We’re Alive!

October 1, 2017 Update 20


It’s been a long, long time since you’ve heard from us. We’ve had a few posts in the last few months but minimal interaction. Incredibly minimal interaction. I cannot remember the last time I logged into wordpress!



I’ve emerged from my incredibly scary exams that I spent months studying for (when I wasn’t at uni on rotations or sleeping). At this stage I’m fairly certain I’ve passed everything! Haven’t received official results yet, but I also have not seen any emails that say I failed soooooo here’s hoping! It means only 3 assignments, 2 months, and 1 exam before graduation


It’s time to start searching for jobs and figuring out what I’m doing next year. None of my internship applications were successful :( So it’s back to searching for new grad vet jobs that contain as much equine work as possible.

As for Alise, she’s been busy full time working her butt off. And one thing that has allowed her to do is pay of all her student debts 8 months after graduating! That’s INSANE. Now she can use all her newly found spare money to buy ALL THE BOOKS!


Hopefully all this means the blog is going to start being more active again! Not going to lie, I have minimal motivation because exams are exhausting. Hopefully I can remember how to do all of this soon to start churning out those posts. I know Alise already has five reviews ready to go (I just have to take pretty book photos for them).

Either way, here’s hoping we get some good posts going soon! It’s been way too long.

missed you


What exciting things have happened in your life since the past few months?

20 Responses to “We’re Alive!”

    • Bec

      It’s been so long! I do totally plan to be back more completely, but 11-12 hour days at uni are still a thing for me unfortunately. Hopefully I can catch up on reading and reviewing soon! I don’t have any in the schedule yet and it’s terrifying haha

    • Bec

      It was disappointing to not get the internships but oh well. Hopefully we can both find some good work soon!

  1. Louise ✨

    Yay, welcome back! Good luck with your studies, I know how stressful they can be :) I’ve got just over a month until I graduate from my Masters degree course so I’m definitely feeling the pressure too

    • Bec

      We kind of dropped of the planet a little! Unfortunately we didn’t have much time to update everyone. It suckss

  2. Shanu

    I was hoping you guys would come back soon! I really enjoy your blog and I’m so happy you guys can be active here again..

    Although school and work can be the Devil and I know what it’s like to lose motivation for anything else.. I seriously hope it gets better for you..

    Anyway, I did a “Would you rather” book tag on my blog today and tagged all my favorite bloggers.

    If you’s like, you can check it out here :
    Shanu recently posted…The “Would You Rather” Book Tag

    • Bec

      Hopefully we’ll be even slightly more active than we have been recently! We really do miss interacting with all the other book bloggers

  3. Kyra Morris

    Yay, welcome back! <3

    I completely understand how exhausting school can be! I've been struggling with motivation to blog lately because I feel quite swamped with schoolwork and studying. I wish you the best of luck with searching for a job!

    Also, congrats on paying back your student debt, Alise! That's INCREDIBLE. *applauds*
    Kyra Morris recently posted…September Wrap-Up and October TBR Pile

    • Bec

      That they do! Voluntary breaks are a lot better than enforced breaks though haha. Hopefully life allows us to come back properly soon :D

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