussions and things! All you have to do is sign up in the linky below. Now, some smart people who signed up before might realise it’s new. That’s because linky tools was mean and tried to make me pay for it with money I didn’t have because I was saving for those awesome giveaways. People who signed up with the old linky don’t have to sign up again if they don’t want to (I can still access the old list and see who signed up to it)

Now, let’s get reading!! Prologue to chapter 12 GO!


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