What’s in a Name? Hopefully Not Mine

January 16, 2015 Discussion 108

nameSo, many of you might not know this, but Alise is a nickname. My real name is actually way more common. Like Top 100 names of last year common. As you can imagine, my name pops up a lot.

I’ve met a lot of Me, and I don’t really mind, it can really be fun meeting someone with your name. But there is one place where I hate to see another Me: in books.

In fact, if I’m browsing around Goodreads looking for the newest books to add to my already towering TBR pile and stumble across a synopsis to see that the main character has my name, it has me going:

nopeNo matter how interested I am in the book.

This also goes for some people I know as well. Not with the names of everyone I’ve ever met of course, but when the love interest shares the same name as an ex-boyfriend/family member for example.

I guess this is because some names just really become attached to a face so when I hear them or read them, that face immediately comes to mind and it becomes kind of awkward-I imagine the person I know as the character in the book. Maybe it’s because I’m a very visual person or because I’m weird, I’m not sure.

Strangely enough, I haven’t run into this problem too often at all-not that I’m complaining. This isn’t a strict rule, I do make exceptions sometimes but would rather avoid the situation in general. I know some people feel the opposite-they get excited when the main character has their name.

Is it just me that has this issue?
Are there any particular names you stray away from?
How do you feel when a main character has your name?


108 Responses to “What’s in a Name? Hopefully Not Mine”

  1. Eugenia @ Genie In A Book

    Seeing my name come up in books isn’t all too common – so it can be a noteworthy/exciting thing, but it’s inescapable that it can still be a little strange. Sometimes you might end up comparing your actual personality to the one in the book with your name (on a subconscious level), which can make the whole reading experience more personal. It’s all subjective of course, and would depend on how invested you are in the book you’re reading itself, or a variety of other factors.
    Eugenia @ Genie In A Book recently posted…ARC Review: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

    • Alise

      Great point, and I totally agree because that’s exactly what I do and compare. I also think it’s almost a subconscious thing. For sure, a lot of other comments mentioned how if they are the villain the experience is changed too.

  2. Jolien @ The Fictional Reader

    I don’t actually know what I would do. It has never happened to me before since I have a Dutch name and most of the books I read are written in English. I think I’d feel weird about it though. Like I’d compare myself with the character and be like: “This is not what a Jolien does! STOP IT!”

    Great post :D
    Jolien @ The Fictional Reader recently posted…#FridayReads January 16th, 2015

    • Alise

      Your name is really pretty. Yeah, I’ve definitely never come across it. Does it appear more in Dutch books? That’s what I do too-the comparison.

      Thank you! :)

  3. Bec

    For a person with a fairly common name, I haven’t stumbled across too many Rebecca’s in books. I don’t think it’d bother me though. There’s not many names that do bother me (maybe if a favourite character shared a name with someone I despise IRL there’d be a problem).

    What I find really weird is finding characters with the same last name as me. That’s happened a couple of times now and I still don’t know how to feel about it.

    • Alise

      If I ever came across a Bec, I know for sure I would think of you, especially since I talk to you almost every day and watch you from outside your window (wait that was supposed to be a secret) Totally agree about the people you disliked thing.

      Oh wow, that’s a good point. I know for a fact I’m the only one of my last name in the entire United States so coming across my last name would freak me out so much.

  4. Lucia @Reading Is My Breathing

    I love when I see my name in books :) It doesn’t happen very often though (to be honest, I think I read only 1 or 2 books in my life with character named Lucia).
    But I do connect other names with people I spend a lot of time with in my real life. However, names which are usually used in my country are not that common in books written in english. I guess that is a “plus” of living in non-english speaking country lol
    Lucia @Reading Is My Breathing recently posted…ARC REVIEW: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

    • Alise

      I think I’ve read about one book with a Lucia as well!

      Yeah, so do I. Haha, that’s a good point with location based names.

  5. Tabitha (Not Yet Read)

    You know seeing my name as a character never bothers me. I don’t think my name is very common. I’ve only partially known in real life one other Tabitha that I can remember. But yes I know what you mean about names. Luckily I don’t usually attach them to people when it comes to books. Tho sometimes when I see a particular name it does dredge up bad memories and makes me cringe.
    Tabitha (Not Yet Read) recently posted…Review: Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

    • Alise

      That’s interesting, I would almost think that the more unique the name, the more reaction you would have. Completely agree about the bad memories thing, that’s happened to me.

  6. Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books

    I read a book where the psychotic abusive boyfriend’s name was the same as my SON!! It totally freaked me out. My name is not really popular anymore (it was everywhere in the 80’s though), so I don’t ever really run across it in the YA book world. It would be weird if you have a popular name and see it often in books. Especially if you have one of those names that authors like to cast as the mean girl or villian…. like Brittany or Vanessa.
    Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Books recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- 2014 Releases I Didn’t Get To

    • Alise

      Dang, that’s a new one! I think that would really bother me, must have been weird! True, I wonder why those are so popular for mean girls though? :P

  7. Wattle

    My name is not common (and it’s not Wattle either lol) so I totally don’t have this problem. Well. I’ve come across characters with similar names…which was a little jarring, but I kept reading. It’s a bit weird isn’t it?

    I also have that thing where if a name reminds me of someone strongly, I’ll have issues with putting a fictional face to the name :/ but luckily that has only happened once or twice!
    Wattle recently posted…Book Review: Meet Your Baker by Ellie Alexander

    • Alise

      LOL but now I’m wondering how you would feel if there was a Wattle in novels though. It is a little weird, for sure.

      That’s what I do too.

  8. Sara L.

    My first name is fairly common, but I can’t think of many books with characters sharing that name. I don’t think it would bother me if it happened, but it would definitely be weird at first – especially if it’s Sara without the “h,” the same way I spell mine.

    Interestingly enough, I can think of two YA fantasy writers who share my first name. Now THAT I have a harder time processing. *lol* Probably because I’m writing fantasy too, and it makes me think, “OK, how many of us are out there??”
    Sara L. recently posted…Recent Reads: “Eon” by Alison Goodman

    • Alise

      That’s true, I know a lot of Sara’s in real life but not in books. Interesting! Yeah, I understand that.

      Oh, that’s actually pretty cool!

  9. Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    I’d actually LOVE to encounter a character with my name because it’s never happened, so it would totally make my day. Then again, I have a very uncommon name, I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve come across it in RL. I always search those racks with name keychains/gifts in the vain hope that I might find mine.
    Carmel @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Audiobook Review: Ensnared by A.G. Howard

    • Alise

      I can understand that, it’s definitely unique and awesome! If I came across a Carmel in a book I’d totally be reminded of you. Those keychain name things make me so mad, I can almost never find mine either and it’s super common.

  10. Andrea @ Bookish

    OMG, same! I haven’t come across a book with any character named Andrea – phew. My sister’s name is Cassie and I’ve come across two of those thus far (The 5th Wave series by Rick Yancey and Compulsion by Martina Boone), which is weird. I also have an ex who had the SAME first and middle name of a character in another series. Thank goodness he ended up being the villain! Made it so much easier to tolerate, but it’s still weird whenever I would read his name.
    Andrea @ Bookish recently posted…Blog Re-Design: Steph in Wonderland + Giveaway

    • Alise

      I don’t think I’ve seen an Andrea, either! Yeah, Cassie is somewhat popular. Must have been strange in the case of The 5th Wave. Oh dang! But that’s hilarious he was the villain!

  11. Rachel

    Oh, I refuse to read a book with a main character of the same name (even if it is spelled differently) unless it is by an author that I know and love. That’s it. No exceptions.
    I am dead serious, it drives me utterly crazy.

  12. Molly Mortensen

    I didn’t know Alise wasn’t your real name! Usually when I find ‘someone’ else with my name it’s a dog… It’s not just you, it’s weird reading my name in a book. Luckily Molly isn’t used a lot. I agree, it’s hard to think of a character when they have the same name as someone I know, but it doesn’t come up very often. (Probably because I don’t know many people)
    Molly Mortensen recently posted…Top Ten 2014 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn’t Get To

    • Alise

      Nobody did, until now LOL. Ah, that’s true, my aunt’s dog’s name was Molly (I’m totally not helping, huh? :P )

  13. Marianne @ Boricuan Bookworms

    I’m actually really surprised! I didn’t know Alise was a nickname. But you’re right. I see “Alise” and I associate it with you. Just like I see ‘Marianne’ and I associate it with myself. the only time I’ve actually seen my name in a book the character was an evil old lady so at least there’s that. I don’t necessarily mind it; although I hate when they make the character extremely unlikable.

    Also, lately authors are writing books with more and more unusual names… Soon your name won’t be as common in books!

    • Alise

      I don’t think anyone except Bec knew xD Well, before this post anyway ;) Yeah, names can really be attached to people, I think the same way. BAHA! You probably don’t want to know this but Marianne is my grandmother’s name, but you two are completely separated in my mind.

      I’ve noticed that too! :)

  14. Mallory @ The Leaning Tower of Tomes

    I’ve only come across my name once in a book: Mallory from The Spiderwick Chronicles. When I first read the series as a kid, I was weirded out and couldn’t get past the fact that my name was in the book. But now I’m okay with it. I mean, I haven’t read about another Mallory character since rereading The Spiderwick Chronicles last year, but I don’t think I’ll ever not read a book simply because of a name.
    Mallory @ The Leaning Tower of Tomes recently posted…Review — Red Rising by Pierce Brown

    • Alise

      Strange how the mind changes, or that you almost grew out of it. I haven’t read The Spiderwick Chronicles yet but I want to. Now I’ll definitely be reminded of this, ha. I wouldn’t either, it’s more of a preference for me than a hard and fast rule.

  15. Anna @ Cool Girls Read Too

    I don’t use my “real” name for my blog either, Anna is just nickname/pseudonym because my name is a little bit strange (I still question my parents’ logic) so I just thought it would be easier :) Plus, I kind of prefer writing my reviews under a different name (do I envision myself as a semi-undercover book reviewer/spy/superhero? It’s possible… but it’s definitely not the reality lol xD).

    I totally get what you mean – I doubt I’d ever be able to read a book that had the main character with the same name as me. Equally, I definitely could not handle reading a book where the main love interest had the same name as an ex-boyfriend (hell to the naw)! If I really disliked a person IRL, then I would automatically associate a character with the same name to them (I hold grudges like its going out of fashion). Even if I don’t know anyone IRL with the same name as a character, but I really don’t like the name, I will find it harder to like the character. I normally find really weird and perhaps bordering eccentric names very attractive. Okay, I might have a few screws loose in my head O:-)

    Who knew I had so much to say about names? xD *sips coffee*
    Anna @ Cool Girls Read Too recently posted…Review: King Cave by Scarlett Dawn

    • Alise

      Cool, another pseudonym user! I totally agree, I’m definitely more comfortable using the nickname and writing under it. Baha xD Doesn’t everyone? :P

      Exactly! I put off reading one book forever because the love interest had the same name as my ex. Nope, my thoughts exactly! :)

  16. Amanda @ Beautiful Bookish Butterflies

    I’ve never found a book with a characters name the same as mine, I don’t know whether that’s lucky or what. I’ve found an author with the same exact name and that was weird, but I’m much less fussed about it I think. I always try to separate names from their people, especially people I know. Sometimes I’ll put features from someone I know if the name is similar and even if it’s not, but I’m not as bothered I think. Still, this is a great topic Alise! :)
    Amanda @ Beautiful Bookish Butterflies recently posted…Personal Pickings – Blogs Change Over Time..

    • Alise

      I’m not sure how I would feel about an author’s name but I think it would bother me less too. You can really get into a character’s mind sometimes and I think that is why it bothers me so much. Thank you :D

    • Alise

      Everyone mentions how they haven’t come across it and it makes me wonder what names authors are using then LOL

  17. Allie @ Little Birdie

    I think I’ve only ever read one book with an Allie (spelt ‘Ally’) and one with an Alexandra (called ‘Alex’). Honestly, it has never bothered me. At first, it feels a bit weird, but then it just fades into the background and I hardly even notice!

    • Alise

      Yeah, all that is coming to mind is Ally. I wonder if it would change anything if it was spelled the same as yours?

  18. Lola

    I think I’ve read two books so far were a character was named Lola and it’s just weird. It makes me really conscious about the name. In one case it was the main character and in another book it was a side character, that didn’t play an important role. I also can’t help but comparing those Lola character with myself. I don’t mind it too much, but it’s just weird? As it doens’t happen too often the experience is kinda interesting, but I prefer it if characters have a different name then my own.
    I don’t think I ever encountered my sister, mom or boyfriend’s name in a book, but just like with my own name I think it would be a bit weird.
    Lola recently posted…Lola’s Kitchen: Hot Lightning recipe

    • Alise

      I can only imagine, especially with the popularity of Lola and the Boy Next Door. But maybe it will be used less now that it’s associated with that book? It’s definitely a weird experience, for sure.

  19. Kayla @ The Thousand Lives

    I can’t stand reading books with characters that share my name either! Chasing Power by Sarah Durst was one I was kind of interested in, until I saw that the MC had my name too. Aaaanndd there went the interest. Although Kayla isn’t a horribly common name that I’ve seen in books, so it hasn’t become too much of an issue yet.
    Kayla @ The Thousand Lives recently posted…Review: Magnolia by Kristi Cook

  20. Amy-Anne Williams

    Alohaa, I’m a new reader and I just wanted to say that your blog looks pretty cool and I’m going to be a returning reader from now on c:
    Also, let me know if you want to do the whole follow on GFC thing c:
    Little Moon Elephant

  21. Madiha @ Symphony of Words

    I’ve always wondered about this, but thankfully my name hasn’t been popping up anywhere till now. Because my name is awesome and unique, I’m going to believe. But I guess if I were to come across my name in a book, I would definitely be excited going into it, but then visualize me instead of the character. You aren’t weird at all, Alise :P
    Madiha @ Symphony of Words recently posted…Tune in to Young Adult

    • Alise

      It is unique, I like your name! I think I tend to compare the character with myself, which is strange. Thanks ;D

  22. Anya

    I’m right there with you, not that it happens to me really ever, haha. I remember there was a book last year with a heroine named Anya and while I wasn’t super interested to begin with, that made me even more disinterested, haha. It somehow makes the book feel like lower quality to me I guess? It breaks the suspended disbelief around the fantasy/sci-fi setting for me I think since it suddenly seems like character couldn’t possibly fit into that alternate setting, haha.
    Anya recently posted…When Life Gets Hard

    • Alise

      It’s cool that you feel the same! I get that, it’s definitely strange to see the name so much in a book. “It breaks the suspended disbelief around the fantasy/sci-fi setting for me” LOVE how you put this, totally agree.

  23. Adriana @ BooksOnHerMind

    I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy this story when a love interest name was the name of my cousin. I was thankfully able to separate myself from the real life Alec and the book Alec.
    I don’t see my name in books. I know there is an author with my name whom I’m kind of interested in reading more because hey, my name is an author.
    So I’m okay with separating the name especially since I don’t usually or even ever (except that one time) have read a book with either my name or a family members name. I have friends who names are Jessica and Stephanie but I easily separate them from my book because their names are so common it doesn’t eve faze me.
    Adriana @ BooksOnHerMind recently posted…My Little Monster 2 by Robico

    • Alise

      That’s good! Was it something that immediately happened or did it take getting to know the character to separate them? Good point about common names, since they show up so often it’s pretty easy to separate the name and face.

    • Alise

      That’s an incredibly good point, that would be so weird if I came across my name in a more mature book. I’m imagining this right now and cringing D: Thanks!

  24. ShootingStarsMag

    Interesting! I’ve never really thought about this because I don’t mind seeing names of people I know, or even my own name. I find it kind of cool actually; not that a character having my name means I’ll read the book, but it’s a bonus. haha I can think of one book at the moment where the main character was named Lauren…so it’s not common in many of the novels I read. I tend to like unique names in books, as long as I have some way of pronouncing them. haha
    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…A Look Back at Blog World (2)

    • Alise

      That’s really interesting that you never thought about it too much, and that it’s a bonus. So cool how the mind works! I also like unique names but totally agree-the easier to pronounce ones ;)

  25. Leigh @ Little Book Star

    It would be sooo weird (for me) to be reading a book and have the MC’s name be the same as mine’s. I don’t think I could read it because it’s just weird… I haven’t encountered any books (I think) where my name is the MC’s name (thank God).
    Leigh @ Little Book Star recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #12

  26. Jess @My Reading Dress

    BAHAHAHAH SO TRUE. Especially when I’m the evil one. I DON’T WANT TO BE THE EVIL ONE. But weirdly enough, I haven’t read many books with my name. And I win at common names so wtf right? Perhaps 1) I’m so sheltered with my books or 2) Everyone’s so aware of being conventional and cliche and so they avoid it but then everyone’s avoiding it so no one’s doing it.
    Jess @My Reading Dress recently posted…Seeking Saturday’s Read #21: Coming To Terms With Blogging Balance, Cancelled TV Shows and Tackling Mime Order

    • Alise

      Before I even read your “And I win at common names so wtf right?” I was thinking “Common name” so yep xD An evil Alise would be hilarious, I feel like I would enjoy that immensely haha. I’m thinking #2, I’ve been noticing a lot more unique names lately, especially in YA.

  27. tonyalee

    This is too funny – but I can see why it would be weird. I don’t have a very common name – so this isn’t an issue for me, personally. However, the two times I have seen it in a book? She was evil and the other one was a dog!
    tonyalee recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up (42)

  28. Amber

    Ha, I completely agree. Though I still read books with my name in it, it is really weird though. I’ve only come across it once, in Get Even (Don’t Get Mad #1), the mean girl, of course. Then there’s a book where the main character has my name, that I want to read.

    I’m like that with other people’s names too. Like I was reading All The Bright Places and one of the characters has my ex’s name so then I just kept thinking about my ex. It was a little annoying… That’s the only name I’m weird about though, haha.
    Amber recently posted…More Than This Provincial Life (Intro)

    • Alise

      Same, I still do read them but it’s like ehhhh. And haha, nice. Side note, I hear great things about Get Even!

      Oh, no way! I bet that kind of changed the reading experience, especially if it was the love interest.

  29. Valerie

    Yes, I mean I won’t NOT read it, but I read The Hate List, and the main character’s name is Valerie. And I just felt so bad for her because 1) Her boyfriend was the school shooter and therefore she’s associated with planning with him and 2) I FELT SO BAD because it’s MY NAME. So yeah. I haven’t encountered my name besides that though.
    Valerie recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #18

    • Alise

      Oh, wow! I’m not sure how I would feel if that were my name, that definitely would be an interesting reading experience.

    • Alise

      Hmm, yeah, I don’t think I could either. Ooh, that’s true. Plus I’ve been noticing a lot more made up names these days too.

  30. Puiman

    Since my name is so unique, I’ve never had this problem. But I would definitely feel weird if I saw my name in a book!

  31. Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity

    I have only read one book with a character that had my name. And I was really excited because it was the first (and only) time I had ever seen it. She was a bit of a cow, but I didn’t even care. It was awesome to see my name in print, haha.

    As for people I know – I am never 100% keen. Like you, I attach names to faces and whenever I see the name of someone I know I cannot help but think of them. Which is not so great if I don’t like the person I know with that name. XD
    Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity recently posted…Books for Mail + Simply Sunday (#11)

    • Alise

      LOL, I wonder if it is different is your name is more unique? Because I think your name is really awesome.

      “Which is not so great if I don’t like the person I know with that name.” THIS. I totally forgot to mention it in the post but YES. Completely agree!

  32. Sky @ Further Up and Further In

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who blogs under a nickname! Like you, my real name isn’t Sky, it’s Kylie. Oddly, you’d think I might’ve seen more of the name Sky in fiction, but I’ve seen more of the name Kylie. The first place I saw that name was in a devotional book when I was like 8, which bugged me (and blew my mind).

    What I have seen is a lot of Skylers/Skylars. The Skylar Hoyt series is one example of that. (And though it’s not a book, there was Skyler on Breaking Bad.)

    The only place I’ve seen an actual Sky is the TV show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and her name is spelled Skye. While I’ve mostly separated her character from myself by now, it was weird at first, and it still is a little odd when I really think about it.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking question!
    Sky @ Further Up and Further In recently posted…December 2014: Recap

    • Alise

      Hi! Yeah, I feel more comfortable blogging under a pseudonym. I would indeed think that, I don’t think I’m read a book with a Kylie.

      Ah, that is true, I’ve seen a lot of that.

      That must be interesting especially since it’s an auditory experience too, you’re hearing the name.

      Sure! Thanks for stopping by!

  33. Kirsty-Marie

    Nope, I do too, but it’s really weird when it’s unisex names and my friends a different sex to the character in the book, totally messes it up for me, haha. I haven’t seen my name in many (if any) so I don’t have to worry about that, friends names doesn’t bother me that much, but when it comes to family it does, so I try to stay away from my cousin names (especially when it comes to love interests, because yuck)and weirdly, most of them have been Ryan’s and Kyle’s.
    Kirsty-Marie recently posted…Project Blue Monday: All the Bright Places

    • Alise

      Yay, someone else who feels the same! Oh, the unisex name would be really interesting. I haven’t come across that but wow, I think that would get to me too, haha. Agreed about family names. That’s interesting you said that because I don’t think I’ve read a book with a Kyle xD

  34. Faye M.

    HAHA, I can just imagine meeting a Faye in a book and mentally crining. Yeah, you’re right, I mean it’s not us-us, but take it this way. I’m walking and there are multiple people around me. From behind me, someone goes, “Faye!” I of course would immediately turn around and look for whoever called me. But surprise surprise, he was actually calling someone else with the same name.

    I wouldn’t not read books with my name slapped on it, but it would be reaaaally awkward, yeah.
    Faye M. recently posted…ARC Review: Inherit Midnight by Kate Kae Myers

    • Alise

      I’m so glad I’m not alone! Exactly! I had multiple girls my name is grade school and it could definitely get frustrating sometimes.

      That’s how I feel too!

    • Alise

      Aha, right? For the longest time I refused to even pick up Everneath because the love interest had the same name as ex-boyfriend. Oh man, brother-in-law, HA!

  35. Renee Bookboyfriends

    Well there aren’t a lot of Renee’s in books. There are a few, and back in my twilight days I was thrilled that ‘I’ was Bella’s mum, but I was fine with it, actually kind of excited and because she had such a different personality than me I was okay with it.
    And then last year when Silver Shadows came out there was a Renee character but she was only small, but because I love the series so much I was absolutely THRILLED that my name was in it and even envisioned myself as the character and felt that Sydney was helping me (or maybe I was just an emotional mess at that point XD)
    But I do get what you mean when every book character has the same old Mary Sue names which is why I love the strange named characters.
    But I also love when a plain named character has a major and significant and altogether astounding role to play and makes so much more of their generic name.
    So all in all, I think it depends on how the book is written and the character type.
    Renee Bookboyfriends recently posted…unapologeticallyhere:



    Don’t expect…

    • Alise

      Haha! Yeah the two you mentioned are the only two I really remember reading as well. That’s pretty cool that you imagined that in Silver Shadows! I haven’t read that one yet (only up to Fiery Heart) up I can’t wait to read it. Same, I agree!

    • Alise

      Aha, yeah, it is definitely unique. I like it though! I get that, I think I would feel the same if my name was lesser used.

  36. Andreea

    Oh, now you have to tell me your real name. I need to know. I just thought your name was indeed Alise.

    I don’t often come across my name, not in books and not in real life either. Here in Germany, my name is written with only an e, just like in English – Andrea. And it’s not a modern name at all. It’s like a name from the 60s or 70s.

    My name is actually a Romanian name, because my parents are originally from Romania. And there, the name is pretty common, like really really common. My full name is actually Andreea Maria, and this combination is also very popular in Romania.

    But I don’t think I would really mind seeing my name in books. I think I would kind of like it. It’s probably because I don’t see it at all. That’s why it makes me want to see it :)

    On the other hand, my 5-year-old daughter’s name pops us in books pretty often because she has a popular name. Her name’s Emma.
    My youngest daughter is called Eliza and I haven’t seen her name in books yet.

    Sorry for the long comment. Hope I didn’t bore you :)


    • Alise

      It basically is ;) I use it so much I answer to both and even accidentally sign my school emails with Alise LOL.

      That’s really interesting, but yeah, I can see how it wouldn’t come up often. That’s pretty!

      Totally get that, it seems to be everyone’s consensus on the subject.

      Love those names, especially together! Very nice.

      Not at all! :)

  37. Sarah @ Sarah Can't Stop Reading

    I mostly read YA, so I feel like having an old-fashioned name like Sarah means that I won’t see it pop up much. Fantasy novels often have characters with newly-invented names, and contemporaries tend to have characters with more modern/hip names. In fact, the only two Sara/Sarah characters I can think of are in older books – Sara Crewe from A Little Princess and Sarah from Sarah Plain and Tall. I read a lot of adult fiction as well, but again, I can only think of one Sarah – the one in Sarah’s Key.
    Sarah @ Sarah Can’t Stop Reading recently posted…2015 Challenges

    • Alise

      I know what you mean. Plus I’ve been seeing more and more unique/made up names in YA nowadays, just like you mentioned. I haven’t read any of those, though Plain and Tall rings a bell.

  38. Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

    LOL, your reaction to seeing your name in books made me laugh :) My name is super French and quite rare so I never run into it in books nowadays. In fact, it only ever happened once back when I was a teen and still reading French books, one beloved character had a daughter and gave her my name and I was SOOOO excited!! It’s so rare to come across my name ANYWHERE that it’s become a thing that when people see my name on stuff, they buy them for me. I guess we have completely opposed reactions in this case. I do tend to get sick of names that become to trendy and then all of a sudden pop on in every new book, so I can relate to that bit of it for sure. I guess being French and reading in English has it’s advantages: I very rarely come across names of people I know either.
    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews recently posted…Harry Potter MotW #73

    • Alise

      Haha, good! :D Ah, I was wondering where it originated from! It is very unique, I like it. That’s cool! I think the opposite reaction thing stems from the popularity of the name, since I see mine so often it’s like “ehhhh.” Aha, true, someone else mentioned that as well :)

    • Alise

      That’s a good point, I think I would mind less if that happened, because you aren’t really in the mind of the secondary character.

  39. Kat Stark

    This is a wonderful post, because I actually have never encountered a book with my real name. I have read some that were Kat but they were all side-characters and not the main focus. I feel like I’d be more connected to a character who has my name, but it could also backfire depending on their decisions.

    I do think it’s weird though. Kind of like if there are two other people in class that have the same name as you. Just feels weird.
    Kat Stark recently posted…Review: Replica by Jenna Black

    • Alise

      Thanks! The decision making and choices are what really make me feel weird, especially if they make decisions that I wouldn’t ordinarily make. Exactly! I can’t help but compare.

  40. Mel@thedailyprophecy

    I don’t mind it when my name is used in a book, unless it’s a terrible character I don’t want to be identified with, haha. I don’t see my name very often and when I found it in The girl with all the gifts I was quite pleased. She does justice to my name :p I find it worse when I have a main character with the name of someone I don’t like.. it instantly make you dislike the MC even when he/she is different from the person you know.
    Mel@thedailyprophecy recently posted…TBR pile tag.

    • Alise

      Aha, yeah, that’s how I feel too. I haven’t read that book but I’m glad that experience was a positive one! For me, my name usually pops up when I don’t like the characters so the experience is a bit different xD Yeah!

  41. Laura Plus Books

    Ahahaha oh my goodness, I know exactly what you mean! Thankfully, I’ve never come across a Laura in a book but if I do, you can expect me to not coming near the book. It’s such a silly thing but I just find it weird you know? Names are so personal. >< Even when my name is mentioned on TV or something and someone calls out "hey! another Laura!" I just feel really weird. :P
    Laura Plus Books recently posted…Top 10: Books I’d Love to Read with Others

    • Alise

      I’m so glad you feel the same, I totally relate to that feeling. That’s true, if I hear my name on TV or something I ALWAYS look because I feel like I need to respond :P

  42. Romi

    This is a really interesting point, Alise. I have actually never seen my name in a book before, so I can’t decide how I’d feel about that… though I heard a song with my name in it it and it was… odd. I mean, I was like 10 and it was a semi graphic song, I think, so it was pretty strange. But I actually have read very few books where the names of people I know are featured. Maybe I know people with uncommon names! Or I just don’t remember (this is the more likely), but I can imagine it could be uncomfortable or difficult to cut the assimilation. I think I’d have trouble with it, too.
    Romi recently posted…The Retribution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin…

    • Alise

      Thank you! Ooh, that would be an interesting experience… I’ve never found my name in a song-yet. AHA yeah, definitely interesting. Exactly!

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