Young Adult Blogger Book Club {VOTE}

February 3, 2013 YABBC 7

Hey guys! It’s time to vote for what we will be reading in March! I have compiled your suggestions into this poll so you can vote. Multiple votes are allowed. I have also added some books that are going to become movies soon! I will announce the winner February 21st.

You have until February 20th to vote, and you can vote for multiple books once every day.

If you have not yet signed up for the YABBC and wish to participate you can read the rules HERE and sign up on the list below. If you have not already sent me your email, please do that! I will keep you updated on what you need to be reading and when the weekly questions are posted.

Send your email to:

As always, any questions, email me.


7 Responses to “Young Adult Blogger Book Club {VOTE}”

  1. Megan Wille

    I am so excited for this!! I really want to read Beautiful creatures :) I voted for more than one book. I hope that’s okay. Did I understand the email right, I can vote everyday for the book I want to read? Exciting! Happy reading! Looking forward to this book club :)

    Megan @ Megz Madd Readz

  2. rivie bleu

    Who’s the author of Beautiful Creatures? I found a lot of books by that name on goodreads.
    I looked through the sign up post but couldn’t find the author.

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