Top Ten Resolutions We Have For 2016

January 5, 2016 Meme 62

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It’s been another fun (if a little stressful) year at Readers in Wonderland! We hope your new year is off to a great start! To help us keep our goals in mind, Bec and I are participating in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday-our resolutions for 2016.


❆ Read at least 20 books off my owned TBR shelf

Last year I went through all of my books and either donated or sold the ones I wasn’t completely in love with even the ones with pretty covers wahhhh and have to admit it felt good to have only unread and favorite books on my shelves. It’s time I start reading some of those unread ones.

❆ Read at least 20 books off my Goodreads TBR

Seriously. Some of them have been on there for four years, I’m going to try and start with those those.


❆ Make time to reread old favorites

Back before I started blogging, I used to make time to read the Harry Potter and Vampire Academy series at least once a year because they are favorites of mine. Now with all the hustle and bustle of reviewing books and blogging, I’ve kind of ignored that tradition. Plus I want to add the Throne of Glass series to that reread list. Actually, all the Maas books.

❆ Step out of my comfort zone

Due to my anxiety, I tend to stick with what’s safe, so I miss out on a lot. During finals week, I was stressing because I had to present a project and I was actually going to just take the hit on the points just so I didn’t have to go up there. Bec texted me and encouraged me to do it. I did it because I didn’t want to disappoint her and because she believed in me. The presentation wasn’t bad at all and I was glad to have done it. Thanks, Bec.

friend text

❆ Look at the bright side of things

Apparently this was also one of my resolutions last year Wow Alise but I don’t think I really accomplished it. My sense of humor is self-deprecating and relies on pessimistic sarcasm so it’s going to be a hard habit to break.



❆ Rattle the stars

This has become my new yearly resolution. It’s a reminder not to let my anxiety hold me back. I can do anything I put my mind to (no matter what my brain says) so why don’t I?!

just do it

❆ Get through my first surgeries without killing anything too badly

Fourth year of vet school means we start learning surgery skills this year. That’s terrifying but exciting. My goal is to practice and study and pass.

❆ Conquer the canter

My horse riding goal. The canter has always made me freak out ever since a horse bolted on me when I started riding. A few years ago I thought I was getting better but apparently I’ve gone backwards again. This has not been helped by the fall I had last month. I want to learn to relax and ride the transition calmly over the next year and not let the anxiety play more mind games.

horse riding

❆ Find a good study-life balance

I study A LOT. Literally 90% of my time is spent studying or procrastinating on Youtube. While this is good and gets me high grades, it’s also not the best thing for the mind. I barely take any time off to relax properly beyond 10-30 minute study breaks. I need to try and find the balance where I can still study effectively but also have more time off to do the things I enjoy.

❆ Enjoy reading

No, I’m not in a reading slump or anything. I’ve always loved reading and this is just to keep in mind that reading is for fun! Even reading review books is supposed to be for the joy of it. It’s a relaxing hobby and I should keep it that way. I have enough stress in my life without self-imposed pressure from unread books.


What are your goals for the new year?
Did you do anything fun over the holidays?

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    • Alise

      Haha, I DO actually want to read more classics *sheepish* but only because I own a lot. It’s a struggle trying to get through them sometimes though. Yeah!

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury

    Oh these are SUCH good goals, you two, and I’m absolutely SURE YOU’VE BOTH GOT THIS. Good luck with the surgeries, Bec. *collapse a little* And good luck with owning that TBR, Alise. ;D I really want to get my TBR down to like 10 books at a time? Because I tried that last year and did manage to stick it for a BIT and it was really relaxing. hehe, I mean currently there are 22 books looming on my bedside table ready to fall and crush me in my sleep, not to mention the unread ones hiding in my shelves aaaaand my kindle. SO YEAH I’VE GOT WORK TO DO.
    Here’s my TTT!
    Cait @ Paper Fury recently posted…Becoming Ruler of All (And Other Plans for 2016)

    • Alise

      Thank you so much ;D Dang! That sounds hectic, although I’m sure I’m no better when it comes to eARCs, I’m a mess. Haha, I feel you :P

  2. Anissa @ She Reads Too Much

    Great goals! I need to read more books off my shelf and Goodreads TBR, and probably reduce the amount of books I buy (it’s an addiction, I tell you). I’m going to start my masters this October so I’m pretty sure life is going to throw all the lemons at me then haha, I’ll have to make sure I can balance my reading time. And Bec, good luck on your surgeries haha! :D
    Anissa @ She Reads Too Much recently posted…Review: Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

    • Alise

      Thanks! For me it helps to just get the books I was going to buy at the library, it saves me so much. And how awesome, good luck with your masters!

  3. Kevin Loh

    Whoop whoop! Alise and Bec, you girls have the loveliest blog design I’ve ever seen!

    Alise: It’s sad that we don’t get the time to reread our favourite books, don’t you think? So glad that you like VA and SJM’s books too!

    Bec: LOVE the Throne of Glass reference!Reviewing books can be quite a chore for me, so much until sometimes I forgot that I’m reading for the fun of it! But I do love blogging so that’s a plus!

    Great resolutions, girls! Love from Malaysia.

    Kevin @ Bookevin

  4. Sara L.

    Great resolutions, ladies!

    @ Alise: I know the feeling about your #4 and #5. In some ways, they go hand in hand. Focusing more on the positive allows you to relax and be brave enough to take (good) risks.

    @ Bec: Love the horse-riding bit. I’m planning to take lessons for the first time this year. If my protagonist rides a horse, I should know what it’s like, right?
    Sara L. recently posted…Two New Articles at DIY MFA

    • Alise

      Thanks, Sara!

      That is very true, I tend to focus on what could go wrong so that makes me more nervous. Happy New Year~

  5. Kelly

    I should really work on whittling down my TBR as well (especially my Goodreads list… eek.)

    I recently worked with a girl who had the same problem you did- a fall threw her off her cantering a bit. She was still totally able to do it, but she was kind of psyching herself out of it. If you have the option, it helped her to ride a horse she trusted (and one that had a pretty smooth canter gait). I remember I was a bit uncertain with cantering when I started riding, too.

    Good luck in the new year!
    Kelly recently posted…Top Ten Resolutions I Have For 2016

    • Alise

      I spent almost a whole day last year whittling down my Goodreads TBR from 1100 to 300, talk about a mess, so I feel you.

      Good to know, thank you :)

  6. Greg

    Great goals! I did a little cleaning out of my shelves, I can relate. There were so many books I didn’t really need to keep. And I was thrown by a horse once, when I was a kid- for the longest time I didn’t want to get on a horse again. No way! It can be tough to get over .

    Congrats on the presentation! Hope 2016 is a good reading year for both of you!
    Greg recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday

  7. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    Alise: Your bookish goals are basically my own. I only use my GR TBR to decide what to read next BUT I need to get going on the books that have been there since like 2011. It’s pathetic LOL! I also have ‘reading the books I already own’ as a goal this year and since I’m not going to BEA this year I should make some nice progress there :) I WILL reread this year!! I haven’t done so since I started blogging but I WILL make time for old favorites this year if it kills me hahah! Comfort-zone reading is a big one for me too. In 2014 I read 2 contemporaries that I loved and vowed to read more. But…in 2015? I still only read 2 contemporaries >.< And I hope you will look on the bright side of things in 2016 ♥

    Bec: I love you for having a Rattle The Stars Resolution for the year. How absolutely perfect ♥ That should be our LIFE resolution! 'What Would Aelin Do?' And that Shia Labeouf gif works perfectly LOL! Good luck with all your studies/school stuff – I'm not worried about you – you'll be awesome :) I hope you're able to find a nice balance and always remember that reading should be fun! xxxxx to you both!
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #33

    • Alise

      We really did have the same goals, that’s pretty cool! I know what you mean, I’m so determined to reread this year since I haven’t done it since starting to blog either. Contemporary books are a tough genre for me too, they HAVE to have a lot of depth otherwise I’m meh on them.

      Thank you :D

  8. Kelly

    RATTLE THE STARS! In fact yank them all out of the sky and create your own universe! Brilliant goals, and achievable too which I’ve found a few lists aren’t lately. I think finding that balance, stepping outside your comfort zone and wanting to get back to basics is what we all need. I’ll follow your examples and trying to do the same this year too <3

    And good luck with those surgeries Bec <3
    Kelly recently posted…Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

    • Alise

      Haha, I think I’ve had too many failed resolutions to go completely crazy with them LOL. Aw, I hope you do :D Thanks!

  9. Jessica @ a GREAT read

    OOoh nice goals ladies! I need to read more from my TBR mountain as well. But it gets sooo hard when so many new releases come out and they’re calling my name! LOL! Especially ones that are apart of already loved series. Seriously wish I could be paid with benefits and all that good stuff just to read and write reviews 40 hours a week! LOL!

    Here’s my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)
    Jessica @ a GREAT read recently posted…Teaser & Top Ten Tuesdays

    • Alise

      Thank you! Isn’t it? The list/pile/mountain just keeps getting bigger and bigger every day because of all the new books. Guess we can’t complain too much though, there’s always something new to read ;) RIGHT? That would be the life!

  10. Maya @ Suddenly Inundated

    squeeeee you do riding too Bec! Im super glad to know I’m not the only book lover who also has a passion for horsies. ‘Cause come on, they are adorable! I understand what you mean, canter can be a bit frightening after you fall. I did fall while cantering because my horse, also threw me off. My fall was not bad at all, Im not even sure it should qualify as a fall. But despite that I was scared! My trainer encouraged me to get back on and try again, I was fine after a bit and I even started jumping a few minutes later, even though I was terrified. I think the most important thing is to not think about your past or your future rides. Think about now. Dont let your past falls haunt you! Enjoy the moment! Cantering is super fun, it should be smooth and easy! Also I would like to thank you for including Shia LaBoeuf… I hope both of you compete your goals, they are amazing!
    Maya @ Suddenly Inundated recently posted…My Thoughts on Crown of Midnight

    • Alise

      Bec is obsessed with horses! Oh wow, still, that’s pretty scary! I’ll have to tell Bec that. Thank you :D

  11. peach @ rebelle reads

    I made my 2016 GR challenge 200 books. IT IS OFFICIAL.

    I want to reread a few old favorites, too! I always love re-reading Before I Fall. Enjoy reading is definitely a definite. (Definitely a definite. How smart of me. lmao)

    Good luck with the first surgeries, Bec!

  12. Lonna | FLYLēF

    I love these more intimate posts about you and Bec (or you and Alise). I love your reviews, too. I never knew that Alise has a fear of public speaking. I’m told if you picture everyone naked it helps. >_< And Bec, good luck with 4th year. My hubs says the face is always the hardest–his was a cadaver–I image it will be a similar heartache. These are all amazing goals. I look forward to more updates throughout the year. You gals inspire me.
    Lonna | FLYLēF recently posted…Six of Crows (Six of Crows 1)

    • Alise

      Thanks so much Lonna ^^

      Oh my gosh, talking in front of groups in general-even walking in front of large groups makes me nervous. I don’t like being the center of attention because I’m afraid of being judged.

  13. Lola

    Great resolutions! I wish I could make timr to re-read books more often, but then there are so many new books I want to read too. I would love to re-read the Vaampire Academy series once. That remidns me I still haven’t read the last Bloodlines book. It can be hard to step out of your comfort zone, but it can also be very rewarding.

    I also struggle with anxiety, some days worse than others and it’s great to try and not let it hold you back. I hope you can find a good study and releax balance. For me it always helped to set a time or point after which I wouldn’t study anymore. I still have a similiar thign noadaysa s I work from home and else just keep working.

    Good luck with your goals!
    Lola recently posted…Review: Thief of Lies by Brenda Drake

    • Alise

      That is the never ending struggle, always having new books coming out! I guess that’s a good thing too, though! I have two books left in the Bloodlines series so I know what you mean.

      It’s difficult because it’s so much easier to just avoid situations that will make you nervous, but I guess that doesn’t help. Sigh. Thank you! :)

  14. Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

    These are such fantastic goals! Alise, I’m glad you were able to step out of your comfort zone with your presentation and it turned out well! I also want to read more books from my shelf and think more positively.

    Bec you can do anything if you put your mind to it, as you said! I hope you’ll be able to find your balance and good luck on the surgeries.
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…This Raging Light by Estelle Laure Review: This Raging Jenna

    • Alise

      Thank you! Now all I have to do is learn to do it a hundred more times and maybe I will graduate haha. Good luck with your goals too :)

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