TRCReadathon: Halfway Through THE DREAM THIEVES

October 9, 2014 Read-a-Thon 20

TRCR readathong mock up


Guys, the readathon is almost over. There’s only three more posts to go.

I wish it could go on for another 9 weeks/months/years and we just reread these books forever. But alas that would mean we’re missing out on so many other books.

In happier news this also means that BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE is almost out!!

Some people already have copies and I’ve seen some posts on tumblr, but they’ve all been nice and under a read more! Keep that up! For a few months because I’m not going to have time to read BLLB until the end of November :(

Oh and I’d like to take a little time to direct you attention to another readathon: some lovely people are organising a Scorpio Races (re)Readathon. It overlaps with the last half of this readathon and sounds really fun! I wish I didn’t have uni because I’d love to participate :/

Now onto TRCReadathon things!

The Road so Far (in THE DREAM THIEVES)

Presented in dot points because I’m lazy. Also spoilers and fangirling ahoy

– Adam is starting to see strange things and have moments of anger where he just acts and forgets. Because of the ley line or his own mental battles, who knows?
– The ley line can’t’ decide what the hell its doing
– OH NO Cabeswater is gone!
– We have met Orphan Girl and I am once again frustrated by the lack of info about her
– ORANGE BIKINI. I bet that’s Blue’s least favourite colour
– Things between Gansey and Blue are starting to get even more complicated
– THAT KISS SCENE WITH NOAH AND BLUE *strange dying noises*
– We got to see the Barns and I really want to live there because it sounds gorgeous
– Ronan learnt that everything in his life was a lie. Well, there’s a 90% chance that anything he touches in his home was created by his father and is now pretty much useless
– Ronan’s pulling creepy things out of his dreams.
– The head games with Kavinsky have begun. He is one gloriously messed up character.
– Adam and Gansey have left for DC and I’m scared because I am still not prepared for the feels that are happening
– I love the way the psychic meddle and just steal potential suitors wallets for funsies.


What do you think of Ronan’s nightmares? Do you think they’re the worst things in his head?

Thoughts on the Grey Man. I, personally, love his character.

What do you think of Kavinsky?

If you could pull anything out of a dream what would it be?

Who do you think Orphan Girl is? Will Ronan ever take her out of Cabeswater?

What’s up with the ley line?

Why do you think Noah reenacts his death?

Favourite scene or quote so far?

Post Round Up

Week one: The Raven Cycle (Re)Readathon: Kick Off @ Books of Amber & Readers in Wonderland

Week two: Reasons You Should Be Reading The Raven Cycle @ Books of Amber

Week three: How Do You Describe Perfection? @ Readers in Wonderland

Week four: THE RAVEN BOYS Halfway Post @ Books of Amber & Readers in Wonderland

Week five: What Raven Cycle Character are You? Quiz @ Books of Amber

Week six: THE DREAM THIEVES kick off @ Readers in Wonderland

Week seven: X Marks the Spot: Hunting for Welsh Kings @ Readers in Wonderland

Scavenger Hunt:

People seem to think they’re really close to figuring it out! Here’s a round up of the clues:

The clue (or clues, plural) will spell out the name of a place.

It’s in code.

The location of the crown is not mentioned in the series (we think).

One part of the code is revealed each week.

The code is not in words

The letters are in the numbers

And this week your clue is:

It’s Welsh.

I bet that was the most helpful hint you’ve ever been given.

Weekly Ravengram

Get your weapons ready and grey jackets sorted because this week you’re posting as The Grey Man

(I just realised I could have been spelling his name wrong the entire time. Is it Grey or Gray. Why is such a simple word spelt differently in America?)


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The form for the Q&A has closed! By the time this post comes out, Amber and I will have hopefully decided on a short list that will be on its way to Maggie. Her answers can be seen on October nineteenth on Tumblr!

Twitter Chat:

Amber is hosting THE DREAM THIEVES chat which will be at a friendlier time for you northern hemisphere folks. The chat’s happening on October seventeenth at seven PM GMT.

I’m probably forgetting something but that’s it for now!

Go enjoy the next part of THE DREAM THIEVES! We’re reading up to chapter forty eight this week.


20 Responses to “TRCReadathon: Halfway Through THE DREAM THIEVES”

    • Bec

      Ah I’m jealous! I won’t get time to read it until November when uni finishes :/ YES READ SCORPIO RACES! It’s amazing :D

  1. Amber @ Books of Amber

    I’m conflicted about the Grey Man! I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO FEEL. On the one hand, he’s intriguing and I kind of want to love him, on the other, he’s kind of weird.


    Gannicus would be coming out of my dreams. Obviously. Or maybe a copy of BLLB. I’m a genius.

    I have noooo clue about Orphan Girl. At first I thought it was the spirit of Cabeswater, but I don’t know any more.

    The hint this week is fabulously helpful.
    Amber @ Books of Amber recently posted…Famous Last Words #5

    • Bec

      haha his complexity is what makes him so interesting.

      I thought Orphan Girl might be connected to Cabeswater too! But I’m just not sure.

      The hints are always amazingly helpful XD

  2. Julie

    I need to catch up! I haven’t started the Dream Thieves, but this is a reread for me. Reading this book will just make me more anxious for BLLB!

    Kavinsky is awful. I don’t like anything about his character. I am still conflicted about the Grey Man.

    Its hard for me to choose favorite characters in this series because I love them all. However, this book really changed my opinion of Ronan and I cannot wait to jump back into this series to see where the dreams take him!
    Julie recently posted…Unboxing/Book Haul (Parts One & Two)

    • Bec

      haha Kavinsky’s awfulness is what makes him so interesting to me. I love his complete lack of redeeming qualities XD Wouldn’t want to meet him in real life though.

      I’m so glad we got the chance to look more into Ronan’s character in The Dream Thieves! I always liked him and TDT only made me like him more :D It will be interesting to see how big a role his dreams have in the series from now.

  3. Kristen

    I, for one, despise the Gray Man, solely because he’s the one who murdered Niall. That is not okay with Ronan, and that is not okay with me.
    Kavinsky, on the other hand, I’m still not quite so sure about. I feel that I should hate him, but he is just so terribly, terribly interesting. He reminds me of the Shiver character Cole St. Clair, and I kind of imagine them the same way, the only difference being that I adore Cole and not K. I do, however, feel sorry for him. He has so much potential, and he’s just so very young that his ending just is not fair.
    There have been many times that I wake up and know exactly what I would’ve taken from my dreams: concert tickets, an interesting spoon, a Chris Hemsworth country album (weird dreams, all of them). But if I could take out anything, it would be… a pot bellied pig. I’ve wanted one for so long now.
    I think Orphan Girl may be, like Chainsaw, Ronan’s “heart, finally laid bare.” I also have a theory that she is another dream thief somewhere, and in the dreams of other dream thieves the Greywaren appears and saves them from their nightmares. In turn, they appear as others he must lead or help in his own dreams. It’s like the book Seraphina, if you’ve read it, similar to Phina’s garden.
    My favorite scenes so far are basically anything with Matthew. He’s just so precious. I want a spin-off or short story about Matthew and Noah. :)
    And to end, a quick question- what time is the Twitter chat in U.S. EST? Thanks!

    • Bec

      I think the twitter chat will be around 2pm your time? (If you google time zone converter that might be more helpful for you)

      As for the Grey Man, I don’t think he actually killed Niall. I could be forgetting a detail but I don’t think it ever explicitly said he did, and I think it’s actually been implied that he didn’t when he was beating up Declan. Either way I think there’s more to that murder than what’s been revealed so far.

      Those are my thoughts exactly on Kavinsky! And you just reminded me I still need to read Sinner.

      Orphan Girl is definitely connected to Ronan/the Greywaren somehow. Maybe she’s a dream thief who got stuck in Cabeswater? She did ask Ronan to take her out.

      Are you referring to Seraphina by Rachel Hartman? I love that book! And need to reread it because I’ve forgotten so many little details.

      Matthew is adorable! I hope we get to see more of him (and Noah) in the next few books! And nothing bad can happen to them. I couldn’t handle that.

    • Bec

      And rereplying because I just wanted to say: you were right. The Grey man did kill Niall. I had forgotten this detail (but just reread the chapter where it’s stated then). Of course he was doing it because he was paid to but this certainly makes things complicated.

      • Kristen

        Thank you for this. I’ve been fretting over the possibility that my despise of Mr. Gray may have been unwarranted.
        And yes, that’s the book I’m talking about! I really enjoyed it because it reminded me of the kind of business books I loved as a kid :)
        Also, you definitely need to read sinner! Quite frankly, it’s better than all of the previous Mercy Falls books combined, in my opinion.
        And maybe Orphan Girl did get stuck in Cabeswater. Like Artemus, and maybe like Neeve!

  4. Renee Bookboyfriends

    I LOVE WHAT’S HAPPENING SO FAR!!!! (Although I must say I’m a little behind, those last chapters phew!)
    And I especially am loving Ronan because tbh he is so complex and just deep and has the coolest power! I also noted that it said there was an object that allowed it’s possessor’s to take things out of their dreams.
    I didn’t remember reading that before or even if it is addressed in the rest of the book! :O :De
    AND NOAH IS SUCH A CUTIE!!!! GLitter…spiky hair, being THROWN OUT THE WINDOW! (poor baby!) oh god I just love him to bits.
    ha ha, I can’t wait to Ravengram the Grey Man….except I don’t own any grey!!!! *photoshop time*
    Renee Bookboyfriends recently posted…penguinteenaus:

    Just arrived from the printer, Atlantia by Ally…

    • Bec

      You’ll catch up eventually! I’m still a little behind too >_< All those things are why I love Ronan! He is a great character. Noah is gorgeous! He brings a nice element to the story. Can you imagine how dark it would be if he wasn't in it?! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the Ravengram :D

    • Bec

      They’re so great!

      Grey is one of the words I wish they’d just decide on one spelling for. I can’t see any reason why it has to be different.

  5. Linae

    Please tell me next week is Kavinsky! Its all I’ve been waiting for!!

    I love kavinsky. He’s a total dick and I’d probably hate him in real life, but he’s such a character. I love him.

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